Police suspect suicide in death of mu...

Police suspect suicide in death of murder suspect

There are 62 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Jun 3, 2009, titled Police suspect suicide in death of murder suspect. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

When members of a SWAT team from the Franklin County sheriff's office went to serve a murder warrant to a Hilltop man late yesterday afternoon, they discovered he was dead inside his house.

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Dublin, OH

#43 Jun 5, 2009
to all of you idiots who think this was ok i would like to know how you would feel if instead mr cook missed my nephew and shot and innocent person would you still praise him ? like we keep saying harley was not an angel by no means he deserved jail time or to even get his butt whooped but he did not deserve a life sentence . i dont know about you all but i have to pay insurance premiums on my cars to protect my stuff and i would not leave anything in there that was worth taking a life over and i am sure cook didnt either. and you know what i also work 7 days a week for my stuff and i still would not kill a person for taking it. it is people like you that scare me more than a theif in the night would. thank you sharon and i am truly sorry for you loss . to my family i love you all . to the cook family i am truly sorry that you are going through this tragedy. the rest of you i am glad you and your family are so perfect so you dont have to deal with things such as this. harley i love and miss you with all my heart my little man.
aunt lisa
Concerned neighbor

Clarksville, TN

#44 Jun 5, 2009
While it is true you can't defend yourself any longer for fear of going to jail yourself. The man was already down on the ground and therefore posed no threat. Cook should have called the cops at this point and let them take care of it. Better yet, property can be replaced. Lives can't. He should have just called the cops in the first place.

Tiffin, OH

#46 Jun 6, 2009
Branch Manager wrote:
Sorry, but it is simply a matter of one less thief on the streets. No. Big. Loss.
youre a big mouth on this computer! bet you dont have the?? to act big and bad in person!! so you be glad that you have that lazy so called (branch manager) LOL must be made up because nobody would want someone like you! karma a waits people like you! GET A JOB, to much time on your hands dude, nosing in peoples lives you know nothing about!


#47 Jun 6, 2009
What do you call a brother in a tree with a brief case?...Branch Manager! You'd never be a branch manager of mine.


#48 Jun 6, 2009
Hey, "Branch Manager". If you were ever confronted with a situation where you had no choice but to defend yourself with bare knucks, would you seek out a weapon, or man-up & get ready for an "old school" ass whoopin'?
Harleys Aunt Sue

Reynoldsburg, OH

#50 Jun 7, 2009
Branch Manager wrote:
<quoted text>
Am I breaking into someone's pickup truck?
he never broke into the guys truck. do you not read the facts a**h***??? The owner of the truck put his own crap on the ground to make it look like he broke into it. No prints inside or on any of the crap that the owner pulled out of his own truck. Nothing proved my nephew broke into that piece of crap truck.

One day when someone comes to rob your branch Mr. Branch manager i bet you will be the one to hide in a room or under one of the females that works under you. You will need saved and they won't help you. Get a freakin life and shut the hell up.
Mom and Dad

Chillicothe, OH

#51 Jun 7, 2009
Branch Manager....Hmmmm Wonder what of..Nuts! Yep! Thats it! If you are a Branch Manager of ANYTHING at all which I doubt, that would be it! NUTS! Dude if you truly are a "Branch Manager" you sure dont work as your on here buttin into something you know absolutely SQUAT about a LOT more than someone who actually has a job. You know absolutely nothing about our son or this case at all! I'll excuse your ignorance as I'm sure you had to build yourself up to that degree. No one on this planet is as Ignorant, Clueless and Pitiful as you. Have you nothing else to do but scope the net and pick out things to yak about which you know ABSOLUTELY nothing! Go away Little Branch Manager??...Check the net..Find out what your talkin about before opening your mouth. I'll fill you in a little bit here and this is public record! Do you think Anthony Cook committed suicide because of remorse for his actions? NEWS FLASH! He shot Our son a house away from the murderers home and he shot him TWICE..Once in the bottom and once in the BACK of his head. Get your facts straight Dude! Our son was shot while walking AWAY..Hence "Shot in the BACK" Our Son was NO Where Near the man or his property! Oh and he didnt commit suicide due to remorse. He got BUSTED setting up the so called crime scene and was charged with "Tampering with Evidence". Now you tell me why such a Sweet and Loveable Man such as this would even NEED to set up a crime scene? I mean after all he was SOOOO innocent. PLEASE! Pray "Mr. Branch Manager" that something like this NEVER ends up on YOUR doorstep because I guarantee a Coward like you couldnt handle it! We are Christian people so I'll pray for ya like I'm supposed to as we pray this NEVER happens in your life. Get your facts straight Dude...And Grow Up and Stop judging things about which you KNOW nothing! Do like they taught you in school (Which I'm ASSUMING you went the way you speak I kinda doubt it but ya know what? its NEVER too late to start...They even take Really "Lost and Uneducated" people like you for FREE into schools here in the Good Old U.S.A. with handicaps such as yours..You know "DingBats" and T E A C H you how to act in civilized society. You ought to try that..Oh! And as your learning...Please learn one thing...To KNOW about that of which you speak...You wont look like such an A** then. Lesson Done for the day....Have a Good one & God Bless!
girl next door

Hilliard, OH

#53 Jun 7, 2009
It's sad that two people had to die over petty theft. I feel bad for both families. Anthony's force may have been excessive, but none of it would have happened if John hadn't been on Anthony's property. You can't argue that. My heart goes out to both families. No one deserves to be murdered over a $10.00 stereo.


#54 Jun 7, 2009
Am I breaking into someone's pickup truck?
...from "Branch Manager". Nah, let's just say some co-worker is fed up with your arrogance & decides to...walk with you to your vehicle. An altercation ensues, and then...wait a minute! You have no computer to hide behind! What to do, what to do?
Sleep well.

Tiffin, OH

#57 Jun 10, 2009
BRANCH MANAGER! please dont use gods name in such cruel statments you Wright! after all, theres one judgement day only! as for 10 to 20 years left, thats a long time for a heartless person, i take it you dont value the human life! MORE ABOUT MATERIAL THINGS, YES THAT WOULD BE YOU!

Opp, AL

#59 Jun 10, 2009
to all my family and friends you dont know how much it means to me and harley that we are not just going to let some ingrate who apparently has no life of his own.I am so proud we have all stuck together through this tragedy and we always will no matter what comes our way,lets face it we have been through alot. I will neverforget all your support I have had a hard time loosing harley he went through things that only we know.He was my protector and now he is gone. No matter what some lonely stanger says all we can do is focus on our loss and get through it together,like real famalies do.I know I dont let you all know how much I love you all but you all hold a huge part of my heart and always will.God knows how much it hurts me everyday I wake up and realize he is gone It was my job as his big sis to protect him just like he did me.I do know God and Jesus have him now and they are the altimate protectors,He will be waiting for us all when weget there.I LOve You Harley and I WILL THINK of you everyday until it is my time to go.

Grand Bay, AL

#60 Jun 11, 2009
I wanted to apolagize for writing so frantically last night. I know my spelling was way off, but I hope and pray you all understand how much you ALL mean to me.Sometimes I feel like I am loosing my mind but knowing you all miss Harley enough to let that sick branchmanager know Harley has people who love him,helps me sleep at night. I miss every one of you and Sharon I don't really know you that well but Brian has told me alot about Greg and I am so sorry you had to face such a horrible nightmare.Eveveryone who knew him has nothing but good things to say about him. God knows none of us are perfect but I wish people would leave the judging up to GOD. I love you all and I think you all for not forgetting my little brother,my only sibling it is not getting any easier for me but knowing he is loved by so many eases some of the pain.I Love you all and am proud you are my family I miss you everyone of you please feel free to call me anytime you can get my number from mom and dad .I Love you Harley and I always will and I am very proud you are my brother.
david duke

Zanesville, OH

#61 Jun 11, 2009
Did this John Crowe live in Chillicothe?
david duke

Zanesville, OH

#63 Jun 11, 2009
Did he own a trucking company & repair trucks?
Cynthia Lowe

Eddyville, KY

#64 Jun 11, 2009
Just so everyone knows, the moderator of this site bleeped out my words, Not me! I meant the words "I" wrote and hope that that dumb ass got my point!


#65 Jun 11, 2009
Bottom Line. I grew up with Jimmy, Greg, Jessie, Harley. I bled with Jimmy, Greg, Jessie, Harley. I cried with Jimmy, Greg, Jessie, Harley. I partied with Jimmy, Greg, Jessie, Harley, I helped or was helped by Jimmy, Greg, Jessie, Harley. Anyone, & I mean anyone anyone, looking to start or continue something they know nothing about, refer your problems to me: Rick "Pork" Smith: 26239 Locust Grove Rd. New Holland, Ohio 43145...

It's all true, Police Inspected Property.
Now, how close is that mouth to those balls?
alisha and ashley

United States

#66 Jun 11, 2009
Ok im not passing judgement on anyone our hearts go out tho both families!!! i would never want to be in your shoes i have to young boys... God bless you.. people are going to defend both sides of every story... And the hilltop isnt the best area in columbus ohio... I lived in columbus and know that for a fact. I live in marion ohio now and just two years ago my boyfriends 4 yr old son was sitting on his couch with his uncle watching cartoons and was struck in the head by a bullet ment for someone else and by the grace of god he made.. its horrible that your son had to die that way. im not the childs mother so i could never fully understand your pain!! but i know it must of been terrifying for you to know that your son died that way.. and apparently mr cook felt horrible guilt for killing your son and took his own life or was just plain scared of the consiquences of his actions.. our hearts go out for the familys and the loss they both exprienced! my god be with all of you....ashley

Chillicothe, OH

#67 Jun 14, 2009
THANK YOU Everyone for stickin up for Har....We ( Me & Johnny) LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO much!!! Your love for him and of him is what made a LARGE part of our son! Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Wonderful, Beautiful Friends (Sharon) and people that didnt even know Har (Alisha & Ashley) THANK YOU ALL! And May The Good Lord BLess & Keep you ALL! Oh and ummmmmmmm "Branch Manager" AAAAHHHHEEEMMM...Gotta Clear my throat here.....BITE ME!!
God Bless!
Lots of Posts

Groveport, OH

#68 Jun 14, 2009
1)'Branch Manager' is on this site daily making comments about various articles. Each of his posts is inflammatory, rude, crude, sadistic and sometimes racist. It is what he does. Ignore him...I do.
2) Obviously Cook acted improperly. The law is crystal clear. His life wasn't in danger, nor was it EVER in danger. If his life was ever threatened during the encounter, that is when we get a hung jury.
Despite the law, many people feel that once your life is threatened, you have the right to defend yourself until the threat is eliminated. We see this all the time when the shop keeper fires a shot at the robber who is running out of the store. In fact, Ohio just changed the law so if someone is in your house and HAS threatened your life, you can shoot them even if they are running for the door. You can thank the NRA for that one!
3) The family is right...we will never know the truth. Did Crowe pull a screwdriver, we will never know (and the family doesn't know either unless someone had a video tape of the event). By all indications, Crowe may have been doing something illegal, but his penalty should never had been death.
4) To the family...stop debating this on the Dispatch site. People are really tough when sitting behind a computer. It is a lose-lose situation.
5) All of you please take a grammar, punctuation and spelling class. Defense is not spelled with a 'c'. We don't capitalize random words in a sentence unless it is a name, place or God. We also use periods and commas...use them, they are your friends.
6) God bless the Crowe family. I hope to never know your pain and my prayers go out to you.
7) A question for debate: What if the penalty for theft would be the loss of one's hand? Would that stop the crime? What if the person committing the crime had a hungry family at home and was just trying to find a way to provide? Would losing his hand then be justified? What if we all respected each other and stopped hiding behind our computers. What if the person in need rang the doorbell and asked the person for help?

Chillicothe, OH

#69 Jun 15, 2009
Lots of Posts, Thank You very much for your post. He is my Son of whom I will go to my garve loving. My som would never had taken a screwdriver to hurt someone. This I will never belive. Thank you for your post. God Bless You!
"Big" John Crowe

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