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Ohio State To Get $100M Gift | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News

There are 96 comments on the 10TV WBNS story from Feb 16, 2011, titled Ohio State To Get $100M Gift | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News. In it, 10TV WBNS reports that:

The Ohio State University will receive the largest monetary gift in its history on Wednesday.

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United States

#27 Feb 16, 2011
lol... Phil Knight from nike donates 100 million to Oregon for a football complex.

Les Wexner from Limted donates 100 million to OSU for medical research to cure cancer.

oh good

Columbus, OH

#29 Feb 16, 2011
After decades of shopping at his stores I'd like to think some of that money is mine.

So....you're welcome, OSU. Can it show up in my pay?

Powell, OH

#30 Feb 16, 2011
Here we go with mister, I got to get recognition. Warren Buffet got a medal and i cant stand it. This money should go to the community and the people who bought his stuff and built his empire. Now he wants to give 100 million to an institution that already has more money than they know what to do with. Our food banks and support organizations could really use this money, people who are homeless and hungry children could use this money. I say at this point BOYCOT anything Wexner has to do with. He has slapped our community in the face too many times. How many families could benefit from a generous donation such as this? He doesnt care about the community or the people who spend thier hard earned money in his businesses. He steals land from families who have owned it for generations with this eminant domain crap that he pulls. I find the Wexners very discraseful to our community and as self centered as they can be, its always about them and being recognised. If you are any sort of compassionate human being, or care anything about your community BOYCOT all his business and shopping plazas. I sure could use some extra help, and how many of you could use 1thousand dollars? He certainly could have helped the community who has given him so much. My opinion is that he is a recognition hog giving to an institution that discriminates against people to start with. Wexner i hope your BILLIONS choke you. You are a greedy selfish person.
G I Joe

Marysville, OH

#31 Feb 16, 2011
They will give the big shots a raise to h--l with helping the students Oh maby if you are black or hispanic you might get a little of it.

Powell, OH

#32 Feb 16, 2011
Zoe Regen wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh, the jealousy! Get off you lazy keister and earn, earn, earn and save, save, save!
Why dont you crawl back under your rock. You are whats wrong with this country.
The Cynic

United States

#33 Feb 16, 2011
My Rant:

Screw the homeless- If I was too lazy to work. I'd be homeless as well.

Wexner is smart enough to sell "5 dollar soap" for 30 dollars. There are plenty of dumb yuppies who are willing to buy it.

If you want a higher paying job than 7.25 an hour- Get something more than a GED.

Stop hating on him because he's a good buisness man. If he wants to wipe his ass with 100 dollar bills, guess what? He can. It's his money.

Bill- I wasn't attacking you. If you want me to, I will. Here goes.
Sell your trailer and invest the money in Limited Brands. You'll be fine in a few years. Stop hating on succesful people. You are in control of your life. If you're succesful, it's your fault. If you're a failure, it's your fault. Stop looking for a handout.
common joe

Columbus, OH

#34 Feb 16, 2011
Everyone who is complaining about this just need to shut up about it. It is HIS money and he can do what he wants with it. At least it is going toward something good rather than blowing it on something worthless.
White Guy

United States

#35 Feb 16, 2011
The Cynic wrote:
How has Wexner being a smart buisness man "abused" poorly paid employees? If they don't like the pay, they can go get something more than a GED and get a higher paying job.
That was mean. So I guess everybody is suppose to make 30.00 dollars an hour like you. Your a punk. You couldn't tell that straight in there face if you had the balls.

Columbus, OH

#38 Feb 16, 2011
Oh, how to be that lucky to have that kind of money to give away while we the middle working class is struggling daily to pay our bills and put food on the table and keep our heads above water and yet we have the rich who wants to give to a University that is planning to raise tuition so high that only the RICH kids can get an education and Gee's salary just gets bigger and bigger..

Quite interesting.........

Columbus, OH

#39 Feb 16, 2011
Richard wrote:
I think it is a wonderful thing to do and The Ohio State University and people in Ohio should be very thankful. I don't know why people on here have to bash such a generous gift to an institute of higher education that will help hundres of thousands if not more over many, many years. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Wexner and Limited Brands.
Amen!!! He could be like alot of the extremely wealthy and keep it for himself....at least he is giving to something!
say what

United States

#40 Feb 16, 2011
it would be nice if the donation would be matched by Art Schilchter

Since: Jan 11

Location hidden

#44 Feb 16, 2011
Gabby wrote:
Oh, how to be that lucky to have that kind of money to give away while we the middle working class is struggling daily to pay our bills and put food on the table and keep our heads above water and yet we have the rich who wants to give to a University that is planning to raise tuition so high that only the RICH kids can get an education and Gee's salary just gets bigger and bigger..
Quite interesting.........
I'm pretty sure he worked just as hard as you do - although probably harder - to attain the wealth he has now. I'm struggling to pay bills too but I don't blame other people for those struggles. I graduated from Ohio State a few years ago and I can assure you I wasn't rich. I relied on financial aid, student loans and a full time job to pay my way. Most students are in the same situation. I don't understand why people in society today think that all of their troubles can be blamed on wealthy people. Some people are clearly just plain bitter and jealous. It's a very unattractive trait to have and that kind of attitude will get you nowhere in life if you hope to someday have the kind of money Wexner has.

Since: Jan 11

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#45 Feb 16, 2011
Seriously wrote:
I love all of the comments from those who have done nothing to advance themselves, but hate others who have. No one gave that man his money. He got an education and worked his butt off and has been rewarded for it. No one has to buy the products his company sells and no one has to work for him. These are all choices people have made.
How can people be so angry at someone for making a success of himself. Do you realize how ignorant and childish it makes you look? I'm sure all of your tunes would be changing if you suddenly came into a huge sum of money and people were saying you didn't deserve it and should have to share with everyone else. I bet you all could come up with a million reasons why you deserved what you had and tell all those other people to get off their lazy butts and work harder. What a bunch of hypocrites. I'm willing to bet that most of those on here whining don't give a dime to any charity at all.
It's his money. He can do what he wants with it and he has chosen to donate a huge sum to make a positive difference in the lives of a lot of people.
Brilliantly stated. I agree with you 100%.
Limited Brands Worker

Brooklyn, NY

#46 Feb 16, 2011
As a proud employee of Limited Brands, this donation to Ohio State and The James Cancer Hospital is monumental and makes me proud to work for Mr. Wexner. I can assure you that this was not for a tax write off, or out of greed, but out of the love for Ohio State and The James Cancer Hospital, and out of the kindness of his, and his family's, hearts. This money will make a difference in so many lives.

It's unfortunate and sad that anyone would ever have a different opinion about such a generous gift.

Dublin, OH

#47 Feb 16, 2011
Sounds to me like a lot of you got rejected from OSU when you applied. And it sounds to me like a lot of you are envious of Wexner's fortune.

Cheers to Mr. Wexner for his philanthropic contributions to the city of Columbus. And Cheers to Mr. Wexner for contributing to the value of my hard-eared degrees.

Columbus, OH

#48 Feb 16, 2011
This is not exactly spreading the wealth now is it. It is about perhaps saving lives at the James or it could be make rich doctors richer. Donating wealth is good how it's used is what counts.

Columbus, OH

#49 Feb 16, 2011
You people saying that he does not give to charity do not know what you are talking about. He supports the United Way 100% along with other charities! And if he was donating this money to just a regular hospital unassociated with a college like OSU, then you people would not be complaining. But because the James is an OSU hospital, suddenly you think he is giving it TO OSU. He is not, he is supporting the CANCER hospital. And until you've been to that hospital with a sick parent, you have no idea how great this generous gift is.

Columbus, OH

#50 Feb 16, 2011
Wow. I read this story about a generous donation to a Hospital (that happens to be attached to a University, but a hospital none the less) that helps people all throughout our community and beyond with a disease that is unimaginable, and strikes so many, and I expect to see gratitude (because if you had reason to be at the James you would be grateful it were there thanks to donations) and I see all this hate. He doesn't have to do anything. He doesn't have to help anyone. He's a smart businessman who has made his way in this cynical world of ours and he chose something that meant something to him and gave them money-his money--to do something extraordinary with. It's not the only thing he donates to. He donates to many causes to help this community. This just happens to be ONE that was brough to light because of the generous amount. His generosity has touched so many people and I come here and see all this negativity. Someone was right. Some people will find something to complain about, anything to complain about. Does it make you feel better? What is wrong with people?

United States

#51 Feb 16, 2011
As someone who is married to a primary care physician, I can tell you that the doctors here are not "getting richer" from this donation. We're still paying off six figures of school loans and they are making far less than they ever have.

This money is going toward making the James, the Research Center and the Medical School one of the top institutions in the world. If you check US News and World Reports, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or any other periodical/newspaper, you'll know that the future of economic prosperity is the biomedical industry. To have a top notch medical system is a KEY to Columbus' economic future.

A donation like this can make a huge difference in our city's future and will affect all our prosperity.
Just food for thought.

Coolville, OH

#52 Feb 16, 2011
Well im just so glad its for medical and not football

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