A new Heritage Foundation study claims that the economic impact of the so-called "Gang of Eight" immigration bill that'd make 11 million currently illegal immigrants legit would cost a hefty $6.3 trillion, reports FOX.
Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps and other assorted forms of state aid would cost taxpayers dearly, says the conservative think tank, if such a large number of folks became eligible to receive them as a result of the immigration overhaul.
"No matter how you slice it, amnesty will add a tremendous amount of pressure on America's already strained public purse," said Heritage research fellow Robert Rector. "Those who claim that amnesty will not create a large fiscal burden are simply in a state of denial concerning the underlying redistributional nature of government policy."
The study has been accused, however, by libertarians and even some fellow conservatives of neglecting economic gains in favor of more obvious costs to the state. Anti-tax guru Grover Norquist called the study's numbers "vastly overblown," while the American Enterprise Institute's Madeline Zavodny claimed the data overlooked the awesome expense of any alternative plan, such as mass deportation.