Kasich to yank union approval

Kasich to yank union approval

There are 203 comments on the DispatchPolitics story from Dec 4, 2010, titled Kasich to yank union approval. In it, DispatchPolitics reports that:

John Kasich is reviewing Ted Strickland's executive orders. DispatchPolitics Republican Gov.-elect John Kasich drew the promise of a fight from a powerful Ohio union yesterday after saying he plans to rescind two executive orders from outgoing Gov.

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#170 Dec 6, 2010
It appears this has turned into a union vs non-union thread.

I know it is probably not worth much to this argument at this point, but I will put in my 2 cents. The story is talking about independent home care and child care unions started in the last 2 years.

I do not know much about the home care union, but I do know a little about the child care union. The child care union was started in shady way. They sent out a “ballot” of whether you wanted the union or not as a child care provider. You had to respond no, for it to mean no. Well, of course many did not respond thinking that if they did not, it would be a “no” vote. Needless to say, the union finagled it’s way into their lives (and pockets). No provider in the county I live wanted anything to do with it. The union (or Strickland) also changed the legislation of unionization at the last minute and it became REQUIRED to be a fair share, even if you did not want to be a part of the union. In less than six months the union has sucked up $715,000 of home based child care money for union representation a majority of them did not want to have.
Patrick D

Ashtabula, OH

#171 Dec 6, 2010
Who the heck are the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and why should they have any more say in "supporting the study of privatizing some state assets" than I do?
The best I could figure is they are a lobbying concern for farmers. Why are they even mentioned in this article?

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#172 Dec 6, 2010
Obama acts like he is king of the Bourgeoisie. He hangs around with rich capitalists like Oprah and McCartney. Opulence and self-indulgence for his family knows no bounds. Why do unions even like him? He is a phoney no matter how you look at it. Are the union workers the new "Middle Class" or Bourgeoise? This half-assed commie president is the most confusing, slithering, foul-smelling creature ever parachuted in by the far, far, far left. Why does he protect unions when they are the "New Bourgioeisie" or middle class? I'm glad somebody is standing up against the "New non-capitalist(so they say) communist middle class union Bourgeoisie."
They are anything but poor workers. That's for sure.

Columbus, OH

#173 Dec 6, 2010
watcher wrote:
The union needs to be ousted. They are a plague on society this day and age. Not good for anyone except their officers and bosses who do no work, just jack their jaws and take the workers hard earned cash.
Good going Gov. Stand up to the worthless big mouths, with their threats and strong arm tactics. We need them gone for good!
Someone really needs to read up on their history. Union organizing is brutally hard, and folks have sacrificed lives to the cause. Getting workers to buddy up with one another, risking their jobs to stand up against oppresive employers has always required that employment conditions be so bad that there is a critical mass willing to place their current living on the line in the hope of winning something better.

Further, the expectation of a living wage, particularly for factory workers, is responsible for the growth of the middle class in this country.

Left unregulated and unchallenged, employers have, will and do tend towards cutting corners with health and safety issues, balance their budgets on the back of workers, and funnel ever greater percentages of profits to their shareholders--at the expense of salaries and benefits.

Columbus, OH

#174 Dec 6, 2010
Goldengirl in GV wrote:
Go for it John Kasich. We need this kind of thinking. Be like NJ Governor Christie! Get rid of the uunions but treat the workers right!
Sure, you're right. Just trust the benevolence of the politicians. NOT!

Columbus, OH

#175 Dec 6, 2010
Non Union wrote:
<quoted text>
No jealousy at all I suspect. This is what needs to be explained I think. Like many people, I do not work where there is a union. I do not work 12 hour days. I do not work in an environment where management can do whatever they want. There are many, many rules to follow. And I do get a routine raise and sometimes a cost of living increase when adjustment is needed. So no union, yet I get everything I need and most other people I speak to say the same. Surprisingly the services offered by my industry are affordable and available readily to those who need them. Are you starting to see the problem? Unions only raise the cost to the consumer (all of us) and do very little good over working in a non-union environment. This is not 1850.
Yes, it is not 1850. And most of us have grown up with an expectation of working 8 hour days, receiving overtime and raises semi-regularly. Workplace safety is generally ensured by government regulation.

However, the same human failings and forces that existed in 1850 are still kicking around today. We have not succeeded in developing a kinder and gentler ruling class. We cannot reasonably expect that in an absence of labor organizations that we will not soon see a roll-back of regulations regarding safety, or working overtime. It's no secret that some companies today skirt the rules by requiring their employees to do work either before or after clocking in. Many large companies provide regular "education" on the evils of unions. One large big box retailer has been accusing of locking employees in when working a night shift.

We see these things now only on the lowest fringes of the working class, folks who are desparate for work and are easily exchanged for someone newly plucked off the street. But that is primarily because they are the least well-armed. Watch what happens with a loss of unions and an increase in cries for deregulation of various stripes. The haves have become no more benevolent when it comes to their own workforce.

Columbus, OH

#176 Dec 6, 2010
JPA8 wrote:
<quoted text>
You, from Youngstown, should realize how futile it was to depend on the steel workers union for your job..They were, in fact, the main reason your job is gone... recalcitrance to changes and refusal to compete. How many years will it take for you to realize that?
There was more to the steel industry's loss than worker's salary. Plants were out of date. Other countries moved to higher levels of automation, computerization and robotics. Not the mention the every rising cost of health care, tied to every American product.

Columbus, OH

#177 Dec 6, 2010
andrew david wrote:
i grew up in a family where my dad worked for GM over 40 years. My brother and sister worked there over 25 each. I cannot tell you the hundreds of stories of workers, I'll call them bums, that were fired and got their job back even though they were far subpar, and sometimes criminal, employees. Some of them dozens of times. Or the days dad worked saturday and sunday and would talk about "didn't have to lift a hand today" because the union contract required him to be there "just in case something broke" Time and a half on saturdays and double time on sundays...and for years on end. I think of that when I go look at a new vehicle priced at over 35,000 dollars.
I wonder if you thought much about it as you went home every night as a young person, to a home that your father likely paid for? I wonder if you thought about it as you went through college--with any help that your family was able to provide? Did you think about that time and a half or double time every year at Christmas when you looked under the tree? How about when your family went on vacation? Or you got into the car that your dad bought and drove?

Columbus, OH

#178 Dec 6, 2010
Say what wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree. The last democratic president was impeached and this one should go to.


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#179 Dec 6, 2010
Reader wrote:
<quoted text>
Irreconcilable Differences! LOL!

Columbus, OH

#180 Dec 6, 2010
John wrote:
<quoted text>
Well said Otherside. That 25% dropout rate cannot be solely blamed on teacher. Why not blame the Police when kids dropout because of drug addiction and gang violence? Why not blame the parents when students dropout because of issues at home. Kids don't dropout of high school because of what goes on IN school. It's what goes on out of school that sways their opinion. Teachers have no control over what happens OUTSIDE of school.
There are many things over which each of us has only limited control (including parents). However, we each have an opportunity to impact these conditions. Just as unionized workers have a greater influence in their workplace than isolated individual workers, so it is that the potential for raising kids who complete high school is increased when schools choose to work together with their communities and with parents.

Columbus, OH

#181 Dec 6, 2010
Biggie BC wrote:
"Teachers are degreed professionals with s much education as engineers and accountants and make a third as much money."
And, just why are all these years of education needed, especially to teach elementary? The real reason, of course, is compensation and to subsidize the education schools.
A two year degree from a community college would cost a lot less and, I'll betcha, produce just as good results especially in the primary grades.
And perhaps you would be good enough to provide some examples of states or countries where this is true?

Columbus, OH

#183 Dec 6, 2010
Crabbyman wrote:
It appears this has turned into a union vs non-union thread.
I know it is probably not worth much to this argument at this point, but I will put in my 2 cents. The story is talking about independent home care and child care unions started in the last 2 years.
I do not know much about the home care union, but I do know a little about the child care union. The child care union was started in shady way. They sent out a “ballot” of whether you wanted the union or not as a child care provider. You had to respond no, for it to mean no. Well, of course many did not respond thinking that if they did not, it would be a “no” vote.
I cannot think of any elections where abstention is regarded as a "no" vote on an issue.

Guston, KY

#184 Dec 6, 2010
I use this as a example, let's look at it.

Unions cause the problem, they inflate the cost of the product and cause it to be uncompetitive. Toyota pays $30.00 and GM pays $57.00, the cost per hour is way out of line.

Look at what this does for Toyota. They make the same basic product. They start out with a almost 50% advantage in their Labor costs. They are able to make a unnatural profit, why, because the Unions drive up the cost. Who pays ??, we all do, while Toyota smiles all the way to the bank as they send the money back to Japan. Do you really think a Car is worth $35,000 +??

Some of this stuff worked when we had a closed Market, it won't anymore.

Columbus, OH

#185 Dec 6, 2010
Bob wrote:
<quoted text>
That is a foolish comment. As a public teacher, I am proud to be represented by a union. IF it wasn’t for the union, I would be working 12 hour days, management could do whatever they wanted, no rules to be followed, no raise year after year.
So what is so bad about the union? What is wrong with having rights and having an organization advocating for me? If there were no union, I could be immediately laid off because the Superintendent’s cousin needs a job.
I don’t get all of the bashing here......
I agree completely. I've worked in both Union and Non-union jobs at the City, County, and State levels of government. The Non-union jobs had so much political nonsence involved with them. The Non-union government environment was a ridiculous and unproductive, and required doing work to benefit the elected representatives or their financial supporters personally.

I also have to say that the Union government workers were harder working than the Non-union coworkers that I was associated with. I know not every job is the same, but that is why I've come to believe that Unions serve a very important purpose in Government jobs.
Chief Jesus

Greensburg, PA

#186 Dec 6, 2010
CSD wrote:
<quoted text>
Still crying about the election I see ? Is this Redfern ?
Redfern isn't smart enough to understand that information.
joe the plumber

Euclid, OH

#187 Dec 6, 2010
I didn't vote for him.
Some functions are ment to be run by the state not corporate america.

Perrysburg, OH

#188 Dec 6, 2010
It is as I have said all along. Kasich voted against farms and anything to do with the real working people of our state and country the whole time he was in congress. This should not be a surprise to anyone who knows his record. It only means that we will have more people not able to earn a living wage and more who will need relief whether from government or faith and community organizations. Thanks John for your Grinch spirit.

Perrysburg, OH

#189 Dec 6, 2010
For those worried about the "inflated" costs and salaries of these workers, please get the real facts about the wages that are earned and the lack of rights that they have had. These workers have battled against people who are usually powerful in the community and the workers rights have been ignored completely. I witnessed a judge asking a worker who had not been able to pay her auto insurance because of the meager income, "Can't you find a job that pays more than that?"

Reality is difficult to fathom for those who don't have to live in it.
CO hector alafa

Lima, OH

#190 Dec 6, 2010
here we go privatizing now who gets the kick back and from whom

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