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#1 Mar 4, 2013
Shani pointed this out in the comments of a story of the obama new normal:
My dear fellow Terror Suspects and irreconcilable incorrigibles, as well as our grifting drifting encampments of the false-establishment's cyber troll army and word watch snoops. Good day!

The problem with the art is the "title": 16 Signs the Middle class is Running out of Money

The middle class is not running out of money so much as the "money" is running out of "value."

Then there is this hint at the art's author's flirtation with gate keeping: Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck, and thanks to rising prices

Prices are not rising - the USD (and all currencies for that matter!) is loosing value. When someone professes, like the gatekeeper that pasted this article together, the problem is higher prices, like it's some kind of organic process, and not the bleed of sovereign value due to CB's nerd turd theatrical attempt to rehabilitate counterfeiting under guise of "quantitative easing", yaz gotz to knowz an over paid agenda shill wrote it.

Thanks to all the sanctions ZOG's UN has allowed, we now export more than half the gasoline refined in the the US. Dey running out of sanction-able targets.- that's the problem. The Keystone pipleline - is for the export market.

The Fed just paid the White Shoe Boys in the counting rooms of Kosher Nostra primaries a handsome commission, courtesy of the commons enslavement, a sizable margin stand to carry 85 Billion worth of Treasuries from Tiny Turbo Tim's Jack-Off-Lew room to the Fed's "shoe-box".

The fact of the matter is that America is broke ... hold on buckaroo - America ain't broke - there's plenty of value and money here - it's just that it's all been concentrated in the vault's of the Houses of the War Usury - thanks to the commons' complacency and the daft repetitive re-selections of the same old corrupted genetics of the K-Street Kiddie Brothel Johnnies gad flying on CSPAN/MSM between feeding their limp zipper dragons to pre-schoolers in the Senate and House cloak rooms.

Everything they have is ours. Their homes - their cars - the rented preschoolers - their bonuses - their teeny boners - the drool of expensive tequila, or Mountain Goat Schnapps, hanging from their withered lips - their lives - their livelihood - IT'S ALL OURS! We own the fucks and all we gotta do is take it back. The DHS Dyke Fuhrer buys 2 Billion bullets - so fucking what - they ain't got enough bullets - think about it - it took over 400 Thousand bullets to kill one Afghani mother-father-child / each, and over 300 Thousand bullets to kill one Iraqi mother-father-child. The calculation for the number of bullets required to kill a Million Iraqi, out of a population of 25 Million can be stated thus: 1 Million x 300 Thousand, or , 30,000,000,000.(one exception, it only took a single 50 cal shot for a US sniper to take Pat Tillman's head off after he was quoted to say, "This war is fucking illegal!:

They ain't got enough bullets - they'll never have enough.
THe military will side with the commons - in fact, if we use Noam's ratio, eg, that only 25% of a given culture is predisposed to authoritarianism, meaning that 75% are functionally and organically human, then most of the the rank and file uniformed and civil service will immediately side with the commons. Most of the 25% authoritarians are only "functionally" predisposed, and will commit when the coming reality shock wakes them from safety of their ostrich hole dream state, will side with the ocean of 300 Million American descendants of baby killers and king disemboweling humans slow roasting K-Street Kiddie Brothel Johnnie flanks on their back yard grill!

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#2 Mar 4, 2013
I would like to read Loren Eberly's thoughts on the matter.
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#3 Mar 4, 2013
Headline days back, Greek public servants hire Black Water thugs for crowd control in wake of Goldman's engineered collapse. Lets run this scenario for America: Blackwater thugs disburse across America for crowd control - Americans leach into North Carolina's Black Water Simi Valley Compounds and make cat food out of TDY'd Black Water employees' families.

They don't stand a chance - and this is the crux of the pampered megalomaniac K-Street Johnnies the Diebold selects for CSPAN/MSM make up primps - they think they are doing some weird imagined god's work and protected by some eternal impenetrable force field - what can be said - they're food - they got another thing coming - they are lambs self prepared for slaughter.

IMO, MR at WRH mimes my sentiment - that they'll eventually have to feed on themselves - like a self destroying tumor. For those of us in the other school, as why is Wal Mart out of Bullets - cause everybody has stocked up. There will be plenty of assault weapons (and other gadgets of death) to be had once the mercs make the fatal mistake of entering our hoods. The commons owns all them death assets - and the only thing that will come out of it is that those assets will be returned to the commons by hook crook or mearc meat chili cook offs. Instead of thinking, " You can take my gun from my cold dead hand", the other school should be thing, "You try to take my gun, you'll be dead".

The CSPAN Johnnies are now selling the commons' assets,(collateral calls) to foreign investors. China has banks, access to the FED Window. Turn Pikes have been sold - many once-no-toll roads are being converted to toll roads for eventual sale. Pieces of our national parks and other treasures are being considered for sell - why not just out source our governance and authorizations to Chinese public servants - they doing a pretty good job for the Chinese. Shit - a lot of patents belonging to the commons are all ready in the hands of China thanks to to their clever manipulation of US high Tech companies to produce in China - AAPL, GE, etc - the Chinese don't need to hack us - they get a steady supply of US secrets and patents from relocated US firms - oh - yeah - and captured drones that drop birds-with-colic sharts all over the place.

Cannot believe foreigners are risking capital for fixed US assets. We still got eminent domain and we can take it back any time we want - perhaps that will be the K-Street Johnnies tipping point - when we hear whispers of "disposing" of, or "repealing" eminent domain.

Eating polico and / or banker children tenderloins is an almost palatable thought - that's why we've been pampering the self anointed neo-noble drama queens thinking they be doing god's work - to keep their flanks, and the veal of their offspring, tender for the spit - but what does one do with a fat drug laced merc carcass (?)- guessing the commons can crack-em into fuel an solvents.

We've alreasy beaten these thugs - look at our numbers - see their fear - they're fucking food bitch and dat be all dey were ever intended to be.

Happy Eating!

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-02/gues... ?

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#4 Mar 4, 2013
Nuttin but a thing. I just had to share. And speaking of thier fear.

Interesting developments in the media....since Bob Woodward now knows the rejection of his brilliance by his master and quite frankly, he seems very, very hurt by the whole thing. Har....Then a little story pops up bout nuther tireless servant of the press corps. Now hold on to your seats.......OBAMA does not like the press. And they don't like him either. I guess Obama and I do have one thing in common. Only one thing is relevat. For a fellow progressive to even hint at antipathy towads dearest movement leader is to be taken note of. They're all cockroaches on a stick. They stopped investiating and reporting "facts" decades ago.


Since: Dec 11

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#5 Mar 4, 2013
Relevant dammit.

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