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not surprised

Columbus, OH

#604 Mar 8, 2012
And guess what? Not only does that go on in JUST the Columbus Juvenile Court Dept.- It goes on in ALMOST all jobs here in Columbus. I've only had one job so far that something like this has NOT happened at. And I'm black and over 40, with a college degree. This kind of thing has happened to me on EVERY SINGLE JOB I've had, with the exception of one. And there's no need in even trying to say anything to anyone about it, because NOTHING ever gets done about it. You will be targeted and retaliated against. Believe me, I know. It's been done to me.

well said

Columbus, OH

#605 Mar 8, 2012
LISTEN UP wrote:
The Judges don't care! Whats it going to take to wake people up and deal with racism, and sexism in the work place? We keep looking for warning signs, somebody is going to get hurt! People are tired to being ran over, because they are of a different color, and sex. Our children are at risk with this kind of stuff going on in juvenile court! WAKE UP AND SOUND THE ALARM!
BRAVO!!! And BRILLIANT!!! But tell me... How do you sound the alarm and get anything done when they're all in cahoots with each other?? Any suggestions?

Now if only something could be done for the sham/scam/joke called Franklin County Foreclosure Mediation. It's sinful and disgraceful!!! Racism at ITS FINEST!!!
laughing at you

Columbus, OH

#606 Mar 8, 2012
Wolverine wrote:
<quoted text>Racism is everywhere . And committed by everyone. The ignorant thinks it is only Blacks that are being treated un fairly by racism.The Ignorant like to point out Oh Blacks cant be Racist . Whites ar probbably hurt the most due to Racism. Think about it.
Spoken like a true white male....
its a shame

Columbus, OH

#607 Mar 8, 2012
How do you get something done about it when they're all in cahoots with each other?? Any thoughts?

Now, if someone could only expose the scam/sham/joke called Franklin County Foreclosure Mediation, and what's been going on down there... Talk about racism "stewed to perfection"... Nothing would make me happier....

Columbus, OH

#608 Mar 10, 2012
Well now someone is dead because of the "justice" that these crooks dish out. Will this change anything?

Columbus, OH

#609 May 8, 2012
WOW, a lot has occurred since my last email!!!!! Let me see where I should start, the Juvenile Court in Franklin County is a farce!!!!! The court is not holding up it's obligations to the citizens of Franklin County!! Over the last 5 yrs, the administration of the court has turned a blind eye to justice and embraced a mentality that promotes releasing DANGEROUS youth back into the community. The court is not concerned with the safety of law abiding citizens, it's more worried how to save a buck here and there and the most irritating fact about this statement is that the money the court saves, they do nothing with it!!!!!!!!!! There are no NEW programs that are designed to work and decrease the illegal and negative behaviors exhibited by troubled youth, there is no money spent on correctly compensating the court staff that directly interact with these youth daily, there is no interest by the court at all to make sure these youth succeed in life!!!!! The administration, especially all 5 Juvenile Judges are concerned with maintaining their "privileged" lifestyle, and as long as these troubled youth don't come too close to their neighborhoods, they will continue to have this mentality. Just recently a young man, under court supervision, who should have been in a JUVENILE PRISON was released back into the community and not a few months later, he committed the ultimate sin..........MURDER. Another youth who was on supervision, but deemed by the court not to be a threat to the community, shot another youth 6 times!! However this delinquent that was thought to be safe in the community has had several run ins with the law and violations of his probation, but he was allowed to be maintained in the community??????

Columbus, OH

#610 May 8, 2012
The court has adopted a "wait and see" approach, well as you can see this is obviously not working!!!! Franklin County has a 130 bed detention center, that over the last 1-2 yrs has maintained a population of just 70 kids, sometimes as low as 50. Several hundred delinquent youth come through the court on a weekly basis, almost 1300 are on probation, but only 50-70 violate their court orders or the law enough to be LOCKED UP????? As a court, not upholding the law, or protecting the citizens of FRANKLIN COUNTY is a tragedy, and in my eyes somehow illegal. Court staff, such as the Probation Officers that work with these youth are told daily to find other solutions than incarceration, but when a youth is not willing to comply or not held accountable by a fractured court to do so, what alternatives are the PO's left with????? The PO's and case management staff go into dangerous neighborhoods on a daily basis, with nothing more than their EXPERIENCE and a prayer that they are not harmed. They have no bullet proof vest, no mace or pepper spray, no firearms, but are expected to make do and create success for these youth!!!!!! The probation staff is grossly underpaid, some staff are literally a few dollars from being considered at the poverty level or below. Workloads of the probation and other court staff have increased three fold over the last 4-5 yrs with no considerate admiration from court administration, and no appropriate compensation for the staff's tireless DEDICATION while facing danger almost daily, but the court sees nothing wrong with this. You have motivated staff, who are willing to work in harsh environments to decrease illegal activities and increase positive thought and change for youth, but all the court sees is how much will that cost???

Decreased state, county, and city budgets due to the recession, have affected this country in the worst way, however the ineffective management in all three levels of government have been the biggest contributors to this!!!! The management in the Juvenile Court in Franklin County is and will continue to be viewed as INEFFECTIVE until effective and appropriate person's are put in place, this has to start with the JUDGES and trickle down through administration. The staff deserves appropriate compensation so that they can continue their dedicated work at creating successful environments that promote/encourage hope and change. It's time to stop valuing technical jobs higher than social service jobs, it's time to recognize that social problems won't solve themselves without appropriate resources. The overall goal with working with today's youth should be PROGRESS, not look at who can be serviced cheaply and who can be classified as "collateral damage", and thrown away like last night's trash!!!! Citizens of FRANKLIN COUNTY, stand up and let your voices be heard!!!!!!

Columbus, OH

#611 Aug 6, 2012
We need a change in our Juvenile probation department, the judges has hired a chief P.O. thats lives in Dayton, Ohio, he is either sick, or on vacation, he is never at work. He isn't interested in whats going on in Franklin County, he never takes part in any events in the city to build relationships with the community that he serves. From what I hear he wants the probation officer to do special events in the community, but he never does any work to support them. He is just doing that to make himself look good. When he is at work, he walks around like he knows everything, I guess someone didn't tell him that all of the probation staff work for the Judges not him. It a shame that the Judges would hire someone from another county that could care less whats going on in the community of Franklin County. I understand that he is being paid $72.000 a year, wow, what a waste of money, that money could be used to attract better staff to work with our kids in our community. Its bad to hear that things hasn't really gotten better. I'm hearing now that the supervisors have to fill out a form or a eval or each of there worker monthly, what a joke, some of the supervisors use these monthly evals to get back at there workers. Supervisors make sure you are able to prove everything you write on there evals, it can't be personal, its business. Judges its time for a change, Franklin County needs a Chief P.O. that lives here, not some guy that driving here every day for the money. We also need supervisors that will allow the workers to do there job, we don't need supervisors that trying to control everything there workers do, thats what Brenda Smith did, try to control everything, and you see where that got her! Judges its time for a Change!

Columbus, OH

#612 Jan 26, 2013
Well, Kerri got rid of Herb, and pretty much everyone else.

Who is she going to blame now?
Not surprised

Hilliard, OH

#613 Feb 7, 2013
Herb needed to go. He was a poor representatiion of the Court and he would intentionally say that he was the Uncle Tom and therefore could do what he wanted. He blamed all the other admionistrators for the dirty work he did. Its a shame that nobody is left to make sure kids are cared for in detention. Kerri only looks out for herself and will cut your throat as soon as able. Kids are being abused in detentino by supervisors and staff and she and HR allow it.
Oh Come On

Columbus, OH

#614 Feb 26, 2013
Not Surprised. Nobody is left to make sure the kids are cared for in detention? A little extreme maybe? There are still good people who do a good job working in the detention center. If you really believe there are staff abusing kids then you would have called FCCS rather than posting it on a blog. That is if you still understand the requirements of your job you are supposed to be doing rather than posting nonsense.
Oh Come On

Columbus, OH

#615 Feb 27, 2013
Also Kerri did not get rid of Herb. As everyone is aware OPERS changed the pension system. Herb benefited more from retiring before the changes took effect. I would have retired if I could before the changes went into effect because I would have made out financially more profitable. He retired for his own gain not because he was forced out. He still had the support of the Judges.

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