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#1 Sep 25, 2013
Pork Politics: Why Some Danes Want Pig Meat Required On Menus

In Denmark, pigs outnumber people 2 to 1. No traditional Danish meal would be complete without something wrapped in, wrapped around, or topped with pork.

In 2012, the country exported close to $6 billion in pig meat, a figure that includes "carcasses" — which leads to the question: What does one do with a pig carcass?

All this is by way of explaining the hubbub that erupted following a recent headline: "Day Cares Ban Pork."

Over the summer, the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet undertook a survey of public institutions and found that "at least 30" day cares had dropped pork from their menus so that children from different ethnic and religious backgrounds (primarily Muslim) would not have to queue up in different lunch lines. But 844 comments later, it became clear that many Danes thought this was a bad idea.

About a week later, the same paper revealed that a major hospital near Copenhagen had been serving — and continues to serve — only halal meat to patients (something it has been doing for "practical and economic reasons" for years now, according to the hospital's website). That one netted 1,047 comments.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who leads the country's center-left government, eventually joined the fray, insisting that Danish tradition should not be abandoned in public institutions, and that perhaps halal meat should be labeled as such, presumably so that qualmish Danes can avoid it. That proposition seems unlikely to go far, however, since labeling issues inevitably involve the 28-headed monster that is the European Union.

As the dust has settled, some have taken a second look at the "meatball wars" (meatballs are traditionally made of minced pork here), and chalked it all up to a slow summer news cycle (something Danes have dubbed "cucumber season"). No news begets non-news.

But there is no question that this fight over what should fill children's plates has unearthed tensions buried (admittedly) not much deeper than Danish potatoes. The world became witness to the Danes' struggle with multiculturalism in 2005, when one newspaper insulted Islamic tradition (and caused riots) by publishing cartoons of Muhammad. Clearly, the issue of Muslim accommodation continues to simmer, and at least one political party is hoping to use that to its advantage.

The far-right Danish People's Party has emerged from the whole summer meatball mess with a tidy boost in the polls, and is likely to make special treatment of religious minorities a major theme in the upcoming municipal elections, to be held on Nov. 19.

According to Jyllands-Posten (the cartoon controversy newspaper), the idea of a "pork quota" was something given fairly serious consideration at a recent national party meeting. That is, a requirement that the menu at public institutions for the young and old contain at least 20 percent pig.

"People should have the freedom to live according to Islamic law," says Mikkel Dencker, the man behind the dream. "It's also fine with us that they don't want to eat pork. But there should be meatballs in day care centers, and on those days they can eat more potatoes or side dishes."

That said, the quota seems unlikely to make it onto the national DPP platform, and was even voted down in Dencker's own municipality (the same one that houses the halal hospital).

But Dencker says the interest is there, so he is now setting his sights on a "less rigid" strategy for keeping the issue afloat.

"One thing we could do instead," he says "is write into the municipalities' food policies that dishes from other lands should be offered as supplements to, but never instead of, traditional Danish foods."


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#2 Sep 25, 2013
When Muslims scream, "Bend over!"...the self-righteous tolerant ask, "How far?"

The rest of us coat our hollow points in pig grease.


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#3 Sep 25, 2013
I read an article about the pork.
These radicals have no qualms about infringing on the rights of the countries they invade. It's a huge problem around the globe and WHO will stand up to them?
What mammy pamby wusses leading!

Srinagar, India

#4 Sep 27, 2013
Hey brothers
I am from Jammu and Kashmir part of India.
I am a Hindu and we Hindus have witnessed the Muslims barbarism, terrorism, chauvinism, superemism you call it what you can.
I personally feel that the world is going through an undeclared third world in which Muslims (extremists as well as apologists) are on one side and rest of the communities are on the other side. The sooner we realize it the better it is for our generations. Muslims have been either condoning or justifying terrorism, rape, murder, killings, loot, chauvinism, pedophilia, incest, child marriage on the pretext of Quranic injunctions. They have been blaming their victims and cry without reason. They are trying to control the resources (Human, Material, Financial etc). Most of the media, right activists, civil society members, NGOs have been bought by the Muslims by the oil money and are on their pay roles, and most of the psychopaths are being assured of heaven and being converted world over. Muslims have one ideology,WE and THEM. They don’t apply minds as must of the mind control techniques are used by them to control and brainwash people by the Mullahs. They cry for human rights and other rights for themselves in non Muslims countries but deny the same to Non Muslims in their Muslim countries. Surprisingly this is the only so called religion that justifies telling lies (Taqiya and Kitman), Killing (Jihad), pedophilia (Mohammed married Ayesha when she was six years old child), incest (Mohammed married his own daughter in law Zainab), Butchery (Halal), false hood (Muslims to get heaven whether their acts were right or wrong and in that heaven they will get 72 virgin fairies and alcohol... Listen its not mentioned that women will not go to heaven and what if they went to heaven?), Discrimination (Women not allowed education and cannot work beyond their house holds, in-equality (woman allowed only 1/3 share in her parental property, witness of two women is equal to witness of one man), Chauvinism (Veil for Muslim Woman as young as 1 year old), injustice (a women rape victim must produce two witness for her defence other wise she can be punished for adultry). Let me clear you all, any Muslims who doesnt believe in all of the above cannot be Muslim, so if any one says that he doesnt belive and adheres to it, tell him to tell it in front of media that he/she doesnt believe in this Sharia law contained in Quranic injunctions. I know he/she will make lame excuses. Alas the west and east is sleeping and I think India will have to rise now to take on these psychopaths (called Muslims) both spiritually as well as by force. Those who realise their mistakes and want liberation from Muslim tags must be released to this world and those who dont must also be released to the next word. Narendera Modi (who is being denied visa by USA, UK etc), the PM designate of BJP may lead the charge like he has done earlier.... Har Har Mahadev

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#5 Sep 27, 2013
BizzyBee wrote:
I read an article about the pork.
These radicals have no qualms about infringing on the rights of the countries they invade. It's a huge problem around the globe and WHO will stand up to them?
What mammy pamby wusses leading!
Agreed. I really don't care what diet you eat. Up to you, completely. But don't go into someone's house and complain, either, what's in their larder and bellies. And these libs! Complaining that Catholics want to impose their morality? What a frigging hoot.
Reality Speaks

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#6 Sep 27, 2013
in Reality, pork politics is the scope of the job.

We are all just living what 240 years of it boils into.

smell that stench?

Batman movie...Joker ( Jack Nicholson)....This town needs an enema .

Give Washington an Enema......fire 100% of them. They don't work for us anymore, and have almost effectively turned us into working for them, our hired public servants.

Morals, standards, ethics......all missing in todays politics.

Start 2015 out knowing in 2 more years you get to finish the job of being boss again as our forefathers gave us, and work diligently holding people accountable.

to heck with political party and who wins....I know who is losing and winning.

The Government is winning by hat tricks with distractions continuously to keep the confused very much confused.

Fire all of them to remind them they work for us.
Oliver Canterberry

Columbus, OH

#7 Sep 27, 2013
BizzyBee wrote:
I read an article about the pork.
These radicals have no qualms about infringing on the rights of the countries they invade. It's a huge problem around the globe and WHO will stand up to them?
What mammy pamby wusses leading!
That's because Islam is not only a religion but a global political movement that consumes and destroys freedom, rights, choice, free will and all Judeo-Christian values.

A cacophony of Muslims, dysfunctional blacks and sterile homosexuals are destroying all Western Nations from within with a huge assist from Islam.


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#8 Sep 27, 2013
This site updates daily......


What's happening in the world and the destruction,and rampaging by radical Muslims.

Tell me when this thread is updated:

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