Kasich says he would scrap Strickland...

Kasich says he would scrap Strickland's schools plan

There are 219 comments on the DispatchPolitics story from Sep 22, 2010, titled Kasich says he would scrap Strickland's schools plan. In it, DispatchPolitics reports that:

Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich, left, says he'd direct more money to classrooms than Gov.

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What Kasich Plan

Park Forest, IL

#21 Sep 22, 2010
OK Folks, its nice that Kasich has said that he would discard the Strickland school funding plan if elected. However, John Kasich has shared no plan that would survive court challenges. Where is the Kasich school funding plan? I don't mean, lets just oppose the Strickland plan. WE HAVE YET TO HEAR ANYTHING CONCRETE FROM JOHN KASICH ABOUT HIS PLAN FOR SCHOOL FUNDING!

By failing to tell the voters, in detail, about what his school funding plan would look like, he has decided to allow the courts to decide what the school funding formula would look like, period. Now, when the court mandates funding levels, I do not want to hear complaints from Kasich that the courts are over stepping their boundries. Kasich will have wasted a chance to shape the course of school funding but he will have allowed the courts to do that. This isn't leadership!
Just the Facts wrote:
In 2006, Strickland pledged to fix Ohio's unconstitutional school-funding system or otherwise be considered a failed governor.
Governor Strickland Mission Accomplished.
Funding a program 10 years later after you are in office?!
Strickland policy proposals...you gotta love the bold inaction! sarcasm intented.
This is an example of FAILED leadership, FAILED policy initiative, FAILED planning.
Vote for a New Direction for Ohio Children.
Vote Kasich for a Better Tomorrow.
November 2, 2010

Columbus, OH

#22 Sep 22, 2010
dublin mom wrote:
<quoted text> So, let's be fair and chage every homeowner the same rate too.
As someone who lives in New Albany, I would love to pay your rate.
Honestly, this is the fairest way of doing it. Make property taxes 5%, add a 1/2% to the sales tax and let each school get the same money for each student.

Since: Aug 10

Dublin, OH

#23 Sep 22, 2010
Nana wrote:
A child in Scioto County has the same right to a good education as does the child in Dublin City Schools. But you put them side by side and you will see a big difference.
Who ever is going to be our next Governor he MUST level the playing field so to speak for ALL children in the State of Ohio.
Difference is in Dublin the parents support the school (both dollars and being active, supporting the schools).
I attended the Dublin Coffman vs. Central Crossing Football game friday night. I bet if you added the Central Crossing players plus band members that it was greater than the number of their fans in the stands. Then look on Dublin's side and it's city pride. Stands are packed. Few thousand people. And Grove City is just 15 minutes away via 270.
I'm from a small town where the voters do not support the schools and it's sad. But the folks in some districts (like Dublin) pay more (in dollars) and are much more active to make the schools great. Instead of constantly blaming the government maybe look at the parents and what they provide.
Kill White Babies

Mount Vernon, OH

#24 Sep 22, 2010
Strickland HAS a school-funding model?? Who knew?

Grove City, OH

#25 Sep 22, 2010
Strickland fell short, but Kasich has no plan. Get ready for even more levies and relience on local property taxes.
What Kasich Plan

Park Forest, IL

#26 Sep 22, 2010
The union issue you mention may be true, but there is no legal way to eliminate unions, period. For this reason, we have too (albeit reluctantly) work with unions to obtain some cost savings. Additionally, the school funding problem was elevated by people suing. If we do not fund schools, people will sue to get the funding they think they deserve. At this point my complaint is that I have seen nothing from John Kasich about his plan to fund schools. I'd like to give Kasich my vote, but I can't do that until I hear details about his plan.
Oh boy wrote:
Either way, whether via property taxes or via income taxes, the Ohio taxpayer is going to have to pay for the schools. Until someone takes control back from the teacher's union, our taxes (either property or income) will continue to increase to pay for average salary increases of over 5% for teachers.
Someone needs to get control over the exorbitant benefits we're paying teachers and public employees. Guaranteed pensions are a thing of the past. The private sector realized that about 30 years ago. The only reason that public sector hasn't followed suit is because the unions are too powerful and public services are a monopoly that is funded by simply increasing taxes.
Hooked on Fonics

Columbus, OH

#27 Sep 22, 2010
"Four levels of teacher licensure"

And every level is a chance for the state to make money. Basically, all teachers pay a couple hundred bucks each time they receive a new piece of paper.

Completely unnecessary. You only need two: Provisional for new teachers and a standard license for when they pass the Praxis exam.

New York, NY

#28 Sep 22, 2010
These are challenging times, no doubt, but I am afraid that people fail to understand that federal and state funding has greatly decreased from when we were kids in school. That is a large reason behind why the schools are constantly seeking funding from levies. While there is always some waste, quality education is undeniably expensive to provide. Most adults benefitted greatly from government funding of their primary and secondary education but many now act as if our youth should somehow be paying their own way K-12.
Oh boy wrote:
<quoted text>
If we didn't have to pay such high taxes (both property and income) maybe parents wouldn't have to be working 2 or 3 jobs to be able to support their families and might have time to spend with them.
common sense

Columbus, OH

#29 Sep 22, 2010
There is NOTHING government/schools can do that decent, responsible PARENTS are SUPPOSED to be doing. But parents have to actually SHOW UP for their job. It is not other people's responsibility to RAISE their children. Taxpayer dollars are funding this LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY.

Education in this country is what we all pay for the least you crappy parents could do is feed your children, clean them and send them TO THE SCHOOL READY!!!!

Not all of us at there are "buying the poverty excuse"..... Most people CREATE their "poverty".

“So far left, I'm right”

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#30 Sep 22, 2010
Hey Now wrote:
As he should. I'm not the only observer to conclude that the one success of public education is that it has produced an entire generation of morons while producing fat pensions for teachers unions and fatter salaaries for union bossses. Anybody remember seeing such vast armies of idiots when the Jesuits instructed our youth?
no when jesuits were teaching our youth the young had to learn quickly how to keep their behinds from the groping tentacles of the pedophile priests

Columbus, OH

#31 Sep 22, 2010
We have an incompetent governor now, just as we had with Taft. However, anyone imagines that a Wall Street Banker like Kasich can do anything for our future is sadly mistaken. This whole mess was created by Wall Street so one of the weasels should not be in charge of the hen house.

There is no real difference between the two parties.

Buford, GA

#32 Sep 22, 2010
Cartman wrote:
Kasich and his GnOP buddies oppose a school program that actually educates all children from all socio-economic groups. They rely on a large group of uninformed voters to support the smoke and mirrors they promote which is nothing more than a "rich-get richer" scheme that keeps every middle class individual moving back down the ladder of success.
Nothing is more threatening than a well-educated electorate so his side will always oppose education reform under a guise of "freedom of choice."
Agreed, liberals have a better handle on how to educate to poorer kids. I have a few good ideas that liberals have come up with and I would love to see some right winger tell me why thay are bad ideas. First, lets put kids on buses 4 hours a day by sending the white kids to black schools and black kids to white schools. We will call this great plan busing and after a few years all the little children will get along well with each other and live happily everafter. Of course these kids get screwed by spending 4 hours a day by sitting on a bus and most can't take part in after school activities because they live so far away from their school but who cares about the child, we have some racial programming to do. Another great liberal plan, lets not flunk anyone because it might hurt their feelings, who cares if the kid goes out into the world not knowing how to read, we are busy patting ourselves on the back because we just raised the graduation rate, we will just call it social promotions and little Johnny will have higher self esteem. Oh, since schools are violent, we set up zero tolerance policy so that if a kid brings in a picture of his cop dad in uniform, including his gun, we suspend the kid for two weeks, Zero tolerance. And should I bring uo the wonderful idea of ebonics ?
Typical story

Columbus, OH

#33 Sep 22, 2010
Kasich is beginning to sound like a broken record here... "Kasich has not said what kind of funding system he favors, except to say that he wants more money directed to the classroom."


This is the recurring theme for Kasich's election platform - and apparently, a large number of you are buying it HOOK-LINE-AND SINKER! I guess candidates truly do reflect a person's values and thought on things - because the Kasich supporters are blindly buying into his rhetoric. Your candidate - Kasich - doesn't have a clue for tangible solutions - and apparently neither do you!

Just wait you Kasich supporters - your property taxes will soon be going up - because Kasich wants to PASS THE BUCK onto YOU!

This position also shows that Kasich DOES NOT APPARENTLY SUPPORT EDUCATION - if he did, he would at least indicate that what has been achieved thus far is a step in the right direction, however, adjustments need to be made. Broad strokes of wide-sweeping ignorant positions, "Kasich told The Cincinnati Enquirer this week that if he is elected governor, Strickland's evidence-based funding model will be "gone."

Just wait and see - he's taking the issue two-steps back and placing the funding back onto the districts and thus PROPERTY OWNERS -(that's you dummy)
badger leader

Kent, OH

#34 Sep 22, 2010
Having worked in both public and private schools in my career, the children who come to any school all have potential. What resources the school has at its disposal to turn that potential into reality is the real issue. One of those resources is money. In the public sector what is the fairest way to raise the money? The current system isn't fair but I am not sure Governor Srickland's is workable as the sole way to fund. Now that we are in an era of declining income and property values, the whole mess is going to become much worse.
L Berry

Alliance, OH

#35 Sep 22, 2010
Public schools are in trouble. It started with Liberal Democrats opposed to Corporal Punishment. That was a fancy word for "spanking". In todays schools students are disrespecful, disruptive, cause injury to teachers and other students. And what can the principal do? Detention or expulsion. parents face the same problem and for teh same reason. They are afraid to punish their children. The same Liberal Judges who repealed Corporal Punishment is schools consider a parental spanking as abuse.
If parents cannot control their children at home, who knows how bad they will be when away from parents.
With good order in schools, teachers can teach and not babysit students. Education begins at home and continues in classroom.
Religion also aids in education. I don't just mean Christian either. A belief in God and moral standards is a positive tool for children as they grow up and continue into adulthood.

Those same Liberal Judges also want to forego our Christian beliefs. "In God We Trust", "Under God", and Ten Commandments were core beliefs to our founding fathers and still should be today. But if we continue to be the Silent majority our core values are being legislated away by liberal judges.
Wake up Ohio/America, vote out these liberals who want to make America a Socialist Country. Obama believes in Sharing the Wealth. That means taking from rich and supporting more and more welfale and Illegal Aliens. Why, because he is buying votes. After he legalizes all the Illegal Aliens he will make them citizes and give them voting rights. He does the same with Unions and Gays. Give them same sex marriages and the hell with morality. They will vote for him.
black lion

Columbus, OH

#36 Sep 22, 2010
How much does that "free" public school education cost you?? I graduated from public schools here in Ohio. I bought my first house when I was 20, sent three children through Ohio public schools. I am retired and I am still paying property taxes for public schools. If I total up what I have paid in property taxes for Ohio public schools over my life-time so far I could have sent my three kids to the Columbus Academy or Wellington, then on to Columbia University finishing with a MBA from Harvard. It is especially disgusting that I am also paying for children of illegal aliens attending school here for free. They are the only ones who actually have a free public school education. Think about it.

Columbus, OH

#37 Sep 22, 2010
Confused wrote:
I guess we will be voting for the lesser of two evils AGAIN this election! What a sad state of affairs. No doubt neither is qualified to improve our state as a whole, they will just support their pet projects.
I, too, am tired of supporting education with property taxes when the freeloaders that drag the system down suck up the most attention at school.
I'd say that you are confused. Public education will continue to be supported by taxes or cease to exist. The property tax issue is not one born of a concern for the fact that not everyone owns a piece of property on which to be taxed. The concern is that the property tax is a local tax and the value of property is inequitably distributed across the state. Some property-rich communities can have well-funded districts with little effort. Other property-poor districts must levy high taxes in order to keep the doors open.

Further, the reliance on local, rather than state, funding structures flies in the face of the Constitutionally defined obligation of the state to provide a system of public education. The barriers to moving away from the current system are 1) those who are well-situated are unwilling to change; 2) moving a greater financial load to the state level means a need for more state revenue (this would be tax dollars)--even though it ought to eventually be balanced out by a reduction at the local level; and 3) Ohio relies heavily on "local control" to carry out many state functions and we tend to be mistrustful of the state as a result.

When you talk about "free loaders" who soak up attention and "drag the system down," perhaps it would wise to consider that you are talking about children. Consider further that these same children will be the ones responsible for our state and our economy as we grow older. It may be penny-wise and pound-foolish to limit our concern to just those children living in our own house.

Columbus, OH

#38 Sep 22, 2010
dublin mom wrote:
<quoted text>
A lot of the extras in Dublin are paid for my the parents, not from the tax money.
We have private fundraisers to pay for things like the sports teams and the band.
You are also welcome to pay the same tax rate as I do. So, let's be fair and chage every homeowner the same rate too.
Example #1 of why it is so hard to change the school funding system. The "I got mine, now you go get yours and leave me alone" attitude.
Just one more thing

Westerville, OH

#39 Sep 22, 2010
SureThing wrote:
<quoted text>
As someone who lives in New Albany, I would love to pay your rate.
Honestly, this is the fairest way of doing it. Make property taxes 5%, add a 1/2% to the sales tax and let each school get the same money for each student.
I would like to add to that a tax/fee assessed per each child that uses the school system. That way if a family sends 5 kids thru a school system they are paying more (because they are using the system more) than someone who has no kids or only 1 child. Then it truly forces the costs into the lap of the parents. Then if they want more for their children in that school system, increase the tax/fee assessed to them not MY taxes. I would also like to cut out the free breakfast/lunch available to the kids. Parents have to take responsibility for their children. Don't give me "It takes a village to raise a child" stuff. Parents need to raise their children and be responsible for their actions.

Buford, GA

#40 Sep 22, 2010
Indian Laker wrote:
<quoted text>
NAFTA...NAFTA...NAFTA....How tiresome.
Wasn't that trade agreement signed by President Clinton. I agree it was started by the Bush administration but Clinton could have just as easily killed it. He chose not to.
It was also passed in 1993, dems had control of the house then and they could have voted it down instead of sending it to Clinton.

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