Fireman kills pets to save on boarding

Fireman kills pets to save on boarding

There are 1227 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Jun 25, 2009, titled Fireman kills pets to save on boarding. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

A Columbus firefighter admits that he took his two dogs to the basement, tied them up and blasted them with a rifle so he and a girlfriend could vacation without paying to board the animals.

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John Muto

Spokane, WA

#547 Jun 25, 2009
The ignorant side of society voted this Black Clown into office. Now we all pay. And what's even worse is so many politicians who might have secret opposing views do and say nothing. Are they not guilty for just standing by and letting this idiot do things his way. They would be guilty by association and standing by and doing nothing. There's an old saying that goes something like this: Bad things happen when able bodied people, men & women see things happening that are not right, just stand by " AND DO NOTHING " They are almost as guilty as the perpetrator for having recognized a wrong but did nothing to correct or fix it. I was sick of politicians long ago, but the current administration has reached even lower depths than any administration ever. ARE YOU ALL STUPID ? Can you not admit you made a mistake with this guy along with Reid,Pelosi,Frank,Dodd,Geithne r. The list does'nt end there but is to long to even list. The old saying goes: You need to take good care of the people that take good care of you.Show me in our political arena anyone who's not abusing the authority given to them by the American public. If you don't things go sideways, which we are now witnesessing. Stand by as it's going to get worse.

Bloomfield, NJ

#548 Jun 25, 2009
I am deeply ashamed I live in this country. Before you mark me or barrage me with your hate and tell me to move etc, think about this: I served our country and I helped to protect our country from outside evil. Why can't our own country protect us from ourselves? What I mean is, we are obsessed with stories like this and the rediculousness that it brings. Who cares? The man shot two dogs. We spray roaches and kill mice and other vermin. Why is it such a crime to kill an animal? He didn't torture them, HE SHOT THEM. Most likely he hated them to begin with and they were a nuisance. I have full respect for the people on here supporting this man. Animal rights should be limited to abuse or neglect, not deaths. Even then, the scope should be limited, not mind-blowingly disproportionate. A FELONY? For killing your own animals. Rediculous.

New York, NY

#549 Jun 25, 2009
He should work for the humane society doing what ever task needs to be done to help animals. I'm sure Michal Vick has some suggestions.

“Watch out, I might be angry...”

Since: Sep 07

North Ghetto Hill

#550 Jun 25, 2009
this guy needs to be tied to a pipe and let some dog lovers at him!!!

Cleveland, OH

#551 Jun 25, 2009
Don wrote:
what really is the big difference of bringing a dog to the vet to be put down or to do it yourself? My dog had to be "put down" and I was man enough to do it myself. Took her to the woods and shot her in the head. Very humane - she literally didn't know what hit her. She also got a decent burial.
The difference, Don, is that you and veterinarians typically don't take pleasure in the event. It's done in one shot (not 6 or 11!), and you don't go off bragging about it to colleagues. The result may be the same, but the motivation and act are not. You're to be commended for doing a difficult task, but I'd caution against using "man enough" as a metaphor for courage. I've put down several pets at the vet and watched the entire process step by step- all because I lacked the technical skills and didn't want the animal to associate the deed with me, their companion. Obviously it didn't bother this guy...::shrug::

Chatsworth, CA

#552 Jun 25, 2009
Why is this different than killing a cow? Who deciaded a dog is better than a goat? Prison? let him buy his wife a new dog don't lock him up.
Outraged and Saddened

Salem, OR

#553 Jun 25, 2009
The punishment does not even remotely come near to fitting the crime. When are we as a society, going to start treating animals with honor and compassion? Those dogs valued their lives just as much as any human. This guy is a psychopathic killer and ought to be treated as such.

Greensboro, NC

#554 Jun 25, 2009
He got off too easy. For me, animal abusers should have the same thing done to them that they did to the animal(s). He should be hung up somewhere and shot a few times - not enough to kill him - just enough so he suffers. And he's still on active duty? That's as much of a joke as his sentence. He should be fired immediately and the city tell him you don't like it, sue us! What a poor excuse for a man.

Hollywood, FL

#555 Jun 25, 2009
kjl wrote:
Mr. Santuomo is why some shelters around the county refuse to allow police officers and firefighters to adopt animals.

Randolph, WI

#556 Jun 25, 2009
Frank wrote:
When pigs and cows are slaughtered on a farm...
"Shot on a farm"? Seriously? Your information is at least 60 years out of date.
Black Prince

Cleveland, GA

#557 Jun 25, 2009
What a bunch of whimps!! Lose your job? Have any of you ever thought about owning your own small company like me? Have you ever though about being in charge and responsible for your own life like me? have any of you ever taken a risk, worked hard and made a success for yourself and become independent of the rest of the world? Do you feel completely safe anywhere you go like me?

If you don't, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for the situation you are in? If you are not in control of your life, who is? If you are not dealing with the situation, it is going to deal with you!

So bow up you bunch of city sissies. Get out of that sewer you live in and come to fly over country. Take what nest egg you have and start your own outfit. This is America and if you have the stones, the brains and the work ethic, you can make it. If you don't have any of that, sit down, shut up, and wait for the government to take care of you, but don't lecture to the rest of us about the morality of shooting dogs when most of you support abortion. We don't want to hear it and we are not going to listen to it.
he is sick

Fort Smith, AR

#558 Jun 25, 2009
He has a girlfriend? did she know about this? and still went on vacation with him.!
good thing he just divorced the first wife and just didn't decide to get rid of her to save the cost of divorce.
Kathryn Kimbrough

United States

#559 Jun 25, 2009
Hey "Outsider who knows" - enlighten us if we're so wrong. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR SHOOTING YOUR DOGS ELEVEN TIMES! There is the humane shelter who would have taken them back. THERE WERE OPTIONS. Unless you tell me he's a slobbering fool with an IQ of 10, I WILL JUDGE. HE WAS JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER to his companion animals. I know (having worked at the humane shelter, that you sign a pledge to return the animals if they don't work out. The guy is a heartless thug. He proved it in his actions and in his total disregard for the gravity of his actions - and even flipping off reporters. HE IS A POOR EXCUSE for a living creature.

Tallahassee, FL

#560 Jun 25, 2009
What a sick scumbag...

This makes me sick to read about it.
Kathryn Kimbrough

United States

#561 Jun 25, 2009
Eli - COWS are not domestic companion animals. They are raised for beef. And you know that. You bring up ridiculous comparisons and expect it to sound intelligent? Well, it doesn't.

Hollywood, FL

#562 Jun 25, 2009
Black Prince wrote:
Let me see If I have this straight. In Oklahoma, a serial pervert rapes and sodomizes a 4 year old girl and her 5 year old brother, and he gets sentenced to one year and serves only 30 days, but on a first offense this guy who risks his life daily to keep people safe gets a 4500 dollar fine and 90 days in Jail? Certainly he derserves the sentence, but compared to the Oklahoma case, where is the equal justice under the law?
DUH!! Is it any wonder why many Americans do not trust the court system any longer?
It's too bad that it happened, but there are more people who are upset by these animal deaths and who blog than people who blog after a human death! Get your priorities straight!

I bet he's a milk drinker too-let's go after the supermarket clerk who enabled his dog-murder by selling him the milk he drinks every morning!

The city code of conduct will deal with any issues concerning his employment and court outcome.

Canton, IL

#563 Jun 25, 2009
OLD YELLER....had to put her down!
Dagny T

Washington, DC

#564 Jun 25, 2009
This guy is evil. He certainly should not be on the public payroll. One of the key indicators of serial killers is their propensity to harm animals.

I'm sorry I read about this and much sorrier that it happened. If the city of Columbus has any pride and any sense of decency, this guy will be fired and barred for life from any job on the public payroll.

Tallahassee, FL

#565 Jun 25, 2009
No, it's NOT "over the top"; a person who would treat his pets in this manner should be in jail for a LONG time. A sick, disgusting, blankety-blank, is what he is...
The Other Side wrote:
Sorry. I see this as WAY over the top. It's not like he offed his kids or anything. Sorry, they were dogs. Not everyone holds them in such great reverence. Also keep in mind the skew on this story. After all, the guy flipped of the press...

Spencerport, NY

#566 Jun 25, 2009
First shot kills the dogs, the rest are just gross and pointless. But hey, they're dogs, they have more rights than unborn children.

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