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#65 Sep 23, 2012
Spookisbacksoblowmetrolls wrote:
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That was my cats name she was all black but a white hair here and there. No white patches. I have had a new arrival. A tom cat brown and black strips he limps if walking slow. He just showed up one morning at first he wouldn't let me touch him after a few days he would pet his head but if I touched his side he would bite. Now he still limps but will pick him up etc. He has nothing in his paw seems like he was hit or something and is healed with a limp so I call him Chester.
OK--I get that.

But a lot depends on the cat. The cat in charge at my house has always busted on the kids when they were sneaking into stuff they weren't supposed to be doing. And she's the one who will raise a fuss until someone takes action if one of the cats gets locked in the basement or a closet or something. Then we have another cat that's mostly decorative. And one that's very demanding when it comes to her own needs but could care less about the others--except to keep them at a distance.

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#66 Sep 23, 2012
FKA Reader wrote:
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Cool your jets. I contribute to the annual school supply drive at work. But I can tell you that the absolute best fundraiser that a PTA ever came up with was to buy the supplies in bulk and offer the option of just buying the whole package.
I can also tell you from experience that it makes far more sense, in terms of keeping a group of kids supplied over time, to dole out supplies as needed rather than having every little kid assume responsibility for a personal horde.
But, your overreaction to the lunch discussion simply illustrates my point. We have deeply held values that are in conflict that make it very difficult to think about the values that we are teaching children in the things that we do in schools. And the things that we do are never value-neutral. They are always teaching something.
I'm not sure of "overreaction." I'm providing experience as well. As a parent who raised four kids, was involved with the school district only not at YOUR level. I was in the trenches--at the PTA meetings, as a band parent, as an athletic parents booster, as a "room mother," as a parent who worked to pass not only ONE, but TWO, tax levies, and as a tax payer. I've been there Reader and saw the good, bad, and ugly.

Buying in bulk, no problem, if that's what the school PTA agrees to and parents are willing to contribute and participate. But parents, somewhere along the way, pay. Either in taxes or as a "classroom fee" (or "activity fee" or whatever) or at the retail outlet for those supplies.

As for the lunch discussion, that does boil down to the situation I mentioned. No peanut allergies, that I'm aware of, can be flared up if a kid just doesn't eat the peanut butter. By the time a kid is in school, he/she is pretty much aware they're allergic and would know enough to not share with the kid eating the peanut butter. If peanutbutter is on the menu in my home, I don't see the reason for someone else to dictate. If liverwurst sandwiches are on the menu, I don't see the reason for someone else to dictate. My kids' nutrition and health are on the line for me. Your kids -- on the line for you -- you should be free to act as you see fit, I shouldn't interfere.

The school lunch programs are pretty much worthless IMHO. I'd be happy to see them scrapped and let parents cope with that issue instead of expanding it further. Seriously, if a parent is on assistance, they should figure a way to use that to feed their kids and pay their utilities. Heartless? Maybe to you. But as you've said, "values." And in a time when there are decreasing revenues, there should be a reason for increasing costs? Also--another thought. School lunches are what?$2.25ish with no subsidies for the fam? I usually pack myself a lunch everyday for about that. Think about that... and it's not bad. Turkey sammie, fruit, youghurt.

Anal? Maybe. But that's how people do get ahead...but watching their budgets, too. I hear a lot of complaining about who isn't paying taxes, but we're always asking for "more more more more" for the schools, the underprivileged, etc. etc. etc. What is it? Do we or do we not have enough tax funds to cover all of these programs? Overarching discussion. We don't need to get into a nitpicky discussion over local taxes vs. federal vs. which fund or bucket this or that comes from. If the money ain't there, the money ain't there...oh yeah, that's's printable, right?

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#67 Sep 23, 2012
FKA Reader wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, Jonah, I wouldn't classify myself as a pure behaviorist. But the conversation is so frequently defined as "if we can't hit the kids then they grow up with no discipline." So--within that context, yes there are skills and ways to draw the line between behavior and consequences that are in fact as effective, or more effective than doling out swats, and certainly far more so than the mish-mosh of suspensions (which are always too far removed from the behavior and of very questionable value if the point is to be to hand out something unpleasant).
So--I would be delirious if we could move in the direction of asking what it is that we want to teach (behaviorally) and how best to go about that. And I have experienced some very creative ways to go about that from a values standpoint.
But we tend to shrink from the discussions that could get us there. For example--do we actually reject the behavior of bullying, or just prefer not to be personally bullied? Does our rejection of bullying hold true across the board, or only when it comes to the bullying of some kids (especially our own)? There is a fairly vocal minority who believes that their religious rights are impeded by anti-bullying programs. They would rather sell a watered down message of "everybody play nice" than to admit that some kids are born gay and are bullied as a result (or corollaries such as kids who have gay relatives).
You can start a revolution in kindergarten by collecting all the crayons that everyone's parents purchased for them and putting them into a common pool to ensure that there are always crayons for everyone. Far better to give everyone a cubby and teach the value of personal property and individual ownership, right? Even if that means that by the end of the year there will be some kids who no longer have any coloring materials and others will have a full complement of 64 colors.
Look at the value questions that we hate when it comes to school lunch programs. Some kids need them for economic reasons. In all cases it is convenient to be fed. But we just cannot reconcile ourselves to a system where some pay and some don't. Heaven forbid we just provide lunch for all and levy taxes that can be based somewhat on the ability to pay. And heaven also forbid that we deny any kid the right to pack their own, individual just for them lunch, Now there's values for you.
A most incoherent post.

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#68 Sep 24, 2012
Kosmik wrote:
<quoted text>
First off, maybe if you didn't have the crack you wouldn't have had the crackhead to deal with.
I think you meant they wanted the money you had to buy crack elsewhere, if not my sympathy or empathy for you has just zeroed.
Back when I was clearing urban warehouses of computer scrap/equipment I encountered the type. I always dressed like a bum and never carried more than a few bucks, no wallet and had my license and a credit card stashed.
A great trick a buddy of mine taught me, along with the dressing as ratty as possible, as they approach speak first. "Hey man, I'm hurtin' can you spare a quarter so I can get a bottle?" It works like a charm.
If you see a crackhead approaching, ask them for a buck or two first, they'll quickly move along.
I did mean money.No crack here.Shortly after that,I got the heck out of there.At the time that apartment was all I could afford.As I found out,with cheap apartments come idiots too.That was 2003.

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#69 Oct 4, 2012
what kids are missing these days ,is a good ol' fashioned spanking !

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