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Housecleaner Accused Of Stealing From Several Clients | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News

There are 87 comments on the 10TV WBNS story from Jul 22, 2011, titled Housecleaner Accused Of Stealing From Several Clients | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News. In it, 10TV WBNS reports that:

Police said on Friday that a housecleaner who was accused of stealing from a client may have also struck other homes.

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Hoof Hearted

Columbus, OH

#25 Jul 22, 2011
If you're letting someone that looks like that into your house, shame on you.

United States

#26 Jul 22, 2011
I have been battling an illness for over 1 year now and have had to pay a housekeeper to clean my home. I am not rich and don't expect others to always have to help me out, but it is a double insult to have to rely on someone for this service and have them violate your trust and to steal from you which you have worked so hard for and then be made to feel bad by someone who has never walked in your shoes. Your day will come when you may need some help, I hope you get as much compassion.

Hilliard, OH

#27 Jul 23, 2011
Jody wrote:
<quoted text>
"argument" not arguement. Stold is not a word unless you look in an urban dictionary or something. Nice try. I'm not the original poster, but at least know how to spell yourself before calling someone else out.
If you read my entire post you will see that I said it was a typo error! For God sakes people get off your high horse and get a ******* life *****... I'M UPSET THAT IT WON'T LET ME SPELL **CK OFF BECAUSE I SPELLED THAT RIGHT. hahahaha

Hilliard, OH

#28 Jul 23, 2011
grshppr 710 wrote:
<quoted text> Um, ok, why dont you go back to school and learn to spell. It's stole, or in this context, who is the idiot.
Oh my GOD, get a life B**ch. I said it was a typo error excuse the **ck out of me for hitting the wrong key on the keyboard. Better send me to jail...
Ghost Rider

Columbus, OH

#29 Jul 23, 2011
This is why I would never hire a housekeeper, they can't be trusted. You even have to watch if furniture is delivered or you hire carpet don't know if they are casing the place to come back later. Granted not all housekeeprs or delivery people are like that but how are you supposed to know who can and cannot be trusted
Retired Deputy

Chillicothe, OH

#30 Jul 23, 2011
Let her clean your house ??? She can't even claen herself up.

Columbus, OH

#31 Jul 23, 2011
I had to pay wrote:
<quoted text>
When I went on vacation, someone broke into my house and stole a few pieces of jewelry that was eventually recovered. I was told by the detective working the case to take a copy of my police report and my ID to the "Cash To Go" pawn shop on W. Broad St. to claim my items. When I got there, the man at the counter looked up the property in a book and asked me for $250. I explained that my house had been broken into and that I was a victim of crime. That did not matter, unless I was paying him the $250 I was not getting my property back. I called the detective and he told me that I had to pay it and that I could sue the thief after he was convicted. There has yet to be a conviction 2 years later. I did pay the $250 for my jewelry but I still think what they did was wrong (I can't believe the pawnbrokers don't realize it's stolen property when they only pay $250 for a 1 1/2carat diamond ring and a simple but heavy gold necklace).
Perfect example of a legalized fencing operation with the collaboration of CPD. Of course the pawnshop owner knows, or certainly suspects, the items are stolen. We laugh at "thieves' markets" in third world countries, but is this any different?

Columbus, OH

#32 Jul 23, 2011
Another real winner from Columbus
This city is full of lowlife,scumbag crackheads like her.

Bowling Green, OH

#33 Jul 23, 2011
Jay wrote:
<quoted text>
Perfect example of a legalized fencing operation with the collaboration of CPD. Of course the pawnshop owner knows, or certainly suspects, the items are stolen. We laugh at "thieves' markets" in third world countries, but is this any different?
in this type of case can the homeowners do anything to have mollymaid pay for the pawn ticket? i know that might not be right either, the system is wrong on what ''i had to pay'' said. i wonder if the law would change if a policeman's laptop or shot gun was stolen then pawned. can you put marks on things so a pawn shop can't take it? if that police laptop said cpd and all that, i bet the pawn owner would'nt take it.
Gary Bman

Boise, ID

#34 Jul 23, 2011
she gives people with peircing all over their face a bad rep! ;)

United States

#35 Jul 23, 2011
I believe that we all are missing the whole picture. As people who live in america are free to do what they want and that is anything theses says is what it means. If I want to hire me a housekeeper that is my business but as citizens representing a franchise should be honest but in her case she wasn't that is her choice but that should not cause every housekeeper to loose there jobs. She was dishonest. If people would not be so dishonest and hind things maybe this would not had happened but her own thoughts and choices caused her to misjudged herself and she was caught. No one at fault but her. As for other victims they should have been notified. Everyone needs a job and they are honest people out her. I clean for a few people and I treat their house as if was my own. I know how I would feel to know I was helping someone by allowing them to clean my house cause they need a job and if they stole from me I would be very upset and that's how I look at things. That helps me with my income which allows me to pay my bills and feed me and my kids. People need to think about what they are doing how they are doing it and why. If the outcome is wrong then don't do it or to much negativity don't do it. Most people who do things like steal are feeding an addiction of some kind. She was not happy with her job or it just wasn't enough for her. Either way now she has neither and is possible looking at jail time so what did she gain out of her dishonest and negative thoughts

What we have to look at as consumers is that there are dishonest people in the world and we have to trust people. God says don't judge upon but to be judges. Don't judge anyone else but judge ourselves. Cause that's who we need to be worring about ourselves. Dishonest people will have to pay and answer for their wrong doing.

Galloway, OH

#36 Jul 23, 2011
They said it was the first time, guessing it won't be the last.

Lehigh Acres, FL

#37 Jul 23, 2011
Big shock. We were robbed by a housekeeping company. We did all the research ahead of time, checking their record, making sure they were bonded, interviewing them. We found that one of our computers ended up in a flea market at Caesar's Creek. The police acted slow, so it was never proven it was the housekeeping company, but it's so obvious that it was them. The had a key, they left the door unlocked when they left, neighbors saw nothing out of the ordinary (neighbors were familiar with the cleaners' car), it was done during they day while I was working and he was out of town, which they knew because they called hi that day and he said he was out of town, they took stuff that only we and someone cleaning our home would know where it was. AND they were totally stupid in some of the things they took - they took a cheap dummy ring that he proposed with but left a string of pearls, they overlooked our credit card number which my husband left sitting out, they left the majority of electronics and alcohol in the house, but they took a jar of change. I wish I had taken the "case" into my own hands. Now I clean the house.
To the person who said people who hire cleaners deserve it...we were both extremely busy professionals at the time, with little time outside our jobs. We wanted to spend what little spare time we had together.

Pickerington, OH

#38 Jul 23, 2011
what wrote:
<quoted text>I just looked up stold and here is the definition jerk ~~ 2. stold taken, removed without permission!! or #1 is even a better definition for you ~~ 1. Stold Means virtual ****-slap, or a person had a really good comeback in a arguement. But yes it was a typo error but at least I can type the entire word and not just a couple of letters!!
I was trying to be polite but you had to go there and call somebody a jerk! Just what dictionary did you find STOLD in???? Not in my American Heritage College Dictionary! Is that an "Ebonics" dictionary your translating from???

Westerville, OH

#39 Jul 23, 2011
I am thinking that she must have a hit a few branches on the way down when she fell out of the ugly tree. I wonder if her parents tied a bone around her neck in order to get the dog to play with her.

Elyria, OH

#40 Jul 23, 2011
what wrote:
<quoted text>If you read my entire post you will see that I said it was a typo error! For God sakes people get off your high horse and get a ******* life *****... I'M UPSET THAT IT WON'T LET ME SPELL **CK OFF BECAUSE I SPELLED THAT RIGHT. hahahaha
No you didn't spell it right. I wouldn't be on your a** if you wouldn't call other posters names. You call someone an idiot, but use an urban dictionary as a credible source. Lol. You later call someone a b****. You sound very educated, especially calling people names when they don't agree with you (sarcasm). You should probably get a life, or a real thesaurus and dictionary.

Bowling Green, OH

#41 Jul 23, 2011
shut the f**3 up about the stupid spelling!!! you guys act like children.
Col Hannibal Smith

Columbus, OH

#42 Jul 23, 2011
Sounds like cleaning house had it's advantages for this ugly broad one of which is a vacation to the county hilton on jackson pike.

Reynoldsburg, OH

#43 Jul 23, 2011
Jan wrote:
I never trust anyone with extra holes in their face... but that's just me...
Yep, because everyone knows appearance determines honesty...
Enlightened Few

Pearl City, HI

#44 Jul 23, 2011
She should be hired by the White House! Our benevolent leader will show her the path to righteousness & truth.

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