Strippers Worried New Law Could Hurt ...

Strippers Worried New Law Could Hurt Business

There are 97 comments on the WLTX Columbia story from May 16, 2007, titled Strippers Worried New Law Could Hurt Business. In it, WLTX Columbia reports that:

Strippers are hot under the collar about Ohio legislation that could affect their livelihood.

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Saint Paul, MN

#88 Apr 18, 2008
you guys are all idiots strippers get paid a shit load especially if the club they are working at is in a good location because like you cant say it enough location is everything
Educated Gamecock

Columbia, SC

#89 May 28, 2008
Beautiful _1_ wrote:
It seems to me that all who have a bad thing to say about strippers, dont have the proper education of what actually gose on at the strip clubs!! so if you really want to know what i think! i think before you start calling us trashy ho's, you better experiance it your selfs before you start judging people! because that just shows how entirly ignorant you are,and you make a compleat ass out of your self!! and if you cant experiance it dont judge it,and not to be a bitch but just because ur not fit to be a stripper dosent mean you can judge what they do!!
Try spell check next time sweetheart!!! That 2nd grade education is doing NOTHING for you!!!:0)

Myrtle Beach, SC

#90 May 29, 2008
clg wrote:
I think they should in force the rule where no touching is allowed. That would cut down on the number of women saying that saying that a man rape them when ensessance they allowing it to happen.

Lugoff, SC

#91 May 29, 2008
Realist wrote:
<quoted text>
he said ensessance! or something like that... heh heh heh heh


#92 May 29, 2008
Maybe they can start 'I wanna be a stripper when I graduate' club at Irmo HS.
Willie D

Columbia, SC

#93 May 29, 2008
They already have it. It's just called cheerleading.


#94 May 29, 2008
Willie D wrote:
They already have it. It's just called cheerleading.
LOL Good one
The Best

United States

#95 Jun 12, 2008
$300 to $500 a night?!...maybe if you're horridly ugly!$1-$2K per night is more like it. And for all you snatches who love to hate strippers: Perhaps you should take a look at your own feelings of inadequacy, thats usually what fuels criticism of others. Maybe your honey got sick of sleeping with you, or listening to your annoying voice, so he decided to go see the local nudey dancer and relieve some stress and that makes you crawl in your self hating skin? guess is yes. Read: Strippig isn't illegal. So get used to it.

Since: Mar 08

Location hidden

#96 Jun 12, 2008
USC Girl

United States

#97 Jun 12, 2008
Maybe wrote:
<quoted text>
If you had any brains you wouldn't make such ignorant statements. Women that strip like to use the excuse I am working my way through college sure what are they getting a degree in "how to pleasure a man"...seems to me you are lacking the brains.
Wow, you are a true Moron! I finished my undergraduate degree in Business at UCLA in 2004. Currently, I'm a thrd year Law student at USC who financed her ENTIRE graduate education from "stripping." Seems to me that YOU are the one lacking the brains...and the perspective...and an education...and a sense of humility...and a general respect for other human beings, etc. In short, mind your own business. I have the sneaking suspicion that if you were to focus on your own relationship, you wouldn't have to worry about your man going to strip clubs. Reality check, most women who are secure with themselves don't care if their man goes to a topless club, anyway!

Roswell, GA

#98 Jun 24, 2008
Lee wrote:
As a stripper, this is pretty silly to see. It's not going to hurt business so much as cause problems. I charge extra for touching anyway!
Hi girl,
I was just browsing and came along this website. I admired strippers.. I love dancing and I do believe you girls have an art for it. I have been to some strip clubs before with friends and loved it. I was just wondering what I had to do to get a job as one... I leave in grovetown close by gate 2.. You can email me at [email protected]
Hope to hear from you soon.
Grl With Morals

Laredo, TX

#99 Aug 30, 2008
How can someone respect a stripper if the stripper cannot respect themselves. I mean, how can you sell yourself? Don't you loose any self respect or morals? Don't you feel nasty getting up there and dancing for old pervs for dollar bills? I have been to strip clubs. I try to have an open mind about things and people in this world. But for some reason, I cannot fathom why a woman or man would have to strip for money. Can't you get a job like regular people? I worked since I was 16 to be able to put myself through college. I worked in an office and I continue to work in an office. I think most of the strippers do this for selfish it as it may for money or fun. I have yet to meet a stripper that has self respect without being selfish on his or her looks. I think all strippers are nasty and whorish.
USC Girl: Most women who are secure with themselves wouldn't care if their man went to a topless club? Whatever. If you were secure with yourself then why couldn't you find a job considering your degree you earned from stripping? Are you not secure in yourself and your brains? I think strippers are a bit insecure and that is why they must strip to feel as though they are wanted.
retired strip club DJ

Norcross, GA

#100 Jan 8, 2009
I DJ'ed in strip clubs for many a years. And all the while I was married. I never once went to bed or had encounters with any of the strippers. Yes there were road girls as they were called that came in for a week to do shows, that offered, but were turned down. To the lady whose husband went to bed with a stripper, all I gotta say is you probably weren't doing your job at home to keep him there. I have been married for many years now, and now and then I will still go in one with my wifes brother or some friends, but the bottom line is I still don't lust to take a stripper to bed, I have a wife at home. Most fo the dancers/strippers do carry on normal lives. A few have come over on occasion for a BBQ or such and they know my wife. I have to admit she really don't like it when we go to one of those places any more, but she also knows that I will not attempt to become intimate with a dancer, they have their lives and my wife and I have ours. Most dancers/strippers are not whores. When not working most dancers/strippers lead average lives, meaning they go home to a husband/boyfriend, they have kids, do house work, and the like. They just make easy money if there is such a thing. So quit hating if you don't know what you are talking about.......
The D-O-T

Columbus, OH

#102 Jan 8, 2009
First off, why are all these people from S.C. and other Bible belt states coming into the Columbus Ohio forum to discuss our local politics regarding strip clubs?
Get a life
When we go out for my buddies bachelor party, you stupid bible thumpers are going to "keep the community safer" by making the strippers stay 4 feet away, and not touching us? It's my damn money, and if I want to stick a 20 in a strippers G-string for a lap dance, why do you feel that's any of your business?
Don't like it, don't go to one's twisting your arm.

Crofton, MD

#103 Jan 25, 2009
come to baltimore with me x manager of stilletos in columbia s.c. on two notch rd.

Fort Wayne, IN

#104 Feb 9, 2009
You strippers are nothing but cum dumpsters. I have been married for 9 years and have 3 kids and do what you do for fun baby! Get a real job! Why would men pay for rotten bruised meat when they can have fresh meat at home. You skanks need to go back to school for some book learnin! Your the one with insecurities...hint... you stand in front of men trying to turn them on. I've had 3 kids and don't need that much reassurance. I am diva baby and your just a used up piece of trash. I hope you fall on your shoes and stab your self. A women worth kissing is not easily kissed or found sitting on some other retarded man's lap.

Fort Wayne, IN

#105 Feb 9, 2009
I am with Jess. Strippers are stupid. I wouldn't want one...there poor children. They should feel so worthy or proud to have come out of someone who doesn't care about their body. Women who strip do it because they can do nothing else. It says in the bible...You do not go after strange flesh. Do not follow the woman who can be bought for the price of a dog. Her feet are as bitter as wormwood and she paves her way to hell in gold! Trying to lure men away from their wives. WIVES ARE AWESOME ,THEY DO EVERYTHING FOR US AND YET MEN TREAT THEM BADLY CAUSE THEY GAINED WEIGHT FROM HAVING (OUR) KIDS OR THEIR HUBBY ISN'T ATTRACTED TO THEM ANMORE. HEY GUYS, THAT IS YOUR FAULT!!! YOU TALK TO YOUR WIFE AND TELL HER THINGS YOU WOULD LIKE. YOU SEEK SOMETHING ELSE AND THAT AGAIN IS YOU FAULT, MY WIFE LOST 100 POUNDS AFTER MY SON AND SHE IS BETTER THEN THESE NASTY GIRLS ANY DAY. SHE IS MINE. ALLLLL MINE! THERE IS NOTHING SEXIER THEN THAT! I DON'T NEED SOME NASTY TRAMP LYING TO ME TO MAKE MONEY, BRUSIES ALL OVER THEM CAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN PASSED AROUND. COME ON GUYS, THEY CRAWL ON THE FLOOR. THAT IS THE BOTTOMFEEDER RIGHT THERE.
The D-O-T

Columbus, OH

#106 Feb 9, 2009
Your wife is all yours because no one else wants her.....she lost 100 lbs? Have fun with the bag of loose skin you call your wife.

Jess is just upset because no one is standing in line to see her naked.

I think you guys are confusing strippers with prostitutes.
Bree Austin TX

Austin, TX

#107 Feb 22, 2009
Okay guys, I am not saying it's a glamorous job, but it will get people through difficult times. And for all you people out there that say, "get a real job," you just don't understand some situations. I am taking 15 hrs of school, I have a 5 yr old little one, and a shit load of high bills. If anyone can tell me of a job where I can work half a day on monday, wednesday, and friday then let me know! But here is the catch people, I need to be able to cover rent, which is $1200 per month and child care which is $900 per month (and what about utilities, gas, food, ect..?) I am not willing to sacrifice living in a nice area with a good school district, time with my daughter, or my grades. And P.S, I am not lacking in brains at all. I am an honors student and damn proud of who I am today. I will try not to judge all the people that are calling us whores. I am going to assume they have never met a stripper before.

Fort Wayne, IN

#108 Mar 9, 2009
Hey...No loose skin there babe! She is a size 5. Beautiful! No stretch marks or nothing! She just got put in a magazine. Tons of people wanna see what my wife has and she doesn't have to crawl on the ground to get it!

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