I recently met Mr. Werbalowsky and had the opportunity to speak with him and hear some of his ideas (sort of). What impressed me most, however, was his enthusiastic commitment to the democratic process and his willingness to get out there and try to make a difference.
Perhaps if we had more "citizen servants" who are not "owned" by either political party, and are willing to step up and at least try to take responsibility and run for office, we would not be in the near hopeless mess we are in.
Our democracy and Constitutional Republic were not intended to provide a lifelong comfort zone and taxpayer funded paycheck and pension for professional "cradle-to-grave" politicians who have never held a "real" job.
Our system was intended to elect mature and responsible men and women who can be true representatives of We the People and who understand, through their own life experiences, the struggles and challenges of raising and providing for a family, of working in the "real" world and of the everyday struggles of contemporary society in America.
Although Mr. Werbalowsy has no realistic chance of being one of the top two contenders in an already crowded field, I heartily applaud his decision and wish him well. Hopefully, he will take away votes from both Strickland and Parks, two GOP hypocrites who have never held a real job and who have absolute no compassion or understanding for the middleclass and working families of Ventura County.