Concerned Citizens:
As you know the University of Texas Board of Regents are laying off 3,800 employees or a third of the work force post IKE at the University of Texas Medical Branch
in Galveston. IKE damaged and destroyed our homes, now unemployment is
another pending disaster. The UT Board of Regents promise to show "compassion" and ensure "Priority hiring" in the UT system to IKE /
UTMB-RIF Victims”. Help them accomplish their stated
Goal. The UT Board of Regents must:

1) Create additional positions in the UT system,
primarily in the Houston area, ensuring disaster RIF
employees are placed in these positions and are not
forced to take salary decreases and loose their state benefits. The approved FY 2008
budget for the UT system included a 9.8% increase for hospitals
and clinics, with a 1.61 billion approved budget for UTMB. The
proposed RIF should create excess UTMB funds. These
funds should be diverted with UTMB employees to other UT
Universities to maintain health care and employment in the
Region. Remember UTMB will not be through 1/2 of its FY 2009
operating budget until Feb 2009.

2) Offer incentive and recognition to UT organizations
who offer and create employment opportunities to
disaster RIF UTMB employees.

3) As positions become available at UTMB, put into place a
viable way to ensure disaster RIF employees are given
preference to be rehired. Follow the example of the
federal government and only open new positions to the public when
those jobs cannot be filled by disaster RIF employees.

4) Offer appropriate employees furlough - unpaid leave
With the probability not guarantee of employment with in
the next 12 months.

5) Assign UT & UTMB recruiters to be Placement
Advocates, advocating for individuals who have applied for jobs
in the UT / state system. They would monitor and report back to the Regents
if the Promise of "priority hiring" in the UT system was being

6) Advocate to extend the dead line for UTMB employees to
apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance beyond December
12th and advocate payment for health insurance premiums to
to continue for up to 12 months in 2009.

Please email, call and share your thoughts with:

UTMB President Callender , - encourage him to strongly advocate for UTMB employees to maintain employment in the UT System

Chancellor Shine, - has
promised compassion and priority hiring, help him keep his word.

UT Regents, - none are from the Gulf Coast help them understand compassion.

Rep Eiland, district23.eiland@house.state. - has
been an advocate seeking to keep UTMB open and employees from loosing their jobs.

Senator Jackson, mike.jackson@senate.state.tx.u s -Tell him to step up to the plate with Rep Eiland

Rep Dutton , harold.dutton@house.state.tx.u s - ask to help to advocate for obtaining UTMB funds with UTMB employees for employment at MD Anderson & The University of Texas Medical School at Houston.

Senator Ogden , - Finace Committee

Governor Perry, Appoints the UT Board of Regents.
needs to call an emergency
legislative meeting.

Thank you citizens.