Havent you college students figured out the scam yet? EVERY year they raise tuition rates to suck more and more money out of you and place you further and further into debt. The more loans you college students take out the more they increase the cost of college.

For at least HALF of you (maybe more) you will NEVER get out from under those loans cause as the economy continues to plummet, that means fewer and fewer jobs will be available, and as the economic depression continues, your salary and/or pay will will NEVER keep up with the cost of living and the decline of the dollar.

Just like the housing bust that is ongoing, and which will get MUCH WORSE, the student debt crisis will be the next bubble to EXPLODE! And its coming.

Oh and by the way, the prostitutes in Congress who are controlled by the BANKERS, passed a SPECIAL law in the 90's that made it IMPOSSIBLE to use bankruptcy to erase your student loan debts.

Be smart! Don't go to college and major in some low-paying career. Nursing is still a smart choice with plenty of jobs available unless Obamacare wipes that career out. Art or communication majors? No way. Even business is a loosing choice.

Better to forget college unless you have a DEFINATE job waiting for you---a wiser choice might be a trade or vocation.

And dont fall for the "military will pay for your college" way because once you are in the military they can keep you in AS LONG AS THEY WANT TO--NO MATTER WHAT THE RECRUITER TELLS YOU.

Good luck.