Editor: The purpose of this letter is to rescind the multiple accusations and negative remarks I have made at Scranton City Council meetings regarding Daron Northeast. The statements I made were misleading, malicious and without merit.

Among the false allegations I made toward Daron Northeast were:

I stated that Daron was not in compliance and that it exploited loopholes to get the company up and running. Daron Northeast followed the proper guidelines to start its manufacturing operations in the city of Scranton and did nothing to exploit the city or the zoning officials. Daron submitted all the proper applications and received all the appropriate approvals to begin its operations in 2003.

I also stated that Daron Northeast violated local zoning ordinances 30-some times. I had and still have no basis for that accusation. To my knowledge, there is not one existing zoning ordinance being violated by Daron Northeast at this time.

I have accused the city administration of protecting Daron Northeast and lining its pockets as a result of that. I have no basis for that accusation whatsoever. Daron Northeast has followed all the proper channels and guidelines in establishing its business within the city limits.

My statements accusing Daron Northeast of causing long-term lung damage as a result of Darons operations and operating illegally polluting the environment and killing residents were made recklessly and without any merit. I have no reason to believe that these statements have any truth whatsoever.

For these reasons, I am hereby retracting the above statements that I have made about Daron Northeast.



(Scranton Times, June 20, 2008)