Retro Game Night #2 @ Mohawk Tavern (1501 Mohawk Blvd, Springfield, OR), Featuring RETRO GAME CHALLENGE!

Retro Game Night is your chance to play all the classic games from the past, including NES, SNES, Genesis, Arcade and more, at the Bar!

This week, for Retro Game Night #2, we'll have a station devoted to RETRO GAME CHALLENGE! Retro Game Challenge is the only competitive retro gaming event in the area, featuring different challenges each week and fabulous prizes!(Retro Game Challenge is not affiliated with Retro Game Challenge for Nintendo DS)

Here's how it works: Each competitor in Retro Game Challenge will face 4 challenges selected each week from classic games that are beloved (and sometimes infamous for their difficulty!) from the history of Video Gaming, out of various genres from platformers to puzzlers! Examples of a Challenge might be competing for best score, completion time or even simply completion of a certain stage within a time limit on various games. Games and stages used for the Challenge will be a closely guarded secret until the event begins, and competitors will face the challenge without any prior knowledge of the events! Upon completion (or failure) of each Challenge, a competitor will be given a score based on comparative performance.

After completion of the 4 Challenges, the top two competitors will go Head to Head in the GRAND FINAL CHALLENGE, which will be a direct, two player competition for the Fabulous Grand Prize!

As usual, we'll have a ton of retro game setups, so you'll be able to get your pixel fix before, during and after the Challenge, as well as enjoy some $1 PBR and 20% off all other drinks in the Bar!

Cover for Retro Game Night is $3 and entering Retro Game Challenge is $10 (which includes cover), getting you into Retro Game Night with a shot at an awesome Grand Prize and other great prizes for our runners up!

Make plans to show up, and show off your Retro Game skills! This is the event you've been practicing for since 1988! Retro Game Challenge Starts at 7pm, and Registration starts at 5:30pm, so make sure to show up a bit before 7 to get Registered!

See you there, and don't forget to bring a few extra lives!