Gay Marriage Becomes Issue in N.H. GO...

Gay Marriage Becomes Issue in N.H. GOP Primary

There are 12 comments on the The Wall Street Journal story from Jan 6, 2012, titled Gay Marriage Becomes Issue in N.H. GOP Primary. In it, The Wall Street Journal reports that:

As New Hampshire gets ready for its first-in-the-nation presidential primary, the state legislature is expected to vote any day on one of its more controversial issues in years: whether to repeal a gay-marriage law passed in 2009.

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Last Stop Ron Paul

Hemet, CA

#1 Jan 6, 2012
Who cares about gay marriage!!!

It is obvious Ron Paul was robbed in Iowa with the secret ballot counting at an undiclosed location. Where did this Rick Santorum vote split come from all of a sudden, this guy was in last place till a few days ago -what a fraud!

Like Obama, Mitt Romney supports the NDAA and SOPA; since he's dodging questions about it he obvioulsy supports it. The NDAA states Americans can now be rounded up and taken to detention centers indefinitely without trial for criticizing the government or banking ellites.

SOPA is a mainland China style censorship of internet free speech. For instance not allowing people to post anything with a link to a youtube clip or news article exposing the government or ellites. This will be very convenient when the government finally starts rounding up people.

We need to get this slimey worm Romney -and in fact all candidates- to give a thumbs up or thumbs down on the Natinal Defense Authorization Act since they will never do it willingly. The banker establishment knows Romney is another easy win for Obama just like McCain was. That's why they need Romney to stay in the race -they know he will loose.

The ellite establishment and their mainstream media puppets are so threatened by Ron Paul they are often not even allowed to mention him by name. Ron Paul is Lord Voldemort to the Nazi ellites. These mainstream media zombie clowns are so transparant now in their deliberate avoidance of Ron Paul it would be comical if it wasn't so scary.

This staged Iowa farce was a beta test for stealing the national election if Ron Paul is forced to run third party. He will be forced to run third party if Iowa remains uncontested.

This is a repeat of how the international bankers transformed a prosperous normal Germany into Nazi Germany. The ellites are completely out of touch with reality to be trying to pull this off in America while we have the internet and the second ammendmant still in place.

Please bookmark/listen to Alex Jones just once -Download a podcast and just listen. Nazi Germany would have been averted if this guy had been around back then broadcasting over the internet and airwaves.

If you love America defend it from the offshore funded revolutionaries trying to overthrow us presently. We must take back America non-violently so our banker bought illegitimate federal government is not given a reason to declare martial law.

Remember the international banking ellites call the shots now, not the government. That's how they continue to get away with all their flagrant crime and corruption without facing any jail time.

This is my humble opinion on today's events -I'm doing my small part to get the word out on the net so I can tell my grandkids I didn't just sit back when the offshore ellites tried to weaken and destroy America from within. I am not religious, but this whole situation is starting to make me believe there is a hell as the people destroying America are acting like demonic devils.

If we wait much longer we won't be able to kick the offshore ellites out without force. The U.S. military may start a revolution before we do -they know what is going on and are no longer putting up with this.

Many of my posts are now being censored by Topix. I always have to wonder which link triggered the deletion of the post. Topix is great, but the government is destroying it because people will lose interest in Topix if it is obviously censored. Maybe that's the plan.

This is how the tyranny slowly spreads and takes over -boiling that frog a little at a time.

Vote Ron Paul 2012, you have nothing to loose at this point by trying something completely different. Ron fought hard against the NDAA and SOPA legislation. There should be civil disobedience in Iowa if we are not allowed to see the official vote tallys ASAP.

Tell everyone.
Walter Harold Marlin

Fort Wayne, IN

#2 Jan 6, 2012
down with war mongers

Covington, VA

#3 Jan 6, 2012
This gay marriage crap is the same thing the bought and paid for criminals running america use everytime they want to take the mostly stupid populations attention off of real things that are going on that really matter.Who in their right mind really cares about gay marriage when you live in america a country which is out of control and controlled by israel,wallstreet,bankers,corp orations,war profiteers etc.When you live in a country which is trying to start one war after another.A country which is propped up on a tooth pick economically.The average citizens in america far out number the bought and paid for criminals in washington and we the people must take the blind fold off and see what is really going on and put a stop to it.
say what

United States

#4 Jan 6, 2012
public policy and laws have been turned on its head.since lbj.about the only thing that remains constant is nothing,governments have convoluded so many laws that even they dont know whats up,down,normal,convoluded,back ward,its all about making room at the table ,then cutting the table in half.about the only bubble that hasant popped is the military bubble, or has it.?


Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#5 Jan 6, 2012
RIGHT ON! Who the freak gives a care about Gay marriage, the law was passed...all legit. Concentrate on a Jobs Bill, especially with the military forces being downsized. Civilian contrractores and Fed employees will be looking for work, not to mention the soldiers once their enlistment is up. Once elected,does anyone of these candidiates want to be remembered by battering Gays or presenting a Job's easy to attack something already happening..quite the challenge to tackle something new and needed..ROCK ON!
Politics as usual

Maud, TX

#6 Jan 6, 2012
who cares about gay marriage?

“Breaking the spell ”

Since: Dec 10

of the puppet master

#7 Jan 6, 2012
The republicans cry, the economy is everything, yet this is the top subject in the race today.

This is why republicans will lose. Great.
Far Away

Anchorage, AK

#8 Jan 6, 2012
Mike Duquette wrote:
The republicans cry, the economy is everything, yet this is the top subject in the race today.
This is why republicans will lose. Great.
If you had even read the bit that came with the topic from the WSJ article, you'd have learned that it's a STATE law, not federal. I guess that's what I should expect these days from folks who learn everything they think they know from blogs and headlines, never the facts.
He was

Olive Hill, KY

#9 Jan 6, 2012
Gay marriage is an abomination. Rick Santorum will get my vote!

United States

#10 Jan 7, 2012
JUST MAYBE? theres enought hormones ,drugs,chemicals ,viagra in our drinking water to make us all gay?... in case you dont know it your sewage is recycled, then mixed with river water ,THEN OFF TO YOUR TABLE. and the plastics in bottled water is probably making it worse..

Charleston, IL

#11 Jan 7, 2012
Rick Santorum: A Record of Betrayal
&fe ature=g-user-u&context=G27 8fdd6UCGXQYbcTJ33bdTu74N77LjPX Km9TaudS7R7U4K3Ybt0s

Romneys largest donor is Goldman-Sachs.
Ron Pauls? largest donor= US Military active duty soldiers.
Have to wonder what that means?

The Romney Con

Vote Ron Paul. He is the only decent, honest, and intelligent politician running. He is also the ONLY candidate that has his campaign funded by donations from the American people. Romney and everyone else are bought and paid for by corporations. How can they be for the people? Romney also lies and flip flops more than a fish out of water. People that listen to the mainstream media are really missing out. Do your own research and use your own brain.
Ron Paul is the only logical choice.

United States

#12 Jan 7, 2012
VOTERS ,look for a perfect god, a contest winner,an believeable liar.STUPID people think that while they change their thinking, politicians cant. and in about 4 years, guess what another "LEMON".with all the bubbles bursting ,the voters AS A GROUP. "DONT HAVE A CLUE ". 50% are on the skids,30% are hanging on by a thread,19% are freeloaders.. and only 1% have the sense to get it done. every body else suffers from prescription induced drug stuper..and the maxxed out credit card to prove it..

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