acually lowering the size,impact and cost of state, county and city governments to NH citizens will improve our total NH economy.

NH is at a cross road. We have news comers who want every social service government can provide.

To them I say Great if you want those services move back to Mssachusets or some other state that already has those programs and the taxes on every thing to support those wastefull government programs. We don't need or want all those taxes.

NH can and should follow the smaller government plan, get of the social services business No State
or city can afford the be every thing to ever one model.

27 major cities are in bankruptcy court today ( which state do you think will follow them into court ) because they over promised union social services only to discover there isn't enough money or tax base to support those exspensive promises.

Let's lead the way review every line item in State, county and city government budgets closing out old unnecessary items returning unused tax monies tothe NH Tax payers.

The citzen with more money in the check book will have more money tospend and that will improve our total NH economy.

Remeber that axiom from Business 101

what you tax you get less of what you subidize you get more of.

Notice all those cars from our neighbors in Massachesttes?

All of them buying things here in NH BECAUSE WE HAVE NO SALES TAX.

So NH gets more sales & Massachusettes gets less sales because of a SALES TAX,

I rest my economic case