I can't believe they voted someone as stupid as Brenda Council into public office; Why? Was Larry, his brother Darrell and his other brother Darryl too busy to run?
Stupid Brenda bleats:“He should not have been in the process of committing a robbery, but I don’t know if it’s warranted taking his life”. But Brenda! Hero McCullough DIDN'T take the CRIMINAL'S life! Hero McCullough simply inserted 4 bullets, to encourage the CRIMINAL stop his CRIMINAL ATTACK; dying was up to the CRIMINAL after he stopped his attack on the INNOCENT.
I say, all the people in Nebraska who believes that Mr. McCullough did the wrong thing, should have their names and business put on a special 911 list: if 911 is called by persons on this list: No officer will respond for at least one hour.
This is to prevent officers from arriving, with guns drawn, and possibly shooting and killing someone who was only committing rape or robbery. After all, didn't Brenda Council say what a tragedy it was that the young man died for only a robbery?
If it is wrong for someone looking down the barrel of a gun to defend themselves with deadly force; how could it possibly be right for a Barney Fife to use his gun in cold blood?

Sorry for your loss of that vote Brenda.