Threat and Politics: Are Political Views Rooted in Biology?

Oct 31, 2008 Full story: 198

New research has found that people with strong opposing political views might also have very different physical responses to threat.

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Disappointed Republican

Branford, CT

#176 Nov 3, 2008
I couldn't imagine a drip like Palin involved in international negotiations, and God help us if she was doing it as president. I think picking her was part of some bigger plan to eventually place a radical right winger in the white house; one who would get rid of abortion, gays, medical research, and whittle away at civil rights. This way the "so called republicans" could see out their fascist agenda. By picking Palin they thought they could capture the women who wanted Hillary, but couldn't take Obama. They banked on getting the gun folks, and the evangelistic types, mesmerize the ultra right wingers, and facinate those who would like to see a trophy woman as president or VP. What they didn't count on, and hiding her from the press hasn't hidden it, is that she can't speak to save her life and is as stupid as a post. She can only parrot memorized lines. Plus that utterly stupid folksy rhetoric of hers is nauseating.
I don't like Obama, but I don't like most politicians, so it isn't racial or personal with me. I was about 50/50 between him an McCain, but when McCain picked an idiot for VP on a political gamble, that was it for me. Now I'm voting for Obama as a vote against McCain and the idiot.
Disappointed Republican

Branford, CT

#177 Nov 3, 2008
Piethrower wrote:
Biden claims that Obama is not a four letter word. The press is still counting to be sure...
Biden makes a slip of the tongue and "he is an idiot". What is it called when Princess Sarah sticks her foot in her mouth? I like the way she referred to the commander in Afghanistan by the wrong name, which is only one on a long list of screw-ups she has done. Is it because she claims to "be on this mission for God" that makes her so great and above scrutiny and make you sheep look the other way? She was a bad pick, and it is backfiring on the "new republicans".


Since: Jul 08


#178 Nov 3, 2008
Sence wrote:
It is nuture not nature that makes you who you are. Compassion and agression are learned responses to stimuli.
Since this is such an ooooollld argument and both sides have some good data (human genome project anyone?) why don't we all admit it is what it it.... a balance of nature and nurture; that is some environment, learning and family vs. genetic make up and the nature of the beast.


Since: Jul 08


#179 Nov 3, 2008
J Barrett Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
A 'Threat response' reaction to the article about threat responses.
The article is not even a slightly new idea if you have been paying attention to the posts.
If you buy into the fear being sold you go one way - if you don't you go the other... the specifics are fairly unimportant.
It doesn't matter if there WERE WMDs... for some folks perceived threat is threat, pure and simple and intellectual rejoinder is, for the most part, irrelevant.
That's why fear works until people begin to doubt the source or the validity of the claims. And even they there will be 9 - 13%(What are Bush's numbers, again?) who'll be unmoved from their position under the bed.
These studies have been done and redone for some time now; decades in fact. While the results are reached in different ways and the methodology changes, the results are always the same. The fearful want to enforce control and tribal identity. They need the artifice of flag and group-think to quiet thier baser instincts which they are unable to be abstract about or subliminalize into something more civilized. This is old news from new researchers.
frank miller

Stockton, CA

#180 Nov 3, 2008
Answer to 'Uncle Sam Norman OK
#169: "...African Americans are
so stupid, and playful."???

Out of the 48,726,381 total
comments across all topics, and
I'm certain many teachers, and
even professors have thrown in
their "ten cents" worth of pea-
nut gallery verbage, not even
10 cents worth of intelligent
or constructive understanding
of the forum issues involved
could I discern!! So this bell
curve of yours means that all
approximately 49 million res-
ponses came from African Ame-
ricans since these election issues debates began almost a
year ago!

I know that Globalization &
its outsourcing of not only
skilled labor, but the staffs
of engineers, chemists, physi-
cists and MBA's having both a
technical degree,and an MBA
preferably obtained mid-way
through one's technical crea-
tive career while still working
HAS put a terrible cramp on
us being able to strain the
wheat from the shaff, with a
neighbor, or circle of friends
these past 15 to 20 years,as
most have been shunted aside
to working in SERVICE jobs
whence cause-and-effect spacial
relationship skills are never
developed! And so like Diogenes
who according to the Greek le-
gend searched with a lantern
for an honest man we stand once
more naked, and vulnerable to
the sophistries being crammed
down our throats, all in the
name of entertainment for the
Gods above!!



Floyd, VA

#181 Nov 3, 2008
and the wheels of heaven turn,above us endlessly.
American Pride

Studio City, CA

#182 Nov 3, 2008
Someone needs to pay for the renewable energy bill Obama wants to pass.... Im just glad that the voters on the east will be flipping the bill for it... On the west coast we dont use coal and we dont want Obama either... Good luck go out and VOTE for OBAMA ....fools


Since: Jul 08


#183 Nov 3, 2008
American Pride wrote:
Someone needs to pay for the renewable energy bill Obama wants to pass.... Im just glad that the voters on the east will be flipping the bill for it... On the west coast we dont use coal and we dont want Obama either... Good luck go out and VOTE for OBAMA ....fools
WHO CARES ABOUT RENUABLE ENERGY. All that is important is rich white suburban excrement and thier will to have legacy. Something else important is the proles' knowing thier place! I don't care if you fools weren't born into a family with a last name and connections to a good university like me, KNOW YOUR PLACE!!! Profits are to be placed well before the nonsense about the air and water. If god wanted air and water to be protected and cared about the idiot would go public with them!!!! Another thing, I don't want to hear about your weak little children not being able to breath well or find clean water in a generation or two!! Profits before all else!! LET THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE ROT, JUST DON'T RAISE MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY TAXES!!!! mE! Me! ME! me!
Mickey P

Marietta, GA

#184 Nov 3, 2008
Maybe McCain can secretly swap out Failin' Palin for Tina Fey and no one will notice.
Marines Wife

Goldsboro, NC

#185 Nov 3, 2008
Retardican wrote:
B In laD E N
I love those yard signs!
Isn't it interesting how the media keeps saying Obama is ahead and winning North Carolina? Then why does he keep coming out here to campaign?

Clementon, NJ

#186 Nov 3, 2008
Barack Obama, inspired by Bill Ayers, tried to burn democracy down. But he failed. Fewer people voted for Barack Obama than Hillary Clinton. He ALREADY lost ó Hillary won the primaries. Bill Ayers is a washed-up, toothless radical who, if he hadnít spent his whole privileged life benefiting from the racist institutions he pretends to fight, would be LOCKED IN JAIL like the criminal that he is. He is free because he is a rich, white man ó a truly stunning instantiation of moral hypocrisy.

And Obama is a fraud who tried to trick people into believing that destroying democracy is necessary for transcendant CHANGE. But change NEVER comes with the destruction ó only death and terror accompany destruction. Tell the trapped field mouse and the burning tree that the fire heals. Change only comes in the REBUILDING.

A prairie fire is a healing event. It cleanses, heals, and revives the landscape. The terrorist Bill Ayers tried to use the metaphor of a prairie fire to hurt, kill, and destroy. He GOT IT ALL WRONG. You donít lead by standing above the people. You lead by standing WITH the people. You donít lead by telling the people what to do. You lead by listening to what the people need. ALL the people.

We stand together Pumas. Our movement was sparked by need, like all peopleís movements are, and thatís why we are POWERFUL. Because we NEED each other; we found each other; and we are going to fight and work TOGETHER. Bill Ayers and Barack Obama thought they could become enormously powerful men by starting a fire of destructive change.

But they were wrong. We stole their fire. The prairie fire is ours now.
Mickey P

Marietta, GA

#187 Nov 3, 2008
"We stand together Pumas."

Good. Does that mean that you and your Puma buddies will move far away to a new country when Obama wins the White House?

Since: Oct 08

Chesterfield, MO

#188 Nov 3, 2008
Hmm, I think they'd have to do a test on younger kids whose political views are not yet formed, then see if this bares out. Still, interesting results.

“Obama`s War on Capitalism!”

Since: Jan 07

Location hidden

#189 Nov 3, 2008

Long ago (year 2000) and far away in a distant country called Germany, the people wanted change, so they gave power to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) because the SDP promised to take from the rich and give to the middle class and poor..

True to their word, they raised taxes on the rich businesses and people and cut taxes on the middle class and the poor. They increased entitlements to the poor, and everybody was happy, right (WRONG).

The first thing German citizens noticed was the price of basic commodities increased and contributions to their retirement plans decreased. The companies explained that they had to remain competitive in a world economy. The second thing that occurred was the unemployment rate increased, Slowly at first, as companies explained their funds for expansion and research and development were gone.

Millions of average people that had invested in German businesses saw the value of their investments decrease because company profits either diminished or disappeared.

Billions of Euros (Dollars) that the rich had donated to various charities were no longer available and the Government had to make up the shortfall..

After 2 years, the prices on basic foodstuffs had risen by 25%, everything had a price increase. People began to realize that the tax breaks from the government did not cover the price increases. In an attempt to slow rising prices the German Chancellor (President) made a secret deal with Saddam Hussein to supply oil to Germany at a preferred price.(Remember the oil= 2 for food scandal). But even that could not slow the tide.. People on fixed incomes were especially hit hard. My mother-in-law had to receive financal help from her children just to survive.

Germany, a country that had one of the strongest economies in the world, a country that imported workers from other countries, now had an internal unemployment rate of over 8%. Hundreds of thousand small businesses failed, including 2 of my wife's cousins, one who employed 17 people and one who employed 10 people. And still the unemployment rate rose.

Mercedes-Benz for the first time in their history closed 2 plants in Germany and moved them to China . They said to take advantage of the Chinese market, but how many Communist countries do you know where the people can afford to buy a Mercedes. The German people knew better.

“Obama`s War on Capitalism!”

Since: Jan 07

Location hidden

#190 Nov 3, 2008
I visited my in-laws in 2004 which is where quite a bit of this information comes from. The rest came from research and the internet. While I was visiting in Germany the unemployment rate was 10.7%. Their real spending money had decreased by 25 to 30 percent. Their economy which at one time was the envy of Europe , was in a shambles ALL THIS TIME THE GERMAN MEDIA KEPT APPROVING OF THE WAY THE ECONOMY WAS PERFORMING.

In 2005, The Germans finally threw Gerhard Schroeder and his party out of office. It was estimated by some German economists that it will take 34 years to recover from the damage Schroeder's policies had caused .

Similar occurrences were taking place in France (under Chirac) where unemployment rose to 11.4% and there were riots in the streets. The French people finally threw him out of office too.

A famous man once said ďPeople that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

If you do not believe this do your own research.

If you vote for Barack Obama and his economic policies, we are finished as an economic power, and your children and grandchildren will ask you why, what will you say?

I am sure that the Obamaman can trot out 15 economists to prove his plan can work, but let me remind you of what President Harry Truman said "If you take 360 economists and place them in a room, they will all face in a different direction..

I am not an economist and I am not a liar. OBAMA IS A LIAR

I am a concerned citizen worried about this country and the direction it is taking toward socialism. Socialism has failed in every democratic country that it was tried. It can only succeed in a dictatorship. Evidence: Venezuela and the erosion of freedoms in that country.

I have counted 214 changes in Obama's policies in the last 6 months as he changed them every time the American people did not favor his stand on an issue. No integrity, no morals, no honor, no ideas, PURE SOCIALIST.

Remember the old saying ďbe careful of what you wish for, you may get it."

Temecula, CA

#191 Nov 3, 2008
Please join us for a day of FASTING AND PRAYER the day before the most important election of our lifetime. So much is at stake including the Right to Life, Christian Liberty, Supreme Court Judge Appointments and National Security.
Why is it important for us to fast and pray? In the Bible, when God's people have faced a major turning point in their nation, they have fasted and prayed. Esther asked Mordecai and the Jewish people to pray for her in Esther 4:16, before she petitioned the king for her people. Daniel prayed, fasted, confessed and petitioned to the Lord in Daniel 9:4,5 "O Lord, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with all who love him and obey his commands, we have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and rebelled; we have turned away from your commands and laws."
Most importantly, Jesus set an example of fasting and prayer for us to follow in Matthew 4 when he fasted forty days. As we set aside our time in prayer and fasting, let's remember that we walk by faith and not by sight. Without faith it's impossible to please God. While the world is watching the election polls, let's keep our eyes on the Lord and be found faithful in prayer.
God Bless You!
Plain Jane

United States

#192 Nov 3, 2008
topicopic wrote:
Hmm, I think they'd have to do a test on younger kids whose political views are not yet formed, then see if this bares out. Still, interesting results.
I read a study a few years ago where they compiled personality profiles of preschoolers and then checked back on them as young adults. Their findings were really interesting. The whiney tattletales who need strict structure grew up to be conservatives while the more independent risk takers grew up to be liberals. I'll try to find it when I have more time.

“Hey, it's an arctic fox”

Since: Oct 08

Location hidden

#193 Nov 3, 2008
stupid liberal??? stupid this and that??
pshychologically this means something....
but im too stupid to find out....
oh well

United States

#194 Nov 3, 2008
Heres a good american values film to see this is what made america great.I din't think we will ever have the levle of everyone working together for a common goal agin.

Cape Charles, VA

#196 Nov 3, 2008
shargram wrote:
Coal miners unite, Vote Mcain!
how do you christians justify the not bearing false witness?...

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