The debate is on; McCain agrees to pa...

The debate is on; McCain agrees to participate

There are 367 comments on the story from Sep 26, 2008, titled The debate is on; McCain agrees to participate. In it, reports that:

Republican John McCain agreed to attend the first presidential debate Friday night even though Congress doesn't have a bailout deal, reversing an earlier decision to delay the event until Washington had taken action to address the crisis.

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“Now thats a tin hat!”

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Blue Ridge Mountains

#370 Sep 28, 2008
lilacs_ wrote:
A Soldier’s View of the Iraq War March 5, 2004
I am a cavalry scout in the United States Army. I am stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. We returned home Tuesday and I would like to comment on this war from a specialized soldier’s eyes. I honestly think the president lied to all of us. After seeing first hand what was in most parts of Iraq, my whole company could not fathom a threat of any means. I love America, and will defend her when called upon, but in this case there was not a real threat. By the way, the THANKSGIVING PHOTO-OP at the airport was only open to pro-Bush soldiers. We were screened unknowingly about four days before he showed up in secret. We didn’t know he was coming, but looking back, all the questions we were asked were designed to weed out the antiwar soldiers.
"U.S. soldiers went to their deaths in Iraq thinking that they were avenging 9/11 when Iraq had nothing do with it." --Richard Clarke,
"This is an oil-driven war, and I don't think any soldier signs up to fight for oil. When you try to find the justification and you think about WMD, and you think about terrorism and things like that. All you find is lies and you have no justification, you need that justification to be able to live with yourself."
--Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia, who refused to return to Iraq because
he was disturbed by a gunfight that killed innocent civilians
psst. egotistical bush aka Caligula is quite famous for his photo ops. remember the photo op he gave at ground zero when he spoke through the megaphone? It’s quite obvious he never gave a damn for those who perished on that fatal day since he was more concerned about the performance he was giving. You could even tell that he was trying to produce crocodile tears to win an audience. I even recall carl rove-comparing bush to Henry V after the coward gave his stupid, bad and very cheap performance at Ground Zero.. sheesh…
Damn, when you exhale anally, it tends to long and drawn out and stinky.
I am sure your frat bros are proud.

United States

#371 Sep 28, 2008
ZigmunnDroid wrote:
<quoted text>
Damn, when you exhale anally, it tends to long and drawn out and stinky.
I am sure your frat bros are proud.
Well, lets just hope the palin woman doesn’t lay another one of her loud gargantuan farts for the entire world to hear and smell. puuuuuuuuuuuuu

Ric Ricland

“"Same as it ever was..."”

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Middletown, OH

#372 Sep 29, 2008
Palin clearly isn't qualified to be president and the notion that she'd best Obama or Biden in debate will be dispelled directly.


That's what it's all about, boys.

From his days in Annapolis when he jumped the fence to go drinking in local bars, to his collaboration with his captives while a POW which I document on my site below, to Keating, Amnesty, voting with Bush 90% of the time, "Bomb, bomb, Iran!" receiving millions from Freddie Mac under the table, wanting arch-Fraudster Phil "Enron Loophole" Gramm as his presumptive treasury secretary; and finally, selecting dizzy Sarah Palin to be a heartbeat away from the president -- to hold the nuclear codes!-- McCain has displayed the judgment of a true incompetent, the kind of incompetent judgment that no doubt kept Navy brass from promoting him to admiral and would have got him fired time and again in the Public sector.

McCain was never a recognized leader in the Senate. He never obtained any titles such as "whip" majority leader, minority leader, etc, because he was never thought smart enough or liked enough.

He never wrote books on anything because there's nothing he knows in a academic, structured way. Plus, he can't even type or log-on to a computer.

The only thing he had over everyone else is his supposed war heroism, which as I show below, is the most shameless scam ever perpetuated on the public.

Barry Goldwater detested McCain. Friends, POWs, classmates, and Senate colleagues he's known over the years cringe at the notion he may become president.

POW classmate Col. Ted Guy said about him: "I don't trust McCain anymore. I think he's a total liar."

Bottom line, the guy is an inferior human being and presidential candidate in every respect.

He's just not the man for the job.

You had a great candidate -- Romney -- but you let the fundies kick him to curb because he's a Mormon.


Now you get a Muslim.


United States

#373 Sep 29, 2008
I think I’ll post Patty Davis (Reagans daughter’s) article of a couple of years ago for those who haven’t read it yet.

Oedipus at War
Father issues still haunt George W. Bush.

By Patti Davis
Special to Newsweek
Nov. 9, 2006 - A few years ago, during my father’s memorial service at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., I saw a telling moment between the two George Bushes. Bush 41, the former president, had just finished his eulogy, a poignant, touching tribute that hit all the right notes—soft humor, sadness and a clear affection for the man he was there to remember. The current President Bush followed him, and though father and son passed each other so close their shoulders almost brushed, George W. Bush passed his father as if he were invisible, keeping his eyes straight ahead and walking briskly to his destination. To me, it looked like there was some trepidation in the eyes of Bush the Elder, as if he knew his son would slight him.

I thought about that scene as the midterm election results came in Tuesday night. In the wake of a stinging defeat for his party that has clearly put the president in a terrible mood, it seems a good time to ruminate on the story of Oedipus. In the Greek tale, Laius, believing a prediction that his son would one day kill him, had his infant boy hobbled with nails driven into his ankles and then taken to the mountains and left there. Laius believed he had successfully killed his son long before Oedipus could grow up and murder him. Of course, he was wrong, and years later a roadside altercation between the two men resulted in the prophecy coming true.
After getting into more trouble by unwittingly marrying his mother and after she hanged herself upon discovering the truth, Oedipus was so overcome with remorse he blinded himself with the pin of her brooch. Granted, it was a dramatic way to show humility and shame, but at least he did come around.
Which is more than we can say for the president. I’m not suggesting George W. Bush reach for a brooch and blind himself, but I am saying that life is always inviting us to be more humble. Whether we accept the invitation is a matter of choice. What we saw in Bush’s post-election statement Wednesday was an angry man reading from a prepared speech that was supposed to sound conciliatory but didn’t at all because his voice bristled with resentment. No humility there, no reflection or introspection on the dissatisfaction of a majority of Americans. And, the irony of ironies, with the firing of Donald Rumsfeld, W. finds himself working closely with many of his father’s old advisors.

The term "oedipal" has fluttered around the younger Bush’s presidency from the beginning. Much has been made of the psychology behind the scene of the competitive son marching onto the battlefield his father had vacated, determined to win a war Dad walked away from. When the son raised his fist (symbolically) and cried out,“Mission accomplished!” it wasn’t just about the statue of Saddam being dismantled, ripped to ruins in the center of Baghdad. It was about (again symbolically) conquering his father.

If the purpose of life is that we grow wiser, more open and receptive, more willing to step back and learn from mistakes, more willing to change, then there are three words that should come to mind for this president today: Mission not accomplished.
Well I guess it’s about that time to post an article written by Patty Davis (Reagan’s daughter) a couple of years ago.

psssst…..I’m beginning to understand why bush senior is keeping a low profile and not speaking for his son…

Ps. If any of the bush supporters are upset about this post I suggest you complain to Patti Davis (Reagans daughter) since she wrote the article.


Since: Sep 08

Planet Earth

#374 Sep 29, 2008
Lawrence, I believe this is the link you need.

Since: Aug 08

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#375 Sep 29, 2008
Hillary for President? Announcing Independent?
..stay tuned.

Women and Latinos would come out in record numbers to support her as an Independent, and with the support she already has, she would put the fear of God into both 'official' parties. She would take many votes from both Obama and McCain.

Ric Ricland

“"Same as it ever was..."”

Since: Jan 07

Middletown, OH

#376 Sep 29, 2008
help the elderly wrote:
WAKE UP MCCAIN SUPPORTERS! HE DOESN'T REALLY WANT IT!! he's old. he's tired. he's being pushed in every direction. i truly believe he just doesn't want it anymore and he has no way out. help him!! don't vote for him. heck. you didn't even want him in the first place either so let him go relax, play golf, be old and enjoy his kids and mansions.
McCain wants to be president alright. He just won't want it after he gets it. For him the fun is in the getting, not the holding.

So, his plan is to hand the presidency over to his 130 lobbyists pals and let them rape, pillage, rob and steal to their heart's content.

McCain has been a failure at everything he's tried.

You know about Annapolis. His POW stint was a study in failure too. He should have been court martialed and hung for all the crap he pulled while a POW.

And as my website shows, the truth never came out because his dad closed all the leaks before his son came home.

His old man got the transcripts of McCain junior singing like a canary the day he was captured, which is part of the reason his old man gave the order to bomb Hanoi -- he was hoping one of those bombs landed on junior's head.

Unfortunately this didn't happen, so Admiral McCain had no choice but to cover-up his son's collaboration with the enemy, and the way he did that was award him 27 medals for deeds of extraordinary heroism junior never did.

I've got evidence on my website here:

Well, the scam worked.

Junior became America's greatest living war hero since Slyvester Stallione, another fake.

So with so many medals hanging off his chest he needed a crutch to stand up straight, McCain should have been a shoo-in to become admiral just like his father and grandfather, right?


Life-long foul-up that he is, the kid mucked up that opportunity too. No matter all the medals, no matter he'd been to Annapolis (albeit last in his class), no matter all the arm-twisting, eye-scratching and scrotum-pulling his father did, no matter all that, junior fouled-up so badly as an officer no way Navy brass could see promoting him to admiral and putting the lives of thousands of men in his inebriated airplane crashing hands.

Which is why junior quit a week after his father died -- he knew without his old man behind the scenes smacking heads, his chances of getting flag-ship rank were zero.

So, yes, McCain wants to be President, but not for the reasons most candidates want it.

McCain wants it to wipe the slate clean, to undo all the fouling-up he's done in life, to prove to the world that even though he finished last at Annapolis, even though he's been a drunken bum most of his life, even though he's an adulterer, thief, inveterate liar and coward, he still made it to the tippy top, he still outperformed all his critics; and, mostly, he wants it to rub in the noses of all the Navy brass who rolled on the ground and laughed their asses off when he asked for an Admiral star.

Oh, he wants it alright. Like Caesar wanted all of those knives out his back.

And that's it in a nutshell, boys.


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