if you belived in the higher power of this unvirst you would not be giving it the finger living in morris is like i a a point of hell with out morals of god are the belife that all man is creATED EQUEAL BY COLOR OFF SKIN AND LIFE WE WILL ALL BLEED RED BLOOD AND BE BEARD IN THE GROUND THE SAME UNDER THE SAME GOD YOU POEPLE SAY YOU BELIVE IN OPEN YOUR EYES LIFE IS SHORT LIKE THE THE BIBLE SAY LOVE THAY naborght as a he thay lord say because thay dont know ohw will are what color the person that may be thier to save your life so be kind to who you see know matter what the color of the skin be kind because you dont know when god will seen donw and angle when you need its hand to save your soul black or white are what every color it human form may be hate by color can be the end of your life but god will always love us as and equel