LMPD makes homicide arrest

LMPD makes homicide arrest

There are 128 comments on the WHAS-TV Louisville story from Feb 9, 2009, titled LMPD makes homicide arrest. In it, WHAS-TV Louisville reports that:

A man is behind bars for the murder of William Wagner. Gary Lindsey Gary Lindsey, 20, is charged with one count of murder.

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Not shocked

Bolingbrook, IL

#107 Jul 30, 2009
As i figured. It didn't take long for this topic to change into that age old war that will never really be won by anyone..... I'm going back to the T.V. where I can at least listen to the media attempt to sway me with their "accurate" assesment of all the "facts" (of course this depends on what market you're in).... so for all those who are at least partially interested in justice one way or the other, lets continue to watch and hopefully common sense will prevail.

Jacksonville, FL

#108 Jul 30, 2009
In Jacksonville, FL there have been a lot of police involved shootings identical to this case(running away and unarmed) but every time they rule them out as justifiable homicides. No prosecutions are made or charges brought up, these pigs just get a week off with pay! So, with that in mind he could get off with that kind of mentality. Is it right or wrong? I don't know,I do know cops are not above the law but they're getting away with murder down here.
Luray Va

United States

#109 Jul 30, 2009
yankee douchebag wrote:
Do y'all have schools down there?
I just watched forensic files on this. And coming to this site it just amazes me their are so many idiots in the world. How in this world can anyone point a gun and pull the trigger at another person. William wasnt even in the mans house, he was 2 blocks away, and got shot in the head. All you idiots backing Gary, get off the drugs, get help people. You can even post a sentence correctly without using improper english in most of your posting. Gary murdered the guy in cold blood, if you dont see that. GO BACK TO SCHOOL !! Hang out with a better group of people. Learn in life what is correct and what isnt. Gary is a murderer. Where is the death sentence when you need it. Now their with be thousands upon thousands in court cost and then he will be found guilty and then the goverment will spend hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars to keep him behind bars the rest of his life. And you wonder why the economy is the way it is. In other countries , if you steal, they cut your hand off. If you kill, THEY KILL YOU !!! Their would be a lot less killing in the world if those who killed , were KILLED !!!! People would really think twice about pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger. You damn idiots, thinking Gary was right, WHAT IF THAT WERE YOUR BROTHER, YOUR UNCLE !!! YOUR DAD !!!!!!!!!

“Real heroes never came home!”

Since: May 09

Pinkville - You figure it out!

#110 Aug 1, 2009
If the man is in my house, he's a dead man. However, I have enough common sense to know better than to chase someone 2 blocks to shoot'em. I won't even shoot if he made it out the front door, and our laws here in FL are very open about that type of crime. We have a "stand your ground law" which simply means that if this guy comes down here from Louisville and approaches me and I feel endangered "shoot the bastard". Now I say this guy froom Louisville because he has come down here before and made threats, and an injunction was sought and received against him, so that sets the stage. The injunction was up yesterday (7/31) and I do expect him to return I married his girlfriend and he can't stand it. It's been this way for 8 years now. He is on Social Security for a "mental" illness and I understand he just can't help himself. But that don't mean I'm gonna sit back and let him get us. I really hope he reads this and understands that "I've had enough."!!!!!!
Sorry to ramble all but I had a message that had to get to him. Thanks for tolerating me.

Clarksville, TN

#111 Aug 1, 2009
One day there will not be any police and everyone will defend their ownselves. Be sure to hide or conceal any weapons for your defense because Obama wants to disarm the Americans, especially the law abiding ones while he is building his Own army to make sure his Own laws are passed.

No doubt about this.

Start building your underground vault.

San Francisco, CA

#112 Oct 23, 2009
just remember gary:
what goes around comes around.
only god, the creator, can know our true intentions.
to forgive is to be forgiven...
regardless of what that man did to you, do you feel guilty for taking a life? for causing a mother, a sister, a family to suffer?
justice will come about, one way or another...
time devours all things.
louisville portland mom

Lexington, KY

#114 Nov 19, 2009
id chase someone down...out of my house down the street wherever i had to to get my piont across..."assclown WONT try again to break in my house." maybe he didnt mean to kill him...just bring him down...mans got a good aim. anyway if you are going to play in shit youll stink like shit...you try to rob a man you except the consequences. The wagnor man did and gary is now...it will al work out. he has many friends and prayers going out for him....leave gary alone.

Boston, MA

#115 May 9, 2011
He deserves to perish in the system..... He shot at a man who was unarmed and running... Everyone who supports him should be so ashamed. What if it was your brother or father ... No matter what the guy did or was doing , he took someones life..... The guy had a kid and family ... It really hurts to see that people support some trigger happy drug dealer........ What has the world come 2?

Seattle, WA

#116 Jul 25, 2011
From the looks of things the world is a better place now with this idiot locked up

Seattle, WA

#117 Jul 25, 2011
Chylloh wrote:
One day there will not be any police and everyone will defend their ownselves. Be sure to hide or conceal any weapons for your defense because Obama wants to disarm the Americans, especially the law abiding ones while he is building his Own army to make sure his Own laws are passed.
No doubt about this.
Start building your underground vault.
Ya the paranoids were saying all that 50 years ago when I was a 20 year old punk like you.

Louisville, KY

#118 Oct 28, 2011
The truth will be told wrote:
What also amazes me is the people that support this guy can't spell "Defense." LOL! Ha!
Apparently the guy that was shot had like 40 counts of burglary from before. So common sense says that he was breaking into Gary's house. The guy didnt know when to stop being a thief and he had something bad coming for a very long time. What did he expect? Someone to let him walk away with their belongings?? In the real world people get killed for less. And Gary is not racist! It kills me how people always want to bring up racism. They need to find something else to prove that he is guilty.
The Truth will be told

New Albany, IN

#120 Nov 4, 2011
This piece of garbage shot an unarmed man in the back of the head while he was running away. The piece of garbage know as Gary Lindsey chased the man down the street yelling n-word, n-word, n-word all the way firing shots. Yet, they did not try or find him guilty for a hate crime or murder. Reckless Homicide.....What a joke! Kill an unarmed man with no proof of anything being stolen or broken into and get Reckless Homicide....He claimed William was breaking in his house and then later his car. The police investigated and found this to be false. It was during the deadliest ice storm of 2009 in Kentucky history. If I was breaking into someones home that would be the day I would pick! Right....Temperatures well below zero and wind chills -20 with freezing rain with ice over and inch thick....Gotta be a complete idiot to believe this man was out trying to break into a home occupied with 3 people no less. William was a black man walking down the street going home and Gary was white with a gun..Possibly Gary was high if you saw the 48 hours show Cold as Ice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Firs... season 9 episode 3. His girlfriend I believe was arrested for obstruction of justice. Watch the show online it pretty much defines the case but wasn't used in court? Also, how does he afford such a high priced lawyer and bonds? Gary lives in Portland and has no job or a means of support. I know some of you will say he has a flea market booth....right....I'm gonna open one if I can make that kind of money....LOL.
The Truth will be told

New Albany, IN

#122 Jan 5, 2012
Friday January 6th, 2012 is sentencing day for ole Gary....
The Truth will be told

New Albany, IN

#123 Jan 6, 2012
Well, they led ole Gary out in handcuffs today! He gets to start the rehabilitation process at one of the fine prisons of Kentucky. They gave him 3 years without parole and when his other case is done he might get a few more years for that charge. Lets see how he holds up in prison after crying like a baby on TV when he got sentenced. No room for babies in prison….Well there is probably a child molester in there that might like it……a lot!
The Truth will be told

New Albany, IN

#124 Jan 6, 2012
Grease it up Gary the boys are waiting for you!

Louisville, KY

#125 Jan 6, 2012
“Real heroes never came home!”

Check this guy out, He calls himself Beretta but his picture is of a 1911 Colt .45 pistol. I guess he couldn't find a picture of a Beretta.

Louisville, KY

#126 Jan 6, 2012
The Truth will be told wrote:
Grease it up Gary the boys are waiting for you!
I get the impression you don't care for this guy ??
The Truth will be told

New Albany, IN

#127 Jan 10, 2012
Scarecrow this guy is a piece of work. If you followed this case it is obviously a hate crime. It really is sad for the victims family that he only got three years. They dragged the case out and the witnesses suddenly couldn't remember who they saw or when. Really sad the a man got shot for nothing more than the color of his skin.

New Orleans, LA

#128 May 3, 2012
Not only should he have been sentenced with capital murder, he should also be charged with a hate crime. Gary Lindsey is GARBAGE!

United States

#129 May 4, 2012
why do I feel if a cop did this none of you hypocrits would have anything to say about it?

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