Awesome discovery. I wonder how sure they are about the relationship with the host star though.

If the experimental confidence is high then let this be a lesson to people in all appendices of science who tend to think the probability is high that reality is well approximated, much less represented, by theoretical "models".

I didn't mean that to sound at all pessimistic, just that it bothers me when I see people that insist that something cannot "be", just because it's inconsistent with the model. There is no "outside" to the universe, not because we know there isn't, but because it just doesn't jive with the model. Not that I believe there is an "outside"; I have no opinion because I can't begin to imagine those probabilities. Could just be that the idea of 'spatial dimension' is an illusion of some sort. Our perception of dimension is real but is 'dimension' really what we sense it to be? I say that mostly because it seems impossible to justify/explain existence itself. Reality may just be a grand paradox of sorts.