The Truth about DUI...
The slogan..
Drunk Driving, Over the Limit, Under Arrest.
This suggests that there is some level to drinking in which you are safe to be behind the wheel of your car and on the road. It is misleading.
The fact...
If you have had just one drink and you are pulled over for any reason, or if you are pointed out at a check point. When the officer smells alcohol. You will be asked to perform Field Sobriety Tests a formality and an attempt to gather evidence against you. You will be handcuffed and placed in a police vehicle for a trip; taken to the station that BAC (breathalyzer tests are performed). If and when you blow even if you blow a 00.02 BAC well below the legal limit you are already under arrest. How did you get to the police station? Your car has been impounded. You will spend time in jail. You will be charged with DUI, you will have to defend yourself in court.

Please do not believe this does not happen. It happens from 25 to 40% of all alcohol related arrests which do not involve any accident, which totalled 1.6 milliom in 2007. That means that there were 400,000 + people below the legal limit charged with this offense that were below the legal limit of 00.08 BAC.

You will ask, yes i have been charged with this offense. I take responsibility for myself and i give the rest of you who have much to loose fair warning. Noone deserves to die in an alcohol related accident, noone deserves to die in any accident but this is the one the government and police have focused their efforts on. It is terrible when someone looses someone this way, and the people who are proven to be the cause of an alcohol related fatality deserve what they get. The Law is vague and misleading and there are many good people who are charged with this offense that believe they are doing the right thing and obeying the Law because of the way it is written. Because the Law was created to prevent such a hainious death and the outcry from MADD has been so loud the flaws have been overlooked and the facts skewed beyond all truth. This is the truth and it is based on facts.

If you drink, do not drive.
If the other people on the road are not ehough of a reason, think of your family, wife, children. Still not enough think of yourself but do not drive a vehicle of any kind, ATV, Lawnmower, bicycle, horse, wheelchair, anything. People who have used all these have been charged and convicted of DUI. Many here in Florida. Many who have been charged had a 00.00 BAC. They still went through all the legal aspect until the charges were dropped. I am doing my part and i would like for things to change. I am trying to do just that. we can make a difference without destroying lives and families but we need to get the truth out to the people everywhere and we need to stop them before they get on the road.

Thank you