What Makes a Preacher Good?

What Makes a Preacher Good?

There are 150 comments on the Crosswalk story from Dec 31, 2010, titled What Makes a Preacher Good?. In it, Crosswalk reports that:

Pursuing a doctorate at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. You probably have noticed that preachers come in all shapes and sizes.

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Marion, NC

#1 Jan 2, 2011
he keeps his hands off of the children!!! ha

Jackson, TN

#2 Jan 2, 2011
Jim Jones was the best preacher EVER. The man just wouldn't leave him alone.
Free Thinker

Lexington, TN

#3 Jan 2, 2011
A good preacher knows how to discuss mythology as if it were real and keep a strait face. A good preacher knows how to tell the congregation what they want to hear; they're good and the world is bad; they're going to heaven and the world is going to hell; and if you'll just give me 10% of your income then the Lord will bless you. A good preacher ends up living away from the unwashed masses & in a million dollar home in a gated neighborhood out by USJ.

This being the case, I don't think highly of good preachers.
The Real Deal

United States

#4 Jan 2, 2011
A good preacher loves each person as God loves them... For their heart & not for their fat wallet.
Free Thinker

Lexington, TN

#5 Jan 3, 2011
The Real Deal wrote:
A good preacher loves each person as God loves them... For their heart & not for their fat wallet.

Jackson, TN

#6 Jan 3, 2011
I good preacher teaches the truth even when it is not popular.

Johnson City, TN

#7 Jan 12, 2011
The Real Deal wrote:
A good preacher loves each person as God loves them... For their heart & not for their fat wallet.

United States

#8 Jan 12, 2011
must be a good con artist to sale all that B.S.

Miami, FL

#9 Jan 12, 2011
The Real Deal

United States

#10 Jan 13, 2011
A good preacher doesn't give certain members of their congregation the power to call "meetings" about other members of their congregation, especially during a divorce situation. A good preacher is a PASTOR to EACH INDIVIDUAL member, regardless of their financial status. You know who you are... and so does God. YOU will be held accountable by HIM.

Jackson, TN

#11 Jan 15, 2011
What makes a preacher good?
His ability to hide that he's sticking it to a few of his sheep, bullsh!tting the rest, and still motivating them to throw out money for his fine car and fat house. Baaaaaa!

Jackson, TN

#12 Jan 18, 2011
Free Thinker wrote:
<quoted text>HA!
U r full of shit...

United States

#13 Feb 12, 2011
What makes a preacher good? Well first off he must have everyone fooled with his holiness. He must look down upon all others and hold them accountable for every sin they have ever made while deeming himself worthy of grace. He must live in the biggest house out of his whole congregation and take multiple yearly trips to exotic islands(all in the name of the Lord, of course) And lastly but most importantly he must drive an automobile fit for the PoPe. Something flashy and dope boyish. Something that makes him stand out to the city of Jackson that says hey I am rich and I do it for the Lord at he expense of my church.

United States

#14 Feb 12, 2011
I quit church because of the "brotherly love" I received from the staff. I definitely felt like the bottom crust. Nothing like getting dressed up on a Sunday to go and be judged by an alcoholic pastor who thinks his last name is Christ. And the church I am referring to is in Jackson. One of the newer ones out North that's owned by one man it seems.(At least that's what he brags) I thought ALL churches were God's.
Free Thinker

Lexington, TN

#15 Feb 12, 2011
Emancipate yourself from the idea of celestial dictator and you taken the first step to being free.
Free Thinker

Lexington, TN

#16 Feb 12, 2011
Regarding the Christian doctrine concerning the forgiveness of sin.

Is it moral to believe that your sins, yours and mine, can be forgive by the punishment of another person? Is it ethical to believe that? I submit that the idea of vicarious redemption by human sacrifice is utterly immoral. I might if you were my friend pay your debts; I might, if I could, serve your jail sentence, and I might even decide, if I really loved someone, to take their place on the hangman's scaffold. But I cannot say you didn't do it; that my act makes you "washed clean". The name for that, in primitive Palestine, was called scapegoating.(You pile your sins on a goat and drive it into the desert to die of thirst and hunger and you think you've taken away the sins of the tribe) This is an immoral doctrine which abolishes the concept of personal responsibility upon which all ethics and morals must depend.

I'm told by Christians that I must have a share in this human sacrifice even though it took place long before I was born. I had no say in it happening, I wasn't consulted about it, & had I been present I would have been bound to do what I could stop the torture and execution of an eccentric preacher, I would do the same even now. NO!! I'm implicated in it, I myself drove in the nails. I was present at Calvary and it confirms the original sin of Adam in Genesis. This might sound a crazy belief but it is the Christian belief.

It is here that we find something very sinister about religion in that it is explicitly totalitarian. I have no say in anything. I am born under a celestial dictatorship which I could not have any hand in choosing. I'm told it can watch me while I sleep and that I can be found guilty of thought crime. For just my thoughts I may be convicted and condemned. In the old testament, recommending as it is of genocide, racism, slavery, at least it doesn't speak of punishment of the dead. There is no talk of torturing you after the earth has closed over you. Only when gentle Jesus, meek and mild, arrives are those who won't accept the message told they must depart into everlasting fire.

Is this morality? I think not only is it not, not only does it come with the false promise of redemption but it undermines us in our integrity and dissolves our obligation to live in truth. Would you believe something just because it makes you fell better? Yes it would be nice to throw your sins on someone else but IT'S NOT TRUE and it ISN'T MORAL.

Source: Christopher Hitchens
Free Thinker

Lexington, TN

#17 Feb 12, 2011
In the early Christian years there were many leaders of the church who thought that Christianity should be a new religion. It's not because it insists on shackling itself to the Old Testament. It was decided that they whole story of Jesus had to complete and reverse engineer the books of the Old Testament. With this burden you have saddled yourself with an insufferable and wicked religion.

The doctrine of vicarious redemption is immoral. Though I don't think there is any definite proof of Jesus' existence, there are so many accounts of him that there must have been some such figure. It's not that unlikely that there was a charismatic Rabbi wondering in a region that was hungry for messiahs and kept on hoping to find them. It's not at all unlikely that there was one that got in trouble with the Romans and been, as people were who got in trouble with the Romans, very harshly treated. This does not prove or even suggest that his birth was divine, that his father was God, or that his mother was a virgin. None of these things are remotely provable or really arguable, they can only be asserted but suppose they are.

I then am told that the torture and human sacrifice of someone, which if I had been present it would have been my duty to prevent, which I did not ask for, over which I have no control, which happened thousands of years before I was born, commits me and I have no choice in the matter and that my sins are forgiven by this human sacrifice.

What's wrong with that? If I love you enough I can pay your debt, I could take your place in prison, or if loved you enough even take your place on the scaffold. That's the most anyone can do but what they can't do is take away your sins because that would be to take away your responsibility. I can't say you did steal that money that I have to repay. I can't say you didn't do what got you in prison. I can't release you of anything you did. It's more than can be promised and more than should be promised. Vicarious redemption is scapegoating, it's throwing your sins onto an animal, it’s a primitive practice from the Middle East. It doesn't deserve the attention of civilized or thoughtful people.

This redemption is kindly offers this to me. I give all these objections, I think it's highly implausible, I don't believe the story, I didn't ask for it, and after having considered it I would rather carry on living a decent life without it. Thanks but no thanks.

I'm sorry what? I didn't hear you right the first time? It's not an offer? I refuse this on pain of death, hell and eternal torture? EXCUSE ME, but I won't be talked to in that tone of voice. Something about me and I hope something about you guys reading this thread. Your making me an offer I can't decline? Was that a threat? Are you saying that if I turn away from this lamb’s blood which I don't think will clean me then it means an eternity of torture? No, these are the dictates of a man made totalitarian authority based upon lies, hearsay, and fear.

United States

#18 Feb 12, 2011
Everyone here has a right to their opinion and this is mine. I do believe God is real. I always knew there was a God even before I delved into religion. Putting the Bible aside, If you just sit and ponder the universe and all that s in it, all the stars, planets, Earth, the dawning of the sun, a warm fire on a cold day, the feel of a babys hand grasping your index finger, a beautiful bride meeting her groom at the altar, the feel of the sun on your face, the smell of fresh roses, the butterflies with that first kiss. Where did all this come from? Is it chance? Did the world just spawn out of gas and dust in space? Did we really evolve from gorillas? Was we planted here by aliens? After I think of these things and more, the only sane, rational answer I can deduce is that there is a loving creator out there somewhere who made me and loves me. I see God everywhere I look. I truly feel him. I am too intelligent to believe that this world just happened to be made because the right elements met at the right time within a perfect atmosphere to nurture it. Do you really want to reduce your life to nothing more than great odds?
Free Thinker

Lexington, TN

#19 Feb 13, 2011

That's nice and all but let me point a few things out for you.

You claim to know that God is real just on your own thoughts. As for reaching this conclusion you make reference to all the stars, planets, Earth, the dawning of the sun, etc. etc. Then you ask where it all came from as if you actually wanted to know the answer. I submit that you do not want to know because the answers to your questions are freely available but you appear ignorant of their existence. Just to answer your questions...

Is it chance?
-- NO, the chances of us being here are %100 because WE ARE HERE.

Did the world just spawn out of gas and dust in space?

-- Not really spawn but rather collected together by the force of Gravity from the accretion disk left by a prior star that exploded.

-- Did we really evolve from gorillas?
NO [FACEPALM], we evolved and split away from a common ancestor of hominid hundreds of thousands of years ago. We have the fossils that prove this.

-- Was[sic] we planted here by aliens?
???, No reason to assume it with all the evidence of life evolving from simple celled organisms but is it possible, sure, just unlikely.

After asserting your ignorance on these subjects you claim that the only sane answer you can deduce with your blinding absence of scientific knowledge is that it was all done by magic? This is a huge fallacy of logic called the Argument from Ignorance. Example: I do not know how to explain the existence of "A" therefor it could only be caused by "B". This is also called "jumping to conclusions." If you don't know something then just say you don't know. Don't be dishonest with yourself simply to feel better by asserting an invisible magic being in the sky did it all just for you.

You don't in fact see God everywhere you look but rather unfortunately don't understand how things you see actually work. You then decided God did it in order to avoid thinking about and finding the real answer.
ibelieve wrote:
I am too intelligent to believe that this world just happened to be made because the right elements met at the right time within a perfect atmosphere to nurture it. Do you really want to reduce your life to nothing more than great odds?
^Another argument from ignorance.

If you calculate the enormous number of worlds that probably exist just in our galaxy then the odds are really high that an earth type planet would from around some of the stars. Finally, it's not about what I want, it's about where the evidence leads and I can tell you with no uncertainty that no evidence has been found for a magic being necessary for the workings of the universe.

Now what do you have to say?

United States

#20 Feb 13, 2011
Just let me say I can respect your opinion
and am being open minded and thinking about what you type here and I would expect the same without all the "ignorant" talk. I am a thinker as apparently are you. So can we have an adult discussion?Here s what I want to know. If evolution is the answer why aren't there people busting out of zoos? Why do we not see macro evolution? I totally get the micro evolution. Hell we are born babies and evolve to old cripples. And what is the answer for all the birds, trees, flowers, cats, flies, spiders and so on and so on. Creation had to be the answer for the variety. Do you not think we would all be more robotic and alike and Earth would not have the variety and cultural differences that we have if we did just spawn up from cells? I believe in Science and respect it but being the skeptic I am I don't believe everything I am told.(And before you say it, no one told me to believe the Bible. I had a choice in which a lot of years if thought has played into it and still is) Just from the love I feel in my heart I know that I had to be created, nature could of never been that creative.

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