Boys Cut Themselves Too, Study Finds

Dec 17, 2008 Full story: 58

A new survey conducted in the United Kingdom has found that self-mutilation is not unique to girls.

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Sparta, WI

#43 Dec 13, 2011
I don't agree with that all. I've never cut before but had a good friend who cut. She had a lot going on in her life and cutting helped her to cope. You can't honestly fucking say that coping by cutting makes zero sense because you have never cut before and haven't had a reason to. My friend has stopped cutting by herself when a lot that was going on in her life calmed down and wasnt as hard on. I hate the fuckers who say that cutting is weak or makes zero sense. That's just to you. You don't know how a cutter thinks. So don't act like you do
No one

Sparta, WI

#44 Dec 13, 2011
And I don't think this is some born with condition you dick. I'm 14 and have been cutting since 7th grade. I watched my dad beat and nearly kill my mom ad sister before he beat me. So shut the hell up when you don't know what other people have been through. You have no idea why a lot of people cut so don't act like your a expert on the subject and don't act like you know me. You have no idea who the fuck I am or what I've gone through.
No one

Sparta, WI

#47 Dec 13, 2011
I clearly don't think it's normal when I'm trying tiger help you dipshit.
No one

Sparta, WI

#48 Dec 13, 2011
And also what advice have you given besides put down. None. You haven't given any advice you've been a complete dick.
No one

Sparta, WI

#50 Dec 13, 2011
I hear what you are saying. But first off you don't have to be rude like you were before. And I didn't have to be either. And Ik I'm only 14 but I've been through more than a lot of people ever will. I apologize for what I said earlier but I was just so infuriated by what people were saying about cutting. And I'm sick and tired of hearing it. I hear enough of it at school from my friends and from those who have no business knowing it and I don't know who told them. I'm sorry for what I said but you could try to put yourself into my shoes.
No one

Sparta, WI

#52 Dec 14, 2011
Thank you...
Hunter Bailey

Sparta, WI

#53 Dec 19, 2011
I'm really grateful for what you said to me. I'm sorry I was mad and belligerent earlier. It was inappropriate. Ty for your help. And Im no one in case there's any confusion.

Winnipeg, Canada

#54 Dec 19, 2011
Hunter Bailey wrote:
I'm really grateful for what you said to me. I'm sorry I was mad and belligerent earlier. It was inappropriate. Ty for your help. And Im no one in case there's any confusion.
I change my name all the time. Helps with boredom and sends a message at the same time. When I was young I was mixed up too. I think most 14 year olds are in that transition stage. But with your Dad's irrational/ violent behavior you might have what soldiers get in combat. That stress disorder thing. Have you gotten help at all? You should seek some if you haven't. Until you can be at ease with things, the fear and stress will keep you in this state. Can you go live with grandparents?

Fruitvale, Canada

#56 Feb 5, 2012
ok , so im a 14 year old boy and l cut. And i just hate the comments by some people that, " boys are becoming girl," this is a completely and utter lie.
But back to the point. I cut beacuase it takes the emotional pain away and replaces it with physical pain. Lm not adicted to it. I hate myself after I do it. But it is a temporary relieve. And for that im happy. i know its wrong and i am trying to stop. But you old folks do not having any idea what kids who cut are going through. you think that we just want ppl to notice us and have attention. But, then answer this, why do most cutters wear long sleave shirts, and hoodies to hide the cuts? Not just at home to hide from parents, but at school to hide from other kids. And, no we arnt weak. Were just..... a little more emotional than other kids. Any comments from anybody about this are appreciated.

Bedford, UK

#59 Mar 14, 2012
i never knew there could be such heartless people in this messed up world :/
Emo chick

Washington, DC

#60 Apr 24, 2012
I'm a teenager and I cut myself, so I'm going to try to explain my personal problem. I'm depressed for many reasons, the main one is probably my father. I have two mothers so my father was a sperm doner. 3 years ago I found him, but I still barely know him. Because I felt alone and disconnected from the people I love, I started cutting. I cut because not only does it give me a feeling of control and give me relief, but it lets me punish myself for the things I've done wrong. A lot of people say cutting is only for attention, but it's not. Cutting is to express something that can't be expressed with words. People also believe that they can make me stop cutting, or persuade me to stop but they can't. One person even told me to stop just so I could wear tank tops and booty shorts, but they don't understand. Cutting is basically a crutch, to go without it would be like breaking you leg and walking on it the next day.
I hope that helps to explain cutting a bit.
- Muthaa Fuckenn A

Lemoore, CA

#63 Jul 11, 2012
"i don't know if this is necessarily a self-hate thing, tim. i think it also has something to do with wanting attention." -- Not Everyone Wants Attention., iVe Kept It Hidden For Years &&' Havee Never Told Anybody Soo If Yuhh Don't Knooe Wtf Yuhhr Talking About Then Stfu..
- Muthaa Fuckenn A

Lemoore, CA

#64 Jul 11, 2012
-LOL thats a cut??? come on now what a whinny person. I could show you some really cuts. Not those whinny oh look at me cuts. weak." -- If Yuhh Say Yuhh Culdd Show Us A Real But Then iWanna See It.. If Yuhh Ain't Gonna Doooin It Then Juszz Stfu..-.-'
- Muthaa Fuckenn A

Lemoore, CA

#65 Jul 11, 2012
"I don't think teenagers do it just for attention. It's sad but people can feel isolated and alone enough that they stop caring what others think. I believe they do it to try to wake themselves up. Yes. to feel something. And the fact that more people, whether girls are boys, are cutting themselves is serious and should be looked into not made fun of." -- <3'

Buffalo Grove, IL

#67 Nov 28, 2012
You can call us can call us can call us gay..cutting solves all if it.

-anonymous 13 year old boy

Sofia, Bulgaria

#68 Mar 18, 2013
I am a cutter (current) and MALE . For those who think that cutting is 'girly' you're wrong , it's not. Emotional pain has nothing to do with gender. And for 14 you might think what have I gone through in my life to come to the razor.
Well I'm not going to explain, but it's not what most teenagers get mad about , many have some serious problems.

Dallas, TX

#69 Mar 18, 2013
I cut i hate attenti we have groups at school emo kids goth kids popular nerds and the kids how cut we have alot of girls like me but most of the guys are the ones we date that are emo or cut them self
h dub

Hillrose, CO

#70 Oct 13, 2013
it makes you feel as if all your family and friend pain and strugles of life goes away for that moment you are free and not under presure and it makes you feel relaxed for thst moment

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