so your boss at work or the owner of a large corporation decides whom to endorse for a myriad of reasons, one could be a government perk the other personal or moral beliefs, and then imposes their views on employee's, claiming and showing employee's who has been decided as their right candidate according to anothers opinion....and these paid workers being told what to do at work, they should feel obliged or experience a bit of pressure to follow what their "boss" says in order to keep their job..and a civil discussion at work on politics will commence? I could swear many businesses don't allow or enjoy political and religious discussion at work or with clients/customers as employee's are to not engage in debate or arguments.....Its not going to impose on others or scare people from their freedom of speech (having pressure on who to vote for via your "boss")? Besides voting is a private issue, and none of your bosses business anyway right? None of this sort of government covert action or ruling is a new trend or such- just think in our free country lists of people had no rights based on their skin color, who they have sex with or their gender, until the past century-why is that?
And is true quite a few federally registered major corporations were sold to foreign interest- so to think here- if they are owned by non Americans- then outside interest can now play a larger role in controlling elections. Nifty. Sounds fishy-I know.... lets call that government agency and complain to get some