I can tell you this...having seen Powell in action in Dothan, I would not want this guy to be the next sheriff.
He destroyed morale at the Dothan PD. He put weaklings and incompetents in positions of power like Larry Draughn, Nick Monday and a few others who were just cronies. I guarantee if he is elected sheriff in Escambia County...he'll hire Nick Monday and Ray. He brought them along with him at the Alcohol and Tobacco in Tallahassee. Powell has absolutely no morals at all. He is crooked and shady. He is nice and polite to your face, but is as sneaky as can be. He forced Dothan's E911 into buying a horrible system that he had a personal interest in. He was caught red handed fixing a traffic ticket. He had DPD CHEAT on a Homeland Security certification. I am telling you...this guy is trouble. If you are smart, you wouldn't elect him dog catcher. He is a serial job hunter...bounces from department to department with the same MO. This guy is Trouble!