if you're american, don't bother going to this casino! you're only catered to if you're asian.

asians have their own customer service lines and club lines...i never saw anything like it. i can't tell you what a turnoff it was. i don't how they legally get away with it. i was there yesterday and was appauled not only by their practices, but by their rude and loud clientele. terrible caliber of people and the overcrowding was unbearable.

the croupiers and dealers are inexperienced (it took almost an hour to open a roulette table) that the pitboss had to watch 3 tables constantly because they didn't know how to pay out. it's only about an hour from me (AC is about 2 hrs.) and i don't think i'll ever go back. i'd rather spend 4 hours in a car than 4 hours with these people. glad i didn't spend money for a room there. it got so crowded at one point, you could barely walk across the casino, we had to get out of there. the town's fire marshall needs to make a spot check every now and again. if there's ever a fire in this place, it will be a catastrophe.

dr. denaples has a great deal of fine-tuning to do. don't waste your money, go elsewhere.