Amazing – there is absolutely no evidence for a god or any credible evidence that prayer "works" (and the STEP trial showed it may be actual be harmful if you know you’re being prayed for), yet these so-called “leaders” appeal to an imaginary friend for help – adults living and perpetuating fairy tales, superstition, and magical beliefs. It’s really quite pathetic and sad, and it’s certainly a testimony to the intellectual immaturity of America and many of our so-called “leaders.”

I am a veteran, and I firmly believe in our Constitution and the founding fathers’ ideals of freedom (and the most influential ones were mainly deists- they did not believe in anything like mainstream American Christianity, contrary to religious propaganda in America today). With that said, I am not proposing the abolishment of prayer or religion (although I think they should be acknowledged for what they really are, oppressive/suppressive myths, fairy tales, and superstition) and I would never think of infringing on private citizens’ rights to have a prayer breakfast on their own time and money. But I certainly hope my/our taxpayer money didn’t support any aspect of this event. That would certainly be unconstitutional and violate the true meaning behind the Establishment Clause- NO government endorsement of religion, period.“No” means “no.”(and what part of NO don’t you understand?)

Our country needs intelligence, knowledge, and action – things that actually do solve problems- not religion or prayer – things that actually have never solved (yet typically haved caused and continue to cause) problems. I hope (not pray) that our leaders may actually be intelligent and capable – but my fear is they are simply puppets for a Christian majority who are incapable of even understanding, much less solving, the serious problems facing this state, country, and world.