This was a phenomenal event. Wish you all had been there. Sharon Bowers is a gifted speaker with the material being our Emancipation Celebration being a full two years earlier than 'Juneteenth.' She skillfully tied in the story of Dolly and Sam Johnson, Andrew Johnson's slaves from Parrotsville, here in Cocke county, TN all the way through to now and what are we doing with what we have.
We are Blessed to have such a rich heritage. It wasn't so much what they endured in their slavery because they chose not to separate from the Johnson family upon receiving their freedom. They grabbed every opportunity and made some of their own. What are we doing today? What are we doing that will last beyond our passing to make our (all of our) future a better place.
The information she was able to bring in about ancestors, their part, their choices and how they planned for our today. I hope you have the chance to listen to Rev. Bowers. It is well worth you time and will last potentially past your own life.
I've decided, from now on...I am packing! Every day I am only concentrating on what I can take with me and what I can pass on to those yet to come. I will only think of what I can stand in from of the Lord with when my time has come to leave this place.