The Board of Regents continue to raise tuition, but as a former employee for 15 years, I assure you, the pockets of the top USG officials are still filled. Our Georgia Constitution, Article VIII – Education; Section IV – Board of Regents, Pg. 60 in part, below, states (c) All appropriations made for the use of any or all institutions in the university system shall be paid to the board of regents in a lump sum, with the power and authority in said board to allocate and distribute… ov/elections/GAConstitution.pd f

To read a few examples of the Board of Regents' "exclusive authority" with our tax and Foundation dollars, see: “University execs’ deferred pay, often hidden, tops $7 million.. “For nine years after he retired as the chancellor of the University System of Georgia, Stephen Portch remained on the state’s payroll, collecting $823,000 as an adviser and consultant, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.” “Regent sold $76 million in cars and trucks to state and $9.8 million to the University System of Georgia, which he oversees as a member of the state Board of Regents, since 2002.”