'Walter Reed and Bethesda hospitals are almost full with the wounded, and flag-draped coffins are still coming back from those far-off places. Veterans Affairs hospitals are at or near capacity trying to deal with the problems of veterans of service past; yet our young people still step forward and volunteer to serve.

What we have in America is worth fighting for and dying for, if necessary!

Let's all do something politically incorrect say a prayer of thanks for all who have and will serve to keep us free. Yes, let's thank God.'
Let's look at the care these vets are getting and fighting for. A prayer doesn't help a vet who lost his leg, arm or MIND due to the horrors of war. Let's make these men and women a priority for medical care and the disability rights they fight for. Serving in the military is a personal choice for what ever reason, but remember what these men and women go through in the military. There is ramped divorce, mental adjustment and the 'HOPE' that military life is a cause not a reason. The programing and deprogramming to a society who has their own problems, and the lack of care these military receive during and after there dedication to their nation is poor to say the least. Let's have a voice to fight for their rights and the prayers can follow at the grave side service.