I knew Felicia we used to joke around and had a friendly friendship. Right now i am heart broken i knew her she was a loving out going person when i found out what had happen i was sad then i started to cry i cried all day long i really like her she was such i nice person i loved her as a friend she was like and older sister to me i dont know any more i have had 2 nervous break downs since i found out i will always miss her she and i and her friends and family will always love her she will be in our preyers i know that she is in a much better place and she is up there looking down on all of her friend's and family and looking out for us. I feel realy bad for the parents. the one and only thing that idont understand is how her car slid sideways i dont get that i wounder if she tried to advod an deer and lost control of her car but know one will know now she gone i will miss her. I had lunch with her that is the most depressing part of my day idk how to deal with all of this but... I just know that i will miss her and i will always think about her. If Felicia's parents read this i am preston shavers i am a fresh man at pennfield high school. Idk if you want to to come to the funeral but i will be there to help you guys get through losing your daughter i know how it feels to lose someone that wasnt his or her time to go. If you read this just come to pennfield highschool and get me out of class.