George Weah gets educated in quest fo...

George Weah gets educated in quest for election

There are 19 comments on the Ventura County Star story from Aug 11, 2010, titled George Weah gets educated in quest for election. In it, Ventura County Star reports that:

The photos of George Weah's football past are rapidly disappearing from the walls of his seaside villa, replaced by mementos of academic achievement and pictures of the Liberian goalscoring great with political figures.

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James Sirleaf

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#1 Aug 12, 2010
Unfortunately for George Weah, he is not unique in his educational aspirations. Most agree that this hardly places him in any advantageous position because he clearly lacks the experience.


#2 Aug 13, 2010
Goerge Weah needs to understand that football is far from politics... Mr Weah this is a different ball game. No matter what degree you have now, it will not change anything. Sorry Mr Weah, no disrepect but your chance is gone. If were you I will be thinking how to make a career out of football with my degree, maybe coaching or something.


Hellertown, PA

#3 Sep 3, 2010
George Weah, you do not have to be a president to service your country, if you love really love Liberia and care its citizens, especially the young generations, whom have lost most of their youthful years frighting wars, why can you invest in education,to help those young men roaming the streets of Morovia, or use your money if you still have it to creat jobs. You think by you doing on line courses will gave you the experince to run a country? To those of you so-call suporter of Geroge, your need to stop encourgeing him to go into another direction other then becoming a president; Your need to look at our next door neighbors it is time to stop frighting ourselves began to built for our future generations.
John- K- Snawulu-Jr

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#5 Nov 17, 2010
George Oppong Weah, as all Liberians know you to be, politics is not really your game. That means you do not know the rules and playing by them will cause you something umimmaginable. You were excellent as a ball carer. Had you took up a coaching career, you would have maintained your glory. Think and take up training the Lierian National team; the Lone star or try running a football academy and see that the name George OPPONG wEAH will go on and on.
Please forget Politics. Being a Presedent is being a different superstar altogether.


#6 Dec 1, 2010
George weah should be aware politics is not football but game of intellectuals with solid acedemic career, gone are the days when liberia was a blind country when people like samuel Don hajack power .How does he a primary school drop out dreaming a position of presidency . I wish he could go back farming cassava leave for the ignorants liberians.Ellen johnson, Cheers those of us in Australia admire you .may your days be long able presido

Woodbury, GA

#7 Feb 27, 2011
Answer to James Sirleaf

You are insinuating that George Weah lacks experience ?

Experience in what ?

Do you mean he lacks experience in CORRUPTION ?

If this is the case, He is very well qualified to lead Liberia to a better Future, than what the present (worldwide known) corrupt leaders of Liberia have accomplished AND just about all of them have a purchased Dr. Title of "so called"
prestige Schools, like Harvard, Columbia, Yale ect.
These are commercial instition, where there function.

No.1: is to make money and get donations,
No.2: to teach customers how to pass an exam.
No.3: to make sure that the passing grade is not high.
No.4: to facilitate a Doctorate degree with an easy disertation, about an easy subject, easily copied from somwhere.
No.4 to make sure that the "so called" graduate do their networking among themselves for jobs and positions.
No.5 to make sure the graduate bring more customers to the institutions trough their network.
No.6 to repeat the cycle with new customers.

All this, if you have enough knowledge this alone (the many Dr. and Graduates of these institution)should put a flag up, for any intelligent person to realize, that George Weah is more qualified than what you want to give him credit for.


Note: I understand that the Dr. President Ellen was visiting (Corrupt) Ghadafi in Liba six (6) times.
What would make "corrupt" Ghadafi so important to Liberia ??
Wouldn't you want to ask ??

Valencia, Spain

#8 Feb 27, 2011
Dave wrote:
Goerge Weah needs to understand that football is far from politics... Mr Weah this is a different ball game. No matter what degree you have now, it will not change anything. Sorry Mr Weah, no disrepect but your chance is gone. If were you I will be thinking how to make a career out of football with my degree, maybe coaching or something.
leave the crack son is of no help to u mentally,u blind dont understimate his politically,social n economic ability to rule a nation like liberia.with all these rebels gangs related officials from the bronx,what has the done for liberia n liberian in generals?shyte,but to start their looting habit of the past,let that whore allen goes back to her bronx,period.

“Leading the Revolution”

Since: Oct 09

Washington, DC

#9 Mar 7, 2011
George Weah will make a great leader.

“Leading the Revolution”

Since: Oct 09

Washington, DC

#10 Mar 7, 2011
m amos


#11 Mar 25, 2011
George weah is the best man to lead Liberia not because he have the country at heart.

Saint Paul, MN

#12 Apr 22, 2011
liberians have been engulfed into deceptive politics. Education in no way correlates with leadership for it is vision that curve realities.A young man who have tasted poverty, knows what its like to be set free from such deplorable situation. His ambition that took him from the slum to a kingdom surpasses every so-called credentials. This ambition we liberians will experience in time to come. We are about to be taken from the slum to a kingdom by king George.

Saint Paul, MN

#13 Apr 22, 2011
Those of you that are perpetuating these cheap critism of this young man should make a research on Del Silva the man who changed Brazil for the best, no formal education, ELEMENTARY DROP OUT THIS RESEARCH WILL CURVE YOUR IGNORANCE. "wHEN THINGS ARE NEEDE TO BE DONE JUST DO IT." HIS STATEMENT.

Portsmouth, UK

#14 Apr 24, 2011
When i read some of the comments, am struck by the ignorance of some people. What do you mean by George weah is not qulified to run Liberia? If an ideot like George Bush (who could not name the priminister of India when he ran for presidency) can rule a country as vast as the USA, what makes you think that George Weah can not rule a nation of under 4 million people. George weah is more than capable to run all of the Manor river union copuntries combined.
John K Jackson Jr


#15 Jun 24, 2011
Congratulations: Everything gets time, Weah will be a great leader but God's time is the best. Mr. Weah, it is real that you get a master degree in Public Administration and a BSc in Management and you graduated from the Philadelphia University? I ask this query because I saw it on your profile.
May God be with you and your family while you celebrate your graduation in the USA.

Providence, RI

#16 Jun 28, 2011
George needs to take his new educational achievement and apply it in a leadership or developmental capacity beyond soccer. He is still young and if God has ordained that he will become president someday nobody can change the inevitable. However, he needs to move home permanently and take on leadership roles in business and politics and allow the Liberian citizens to judge his administrative abilities. Nobody can be certain whether Weah will be another Samuel Doe who had no experience but had grassroots popularity. We don't need another Sam Doe who claimed he got his BA degree from LU. However, he led the country into the ground. Therefore, it is unwise to ask any Liberian to become president only on the basis of football popularity. I think that Liberia has passed that stage. The electorate is more sophisticated than that and people want to see clear performance. It is better to know the weakness of a leader than to know completely nothing and buy a pig in the bag. Besides, the youth of 2005 are not the same youth of 2011. The Liberian youth are getting far advanced and are demanding more from their leaders. The country is moving into a level of awareness amongst the citizens. Therefore, the degree for Weah is only the first baby step. It is something that he could have attained a long time back but now that he has achieved it, I personally say congratulations. But now, return home to allow the Liberian people see you as an aspiring leader of the future. Let them see your strengths and weaknesses and vote for you on that basis. There is no man with 100 percent perfection but it is better to know the deliquincies than buy a pig in the bag.

Satellite Provider

#17 Jul 13, 2011
To all the blind critics: Note that leadership is from God. you as an individual can not determine the destiny of another person. In the first place you do not know your own destiny.
scott armed

Bangkok, Thailand

#18 Jul 18, 2011
george wear is a leadership material,this guy have ambition,in life people learn everyday,it,s important to study humam being,we are the problem,george wear have a good heart but he have to be careful with wolf covering with sheep skin,imagine eugune nagbe betrayer,he is a talkative not a creative person lazy man an oppertunis going from one place to another seeking surviver by means of empty talking,george look for loyal people who are ready to support with all their heart and resource,if we liberia want change we must all contribute ,education is just one of the recipe for leadership, love, knowledge,and wisdom is also important.liberia need delivering,
americo liberian hate the native, because history is my proff,americo liberian you are totally a stanger and now you acting like town owner,if you want to live peacefully in liberia stop sending liberian people money out side,if you don,t feel a sense of being a liberian just return to your country united state,we don,t want dual citizen holding government post this post is reserve for hundred percent liberian,enough is enough from miltada newport days your father kill our ancestors for the good we did for your people, you people are still killing our people up till today,if you people donot change your harbit towards the native man in his own country,we will drive you people back to where you coming from,in other for we the native to live in peace and prosperty we must purge our country so that waste product can be taaken from amoung us

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#19 Jul 18, 2011
From all what I can see online and on the streets of Monrovia,'Weah's supporters' seem to be telling Weah and themselves that he (Weah) should TRY and he would MAKE IT. In other words, they are saying let's experiment with Weah and it would work. Nothing is wrong with that except that you'll be experimenting with the lives of every one living in Liberia! The risk is too huge and completely unnecassary!
You cannot manage a country or people. You lead a country. Do you know what it takes to lead a big organisation? Have you ever been a leader of people? Education does not make a good leader; it only ehnances it. For me, it's monkey business to think that we can experiment with Liberia in such a critical time the country's history.
Politics is not football. There are rules in football. In politics, the rules can be written and rewritten while the game is on! The game is dirty. For his own personal safety, George Weah should stay clear of politics otherwise the very people that are saying 'Hossanah, Hossanah' to him today will cry out 'crusify him, crusify him' tomorrow!
John Doe

Monrovia, Liberia

#20 Aug 4, 2012
I want to see George Weah High School Certificate.

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