I was raised Baptist in New Mexico and later went to college in Texas. I kept going to a Baptist church until about 6 years ago. I fell it important to let you know that I have been affiliated with the same people/organizations that Baylor is. I also want to let you know how disgusted and ashamed at Baylor's students who continue to shoe their fear, ignorance, hatred, and judgemental ways-contrary to what they profess to believe in. In no way does Christianity or Jesus for that matter, encourage the types of actions that took place after Mr. Obama's election was confirmed. How ironic that the Christian community finds it repulsive when the Muslim community behaves in this way- only proving to me that Dogma and conveneince play a more important role in life than Jesus and his teachings. Baylor should be ashamed and take action against this otherwise they too are acting the same way in condoning this behavior.