“Jihadist Terrorists Independence Day” that will fail to occupy the Jewish state and its capital Jerusalem. The Egyptian Mozlem Brothers of Hamas that were expelled from Egypt in 1850 together with Syrian Jihadists of the PLO ancestors that came to Israel from Syria 160 years ago seek to destroy the Jewish state and build Mozlem brother Shariya law regime on its ruins while cleansing Israel from Jews with “no Jew left behind” The election by the Hamas and PLO terrorists will put in power the most violent terrorists of Hamas that will threaten to kill their opponents in the most democratic way that Obama approves. The new Hamas rule of Hamastan will prove to the world the vile nature of the Mozlem Brother terrorists that Obama finance with 500 million dollars annually using our tax money. In additi0n, Hamas terrorists already inherited the Gaddafi’s 20,000 missiles made in Russia and US that were smuggled to the tunnels of Gaza under the Obama ruled NATO air strikes control of Libya. Israel will never surrender to the Hamas terrorists whom Obama already promised Jerusalem and the Holyland Jewish cities on a silver platter and cleansed from any Jew and Jewish homes, synagogues and graves of 3300 years of Jewish lives in Jerusalem.