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Cameroon is to supply electricity to Chad under an agreement signed Wednesday in Yaounde, Cameroon, by top officials of both nations. via Panapress

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Melbourne, Australia

#60 Aug 31, 2008
We are determined to ensure that MAURITIUS always remain for Mauritians.

We will restore ethnic balance and ensure equal opportunities to all ethnic minorities.

Jobs for all Mauritians regardless of your ethnicity. The Mauritian Public Service will be represented by all ethnci groups.

Educational opportunities to all. HSC Scholarships to all ethnic minority groups.

Clean water supply will be always available AND our water dams will not be sources for worship or other rituals.

No ethnic groups will be compelled to celebrate foreign festivities. we will therefore curtail the number of public holidays in Mauritius.

The promotion of foreign values and culture including the consumption of canine food shall be prohibited.

Where there is injustice and inequalties, we will introduce quotas and affirmative poliices supported by legislation.

Flying foreign flags shall be a criminal offence and punishable as an act of TREASON.

Mauritius will never become annexed to INDIA.

Pere de Leveque


#61 Sep 2, 2008
Hi Leveque

You seem to be deeply frustrated as you don't know my noble and respectable name and will never know it. Your standard is too low for you to have the provilege of knowing it.

Your attacks against the successful Indian community can be understood because you have been a total failure in your life, to such an extent that your wife has eloped with an indian. I remember that at the age of 19, you prayed to GOD as follows: "Dear God, I know i did not study much, did not attend classes, never did my homework and did not even write the HSC exmas. However, please make me a laureate." And you have the guts to claim that Hindus, Muslims and Christians are sweeping all the laureate seats, with none being left to your community (that of bastards who like to paint ass white and declare blanc kan zotte marron fonce).

Leveque, seeing your reactions to my mails, i can feel how psychologically injured you get when you read them. The fact is simple, though hard to swallow for you; you are no match for me Leveque. When I will begin the international ampaign alerting Hindus and Muslims worldwide (and also Australian organisations) about your threats, you will repent for all your writings.

Melbourne, Australia

#62 Sep 5, 2008
Mauritius is for Mauritians and will NEVER be owned by India or its indian people.

The Mauritian National Socialist Party is for Mauritians FIRST.

Ethnic balance = Racial Harmony.

Where there is injustice, unfairness, imbalance, discrimination, we shall introduce quotas and ensure that all ethnic minorities are well protected against the unfair advantage of any particular ethnic group.

Any child of any ethnic background must be able to aspire becoming the Prime Minister or the President of Mauritius.

Join and Support the only Mauritians First Party, the Mauritian National Socialist Party.
Lindsay Leveque

Uxbridge, UK

#63 Sep 8, 2008
Mauritius will never belong to Australia. Lazy bastards who left Mauritius years ago as they had no brain to compete against the most intelligent community will keep barking their frustration against holy India but will remain cheap and disgusting. Ta Leveque, ziste ka l'heure to pas conne mo nom meme. Apres 1 an, sel progres to ine faire c'est decouvert ki mo reste Londres. Leveque, mille to pou peine to fesse blanc, zame to ti blanc ek zame to pou vine blanc. Kan mo pou informe banne authorite australiennes (couma ASA)ki to ine ecrire, to pou decouillone. D'ailleurs, to tellement ene plok dans ecrivain ki to meme pas ene membre asa. Ta, alle vende top fesse are lichien noir, ta leveque.

Melbourne, Australia

#64 Sep 8, 2008
The untouchablity feature in the caste system is one of the cruelest features of the caste system. It is seen by many as one of the strongest racist phenomenon in the world.

In the Indian society people who worked in ignominious, polluting and unclean occupations were seen as polluting peoples and were therefore considered as untouchables. The untouchables had almost no rights in the society. In different parts of India they were treated in different ways. In some regions the attitude towards the untouchables was harsh and strict. In other regions it was less strict.

In regions where the attitude was less strict the untouchables were seen as polluting people and their dwellings were at a distance from the settlements of the four Varna communities. The untouchables were not allowed to touch people from the four Varnas. They were not allowed to enter houses of the higher Varnas. They were not allowed to enter the temples. They were not allowed to use the same wells used by the Varnas. In public occasions they were compelled to sit at a distance from the four Varnas. In regions where the attitude towards the untouchables were more severe, not only touching them was seen polluting, but also even a contact with their shadow was seen as polluting.

If, because of any reason, there was a contact between an untouchable and a member of the Varnas, the Varna member became defiled and had to immerse or wash himself with water to be purified. In strict societies, especially among the 'Twice Born'(the three top Varnas) the touched 'Twice Born' also had to pass through some religious ceremonies to purify himself from the pollution. If the untouchable entered a house and touched things of a Varna member, the Varna members used to wash or clean the places where the untouchable touched and stepped.

In some incidences the untouchables who associated with the Varna members were beaten and even murdered for that reason. Some higher hierarchy Jats also had servants whose job was to go or walk before the high Jats members and announce their coming to the streets and to see to it that the streets would be clear of untouchable people.

The orthodox Hindus treated anyone who worked in any kind of polluting job as untouchable and did not have any contact with them. According to orthodox rules any one who does not belong to the four Varnas, meaning foreigners, are untouchables.
NOT in my Name

Malvern East, Australia

#65 Sep 10, 2008
No matter what the London goat-jockey calls himself, I dub him: Syphilis. A name befitting his poxy posts. For months now, this semi-insane gink seething with envy and hatred has been waging a vicious vendetta in this forum. Hiding behind computer screens and other peopleís names, this (100% patriot-90% idiot) troll and his unasinous counterpart in Melbourne or Sydney have been bespewing each other across cyberspace. Ultimately though, in this no-holds-barred smear campaign, the end-game was always to discredit me. One idiot writes nonsense; the other replies, using my name. The paper trail is long. Unfortunately here, our idiot-savants just didnít know where or when to stop.

On May 13, when first alerted to the misuse of my name on this blog, I wrote to set things straight. Quote:ďIím not Roger de Lamerde. What makes you think that Iíd waste my one moment in all of eternity to climb down your shitten cave, crawl under your rock to blurt out animal noises with you? I donít play with gutless little shits.Ē Unquote. Apparently to no avail, because tainted with insanity, the inveterate liar remained tin-eared to the truth. And LIE after LIE after foul LIE continued to queue up behind his teeth to poison the screens of unsuspecting readers. But what makes this cockroach even more contemptible is not that he LIES, but that he uses the troubles of grief-stricken people in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan to advance his own grudge on a blog. How low can one get? And to think, so many good people have passed into oblivion, and this vile insect still crawls upon the earth.

Aided and abetted by one or more accomplices, Syphilis got hold of my unlisted phone number and, with criminal intent, threatened to kill my family and bomb my house unless I paid him ransom. And so, in a few rash months, a rabid pit-latrine rat has gone from farting against thunder on a blog, to being sought by police over bomb threats, extortion and stalking. Anyone who knows this person or recognises his writing, or suspects his identity, is encouraged to contact police.

Uxbridge, UK

#66 Sep 11, 2008
Panique a bord

After having spent years attacking the Indian community, threatening to performa genocide against them in Mauritius, Lamerde (alias A.L.) is now panicking in the face of Pere de Leveque's December campaign.

Pere de Leveque has clearly said that he will lead an international campaign to raise awareness against the threats of that dangerous individual writing under the ridiculous name of Roger de Lamerde in this forum.

Pere de Leveque recently revealed that Roger de Lamerde has developed this antipathy against the indian community adter Lamerde's wife eloped with an indian. Roger even had to pay dowry to his wife's indian partner's family as a result.

Melbourne, Australia

#67 Sep 20, 2008
Mauritians must only fly the Mauritian flag.

Mauritius belongs to ALL MAURITIANS regardless their ethnic backgrounds.

Mauritius will never become part of another foreogn nation.

Norwich, UK

#68 Sep 22, 2008
Mauritians must only fly the Mauritian flag.
Mauritius belongs to ALL MAURITIANS regardless their ethnic backgrounds.
Mauritius will never become part of another foreogn nation.

Melbourne, Australia

#69 Sep 23, 2008
Damian wrote:
<quoted text>Amen.
Under my GOVERNMENT, WE WILL MAKE SURE THAT our policies for equality and justice are implemented so that no particular ethnic group can be more equal than any other ethnic groups.

Mauritius is for all Mauritians and we will legislate to make it a capital punishable offence for acts of TREASON. Flying a foreign flag shall be regarded as an act of TREASON unless it is done on an official occasion. It will not be permissible for certain ethnic groups to sing the national anthem of another foreign nation nor will be allowed to fly the flag of another nation during any ethnic celebrations.


Alin Bouffon de Leveque

Uxbridge, UK

#70 Sep 23, 2008
<quoted text>
Shame on you for your propaganda lies and failed attempt to ressurect the MONSTER AND EVIL DOER.
btw, what are you doing here? you are not supposed to interfere in things you don't have the capacity to comprehend. stick to your african forum.
Hi I am Alin Bouffon de Leveque (born Pate de Cochon).

Make no mistake, I am white. The colour of my white-painted ass testifies.

Melbourne, Australia

#71 Sep 25, 2008
Mauritius is a free nation and no foreign nation can own it. Neither India nor its indian people.

Join and Support our campaign to bring racial harmony, justice, equality, ethnic balance in MAURITIUS.

We must fly our own national Mauritian flag and sing our national anthem during celebrations or other ethnic rituals.
The Observer

Uxbridge, UK

#72 Sep 30, 2008
Bullet Mafirakureva wrote:
<quoted text>
You heard it hear first.... MNSP now has TWO members. It is as popular as the KKK in Zimbabwe, living next door to Mugabe lol. Here's to MNSP: contesting an election on Topix: Because thats how the Mauritians roll in a political campaing aimed for the masses!!!

Hi Roger de Lamerde, if u r finding it a monumental task to get adherents to your party, why don't you provide incentives such as free sex with your wife? You have been fighting in solo on this forum for over 4 years now and you only seem to have 2 members, that too both are the one and only Roger de Lamerde from Melbourne writing under different names. Heureusement que le ridicule ne tue pas, sinon...

Melbourne, Australia

#73 Sep 30, 2008
The Observer wrote:
Bullet Mafirakureva wrote:
<quoted text>
You heard it hear first.... MNSP now has TWO members. It is as popular as the KKK in Zimbabwe, living next door to Mugabe lol. Here's to MNSP: contesting an election on Topix: Because thats how the Mauritians roll in a political campaing aimed for the masses!!!
Hi Roger de Lamerde, if u r finding it a monumental task to get adherents to your party, why don't you provide incentives such as free sex with your wife? You have been fighting in solo on this forum for over 4 years now and you only seem to have 2 members, that too both are the one and only Roger de Lamerde from Melbourne writing under different names. Heureusement que le ridicule ne tue pas, sinon...
To the Ridiculous Observer

Can you show respect to our Leader, MR Roger?


If your wive has been offering sex to the British people, the MNSP HAS NO ISSUE WITH IT.
Le Pen J M

Uxbridge, UK

#74 Oct 2, 2008
Hi Alin Leveque, I have been reading your posts over the years and I sympathize with you. I would like my party to tie knot with your MNSP.
I will make sure to fight in favour of your cause:
(1) Even Black Africans like you should be allowed to become l'eveque in the Catholic Church in Mauritius.
(2) I will help restore ethnic balance lawfully. Instead of culling the no of Indians (as suggested by your wife's boyfriend Roger de Lamerde), I would advise the black population in Mauritius to populate more intensively (for instance by taking advantage of the incentives such as free sex with Roger de Lamerde's wife).

Melbourne, Australia

#75 Oct 9, 2008
Mauritius is a free nation and is not owned by another foreign country. Only MAURITIANS own Mauritius.

Raising and flying the national flag of another country on Mauritian soil during social occasions and celebrations can only be seen as an ACT OF TREASON.

We must be proud of our Mauritian flag and as patriots, we must sing our own National anthem.

The fact we all come from distant shores must not be used as an excuse or justication to fly the flag of another country. We are all Mauritians and Mauritius is our country.

Under my GOVERNMENT, I will ensure that certain groups are taught the sense of patriotism and pride to be MAURITIANS. Therefore, we will not allow that our Mauritian flag is put aside for the flag of another foreign nation. If, as we are led to believe, certain ethnic people do feel so attached to their country of origin, my policiies will help them to be re-settled where they can freely raise and fly the flag of that foreign nation.

Mauritius is Mauritius. We, Mauritians, must be proud of our own flag regardless of our origins.


Uxbridge, UK

#76 Oct 12, 2008
Mauritius has been an economically successful country because of the hard work of the people of Indian and Afican origin, coupled with the industrial knowhow of the white people mainly of French origin. Also, during the sixties, lazy components of the population were tempted to migrate elsewhere (especially in Australia) while those who stayed back in a patriotic spirit have cultivated and developed the island and today, we are enjoying the success of the hard work.

Those who without patriotism left the island and sought refuge (often in Australia) are now jealous of the Mauritian community (especially its major Indian component), so they write all non-sense in this forum to relieve themselves.

While Mauritius has very close ties with India (which offers its technical and financial support to the country), Mauritius also maintains a good relationship with France, China and Mozambica from where the rest of its population has come (e.g. A.L. from Mozambica, though he now claims to be white for obscure reasons!).

Mauritius is often taken as an example of a multicultural society where peace and harmony prevail among the diverse races which from part of the rainbow nation. People with dark agenda are set to destroy that harmony by writing all sorts of non sense about the majority in Mauritius. As an example, when A.L.(who claims to be a writer in Australia, though there is no book on him name except some porn articles on the net which bear his name) complains about the fact that Hindus in Mauritius fly the Indian flags, he is obviously unaware of diplomatic protocols which require the flags of a foreign nation to flow alongside the national one when there is an important event involving the 2 countries. Apart from Indian flags, those of other nations are also flown when important personalities from there visit Maurritius.

The tendency of mahy Hindus to fly the Indian flag back home has never been an act of treason (treason? what about those who left the country when the economy was going thro a hard time to settle comfortably in Asutralia) but rather a compassionate action to signify our attachment to the country whose citizens left families behind to come to Mauritius and develop the island when it was being colonised. Indians have the tendency to focus highly on family values and we do not send elders to convent or abandon them in homes when we feel they have become more of a burden. Instead, we treat them with respect but that seems to hurt the feelings of individuals like A.L. who write under the name of Roger de Lamerde, borrowed from his maternal ancestors from Mozambica).

To end this article, I would like to say that regardless of how hard the porn writer from Melbourne (nicknaming himself Roger de Lamerde but with actual name being A.L.) tries, the Mauritian community will always stand united and sacrifice itself through hard work and family values rather than allowing any split, as desired by those with no significant role in this world.


Melbourne, Australia

#77 Oct 20, 2008
Glo-o-ory to thee,
Motherland, oh motherland of mine,
Sweet is thy beauty,
Sweet is thy fragrance,
around thee we gather,
as one people,
as one nation,
In peace, justice and liberty,
Beloved country may God bless thee,
for ever and ever.
It is an act of HIGH TREASON committed by ordinary people of Mauritius to fly foreign flags and sing foreign National anthems.
Mauritians must be proud of the Mauritian flag and of the Mauritian national anthem.
Those so-called Mauritians who refuse to fly the Mauritian flag and to sing the Mauritian national anthem are TRAITORS AND ENEMIES OF THE STATE OF MAURITIUS AND THE PEOPLE OF MAURITIUS.

Uxbridge, UK

#78 Oct 21, 2008
Roger de Lamerde, why are you flying Mauritian on Australian soil. Do u mean that this constitutes an act of treason?

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