I really get tired of hearing that marijuana is the gateway drug. Alcohol is the gateway drug. I would be willing to bet my life that all the abusers in the world started with alcohol and not marijuana. I am also tired of hearing that it leads to other drugs. Anyone that moves on to other drugs must have more problems than the drug use. They probably need mental treatment. I have been a POT smoker for over 35 years and up until now I got away with minimal use of narcotics. I am a chronic pain patient and can not smoke marijuana in the state of Ohio to help me with my pain. Instead of allowing me to smoke marijuana to help with the pain, I am now being put on more harmful drugs to my body like xanax, lyric and more narcotics. I really wish people would stop believing all the reefer madness that this country has been subject to for much to long. I was hopping that the medical marijuana law would be passed in Ohio this year. And now I am being told by normal that it is not likely. I hear about the Democratic PARTY and the Republican PARTY, Well it's time to stop partying and pass this law.