I want you to fully understand how most black Freemasons & The Order of the Eastern Star Organizations operate in Cleveland, Ohio. Dress to impress, looks mean a great deal to these people. The puppet masters & the many puppets of the Grand Lodges. Most of these people are educated & prestigious or give the perception that they're prestigious. It's power in numbers & these organizations can make your reputation crystal clean or they can make you look like the worst person in the world. Black freemasons, prince Hall & International Freemasons are closely connected to white freemasons. They go to the same lodges sometime & hold seats in each other lodges. They make you believe you wanna belong, you need them, they don't need you. It's amazing to see how many people can be taken so easy, especially women. These people are social networking kings & queens. Everybody wanna belong to something to meet someone with money because that person know someone with money.If you got a buck than you got a bruh & if you got two dollars than you got a sister. Of course the perception is God, praying & faith & clean living. You know, everything that's easy to sell.

Here's the article:

Having His Cake and Eating it Too
A for-profit charity comes under scrutiny as members describe shady dealings

Former members of the for-profit investment group and fraternal organization known as Cakeboy & Cakegirl Inc. say that the company to which they belonged was and is a sinister scam, that Chief Executive Officer Derrick Watson was and is a professional con artist who embezzled funds from dues-paying members to bankroll a lavish lifestyle. At its peak, Cakeboy & Cakegirl Inc. counted more than 300 members, hosting parties and "networking events" at their headquarters in Warrensville Heights in addition to periodic community service initiatives. Membership entailed a $55 one-time fee and then a $40 monthly payment thereafter. Co-founder Antwon Joiner said that Watson routinely funneled those dues directly to himself. "You can do the math," said Joiner. "It was to the tune of $550,000." But it wasn't just the money. Joiner said that he was compelled to quit the organization earlier this year primarily because Watson was preying on female members, collecting new members, in fact, expressly for the purpose of sleeping with them, he alleged. Joiner claims that sometimes Watson would have sex with new recruits in introductory "interviews." "He was like the 2013 Ted Bundy," said Joiner. "No matter how many women he got, he needed new meat.

"A lot of people pay to be in the spotlight," suggested Joiner. "They pay to be in the club. They pay to be around people who drive fancy cars."

It's often church that people turn to for comfort and nourishment in times of distress, and Joiner didn't stray far from religious imagery either. Only he didn't consider Derrick Watson a preacher.
"Cakeboy was making Derrick Watson into a God," Joiner said.
"And that's what he always wanted."

Derrick Watson has not been found found guilty anything.
Sleeping with women is not a crime if they're above the age of 18.
I can't name one businessmen that didn't max out their credit cards when they first started out. What I'm trying to say is that I never heard of a small business owner that didn't make mistakes. Black men & especially black women look at black men in the black community that's broke as lame with no game. Some folks wanna hear your game, your hustle. They honestly want have someone spit game at them rather than hear the true. Derrick had a tremendous amount of influence, he didn't steal 300 members money they came to him.