I'm in Cleveland, Ohio for 5 days on business. Everybody is talking about LeBron James coming back to Cleveland, it's great to hear people excited. I was in Cleveland, Ohio before & I had the worse time. So I decided to visit other parts of Cleveland rather than the Downtown. My hotel is on the Westside of Cleveland, Ohio. I didn't rent a car, I started to rent a Zip Car, but I thought I was gonna go to meetings & back to the hotel to work & I could catch the train with no problems. Well, the train was down so I had to catch a shuttle bus & someone got on the bus & smelled like urine. The people close to him started opening up the windows & to make matters worse he started moving around to different seats. Sure enough when he got up to leave it was a wet spot around his pants. he younger kids started laughing but I stood up after that because right after he got up someone sat down right where he was sitting. The ride was long. Someone was talking about someone being stabbed on the bus a while ago. I got to my location & I was tired from the shuttle ride so I stopped by Applebee's restaurant. I should have known better! The food was disgusting! I couldn't finish it all. The host & bartender was nice & polite, but the food & the after taste was disgusting! The food at those kind of places never look like the online or commercial advertisement. Very disappointed with Applebee's so I decided to shop a lil'. The shopping was fine, but the trip back to the hotel was just as bad as the food at Applebee's. The shuttle bus didn't have air condition & I was scared to sit down because of the man who urine on himself & sat in several seats on the last bus. I stood all the way clutching my bag with my laptop & shopping bags hoping I want get stabbed. Tomorrow I'm renting a car & I'm going from my hotel to the business meeting & back to the hotel because I been in Cleveland, Ohio before & people will tell you to eat somewhere they claim is a great restaurant & the service is either good or poor & the food does not leave you happy. There are some restaurants & some places I will revisit that I like in Cleveland, Ohio. Not I good day back for me, but I'm sure LeBron James return will be better than mine.