Who do you side with in Ferguson?

Eureka, MT

#132 Aug 25, 2014
Two groups dependent upon government largesse, cops and minorities on welfare, battling it out. I hope for mutual destruction.
Call out Commissar

Aransas Pass, TX

#133 Aug 25, 2014
Here's my take:
Guy strongarm robberies store, cop gets in altercation with suspect, suspect charges officer and is killed.
There are people who believe naively the cop could've not killed him and lived himself. There are people who believe the guy was gunned down. The fact is that he robbed a store over some cigars.
Think about that for a second. Do you really deserve to die over some cigarettes? No. Do you really need to forcibly rob someone else over cigarettes? No.
WHY the hell are people in American society obsessed with things like fancy cigarettes, and expensive clothes, but not the work ethic to obtain them on their own?
The problem lies within a political system designed to keep you uneducated and poor regardless of color. We've got kids who are so obsessed over something like a stupid Ipad or Ipod that they throw tantrums when they aren't given them, or they rob other kids of them. They absolutely NEED a cellphone to text their friends. They completely live a life of stupid stupid ignorant bliss that is absolutely not founded in reality.
Picture this, you're an inner city kid. You grow up maybe you have a parent maybe you don't, everyone around you is obsessed with some icon or another. So much so that you want to be this icon or image of something that's just not real. But that doesn't stop you, you get a job at your local Wal-Mart making minimum wage but guess what? You can't afford a place to live without government help because your company refuses to pay you a liveable wage. If you can't afford a home what are the odds you're even going to think of education? So here you are uneducated, you see your idol on TV wearing expensive clothes, and you realize you will never obtain that working where you are now.
Well what do you do? You can't afford housing without government help, you can't go to school because you have to eat, toss on top of that a baby of your own and then you get to be in a really terrible spot.
And what do we as fellow Americans do? We say "fuck that guy" "he should just get a job and work for it" "I did it why can't he?". Then no one helps. And what do we have? We have a sub-human class of people living in ghettos working shit all jobs for scraps who are so uneducated they buy shit they don't need to pour money into a capitalist system that feeds off them. We assume they are gutter trash and that is how we treat them.
In a system like this is it seriously a surprise that people turn to things like stealing or selling drugs to live half ass decently? ALL of us have to get off our high horses cast off all the ignorance that's been plagued upon us and separates us as a people - I'm talking religion, sex, sexual orientation, race ALL of this must not be a factor in how we judge our neighbor. We can GREATLY improve a lot in our country if we demand our job providers give us just a liveable wage.
History has shown us once before what happens when the worker is subjugated by the rich. This country cannot survive without the worker, he is it's economic lifeblood. If the workers are not treated fairly, humanely, then once they ally instead of squabble they will seize the means of production and redistribute it themselves.

United States

#134 Aug 25, 2014
"What gift is that?" my friend asked.

"Your white skin," he said. "If you're white in this country, you're ahead of the game. You get more chances. You get more second chances. That's the gift your mother and I gave you—and we didn't have a damn thing to do with it!"

My friend's dad was being bitterly sarcastic. But he was also being honest about white privilege.

I believe that there's a difference between knowing something and understanding it. You know how you'll try to communicate something very important to you to another person and sometimes they'll wave you off with an impatient, "I know, I know"? That's knowing: I got the gist, filed it away, I don't need to think about it again. Knowing is comprehension; understanding is deeper because it comes from empathy or identification.

All of which is a wind-up to say: having grown up in a mostly black neighborhood near Love Field airport in Dallas, and having been a diligent liberal for most of my adult life, I already knew there was such a thing as white privilege, and was properly horrified by it, but I didn't truly understand what it meant, on a deep level, until one summer night in 2006, when I was spared arrest or worse thanks to the color of my skin.

The incident happened about eight weeks after my wife's death from cardiac arrest caused by a previously undiagnosed flaw in her heart. I was at the lowest point of my life. I was angry, and I was drinking too much. I'd been a tremendously angry person when I was younger, my wife made me not angry anymore, and then when she was gone all at once the anger returned, and alcohol made it active. I channeled my anger away from my kids and my coworkers and my friends. But I needed an outlet for all that rage. So one or two nights a week, instead of drinking at home, I'd go out and get drunk at bars and then wander the streets looking for trouble.

One night I was cooking dinner for my kids. I drank a few glasses of red wine while I cooked and at some point realized I was short a couple of ingredients. I turned off the stove, told the kids I'd be back in five minutes, asked my brother, who lived upstairs, to watch them, then went to a deli a couple of blocks away.

It was drizzling. I was carrying a cheap umbrella that leaked. Outside the deli leaning against a pay phone was a Hispanic man in his late twenties or early thirties insulting people as they passed by. His words were slightly slurred.

When I came out of the deli, this man said something about my shoes and my hat, and because I was looking for a reason to hit somebody, I put my grocery bags down and confronted him. We cursed at each other for a while, puffing up our chests and barking threats, and then he poked me in the chest with his index finger. I knew the second he did it that he didn't actually mean to touch me, that he was probably just jabbing at me for emphasis and misjudged the distance between us, because it wasn't a hard impact and the contact seemed to surprise him, too. But I hit him in the face anyway. He stumbled backward, turned around in an attempt to regain his balance, tripped and fell face down on the sidewalk. I jumped on his back and put my forearm around his neck and locked it, to keep him from getting up again. It was a chokehold.

I don't know how long I was down there, but it was long enough for the owner of the deli to call the cops. A squad car pulled up sometime later. Two patrolmen got out and pulled me off the guy and tossed me on the sidewalk. Then one of them ran over and put his knee on my back, but did not cuff me—a detail that didn't register until the cop got off me and allowed me to stand again, and I looked over and saw that the other guy was face down on the pavement, cuffed.

Both cops were white.

(Continued below.)
real siter

Houston, TX

#135 Aug 25, 2014
what if that were your daugher.son .brother.sister.mother.father. ...how would u really feel its not u so u would never understand ...dont judge just pray for that family its not about who side u own its about what if.....

Since: Oct 13

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#136 Aug 25, 2014
Too much drama wrote:
I just wonder if a black cop shot a white thug how many whites would demonstrate all the drama?
Who do whites have to fill in for Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in that case?
I'm sure thites could find some David Dukes or a bunch of skinhead Nazi boys to fill in nicely

Darby, PA

#137 Aug 25, 2014
smh wrote:
So what he stole the cop didn't even know he stole before he stopped mike . Why defend a killer cop no justice no peace these killer cops has to get off the streets.
he was confronting the police.he even beat the police.the police was defending himself.he has no choice but to shoot that 300lbs thug.marijuana was found in michaels body.he was high
So What

Shawnee, KS

#138 Aug 25, 2014
Justice wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes because the black cop would have already been in jail case closed
You are totally wrong.


This happened just 2 days after the Ferguson incident and you still obviously haven't heard about it.

Big Sandy, TN

#139 Aug 25, 2014
I don't think the Black Guy should have been killed for stealing a box of cigarillos. But, the Minute the Black Guy refused to obey the Cop, and put his hands on the Police Officer, it changed into a whole different situation, and the Cop had every Right, by Law, to shoot him...and the Cop is trained to "Shoot To Kill", not wound!

The Black Guy should not be dead, but it's his own fault that he is!

An NFL Fan

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#141 Aug 25, 2014
I'm appalled by the racist comments.
literal guy

Junction City, KS

#142 Aug 25, 2014
Funk Darren Wilson wrote:
<quoted text>
I stand with mike brown
No you don't. Mike's laying down.

Booneville, KY

#143 Aug 25, 2014
he has his hands up his friend was with him at this time and other witness told that michael had his hands up dont shoot is what he said

Charlottesville, VA

#144 Aug 25, 2014
fisherwoman wrote:
nobody said that this boy was an angel and it dont matter that he took smokes the facts are there was no armed robery on the tape and and he had no weapon and was not even a supect at the time of shooting he was going to his grama house just up form where he got killed. and thats the FACTS god bless this family and michael and he was to start college the next day.
Oh really? Were you there?
little lamb

South Yarra, Australia

#145 Aug 25, 2014
Eustace wrote:
<quoted text>Well said, however I fear the officer may be thrown under the bus, regardless.
Then that is just another form of racism

People seem to believe racism is one way..but its not.

Over here in Australia racism has become a political movement of obtaining favor and privilege, and apparently many see it as social justice , helping the poor up...some cases it may be appropriate

but in some cases the reason someone is poor , and in jail is because of their own activities ..

So what happens is race becomes an excuse and people are not called to account for personal responsibility.

We will all be watching the outcome for that police man...but in the end if he is just thrown under a bus...we will know....and that will start a resentment that will build and add to racial tensions ...

For it will show black and white can't live together at all.

Unless we are all collected into Christ, he is the only one that states in him there is neither Jew nor Greek..no race hatred in Christ

Outside Christ it blooms in both fields...Governments have tried to have racial harmony that is only in Christ , but they can't manufacture a Christ state when they are unbelievers.

Cordova, TN

#146 Aug 25, 2014
Child killers

Ripley, TN

#148 Aug 25, 2014
fisherwoman wrote:
nobody said that this boy was an angel and it dont matter that he took smokes the facts are there was no armed robery on the tape and and he had no weapon and was not even a supect at the time of shooting he was going to his grama house just up form where he got killed. and thats the FACTS god bless this family and michael and he was to start college the next day.
His size made up for the fact he had no weapon. The guy was 6'4" & weighed almost 300 lbs. He pushed around that store owner & no doubt attacked Officer Wilson (he had numerous wounds). There was NO reason for Brown to have attacked the policeman. Any time you attack the police or resist arrest you are automatically breaking the law. And even eyewitnesses for Brown admit he was struggling for the officer's gun! I'm sure Brown would have used it if he had gotten it.

As for him going to college- lol. Major in what? How to hot wire cars? Disarm alarm systems? Cook meth?

Newark, NJ

#149 Aug 25, 2014
It is fascinating how most of the people are hateful in their remarks. Most posts here lack any wisdom or any signs of intelligence. You just can't state a case with any sense without sounding like ranting racists. That is a sign of ignorance. Mean bullies with hearts like the grinch.

Lake Station, IN

#151 Aug 25, 2014
karma killer wrote:
The cop should have shot him in the leg. The thug shouldn't have been a thriving thug.
Yea, but then he would be a hoppin- around on one leg thieving negroe

Jefferson, GA

#153 Aug 25, 2014
achyfi wrote:
Isn't it enough that this is on every other forum on Topix so people can hurl ad hominem and scream at each other? Why must the Human Sexuality forum be polluted with it? If Topix administration can't respect its own forum "topix", no one else will either.
Furthermore, what is so special about this story in particular that warrants it being spammed across every forum? Half the people who post here are from the UK and could care less.
No, they couldn't care less. If they could care less, they would.
flat screen justice

Erie, PA

#154 Aug 25, 2014
Justice wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes because the black cop would have already been in jail case closed
Let me guess...for no reason.
Need Info

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#155 Aug 25, 2014
11 shots on audio

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