Grass Roots of Yakima Valley: our hom...

Grass Roots of Yakima Valley: our homegrown hate group

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Yakima Valley Communists

Sunnyside, WA

#1 Jul 29, 2010
Grass Roots of Yakima Valley is an anti-Hispanic organization that operates primarily

in Yakima and its suburbs. It's activities include protesting the supposed "North

American Union", anti-immigrant letter writing campaigns, harassment campaigns

against Hispanic-owned businesses, publishing blatantly racist and easily disproven

misinformation on their website, and the various other anti-Hispanic activities.
Their main function in relation to the class struggle is that they serve to mislead

the white working class against Hispanic and immigrant workers, and ultimately serve

the criminal banksters and capitalists by creating dissention within the working


Grass Roots members are very active and vocal at city council meetings, and take that

opportunity to blame immigrants for everything from gang violence to unemployment.

At one city council meeting, GRYN spokeswoman Robbie Byrne accused Yakima Police

Chief Sam Granato of being "buddies" with criminal gangs because he is Hispanic,

despite his long record of taking a leading role in fighting gangs, forming and

working with multi-agency task forces to fight gangs, even to the extent that police

departments in the lower valley and tri-cities were noting a large influx of Yakima

gang members fleeing the tough enforcement of their "buddy" Chief Granato

[source:http://www.tri-cityher kdown-in-yakima-may-be-

sending.html]. Granato's real offense to Grass Roots was speaking at an immigration

rally to tell immigrants that Yakima Police will not run immigration documents if a

suspected immigrant reports a crime, something Grass Roots demands be done. This is

a position also taken by the Washington State Police Chiefs as well as Yakima County

Sheriff Ken Irwin, who even goes further to say that immigrants are not the cause of

all the crime in that valley, and that white meth users make up a hefty part of our

countys criminals. But Granato made the mistake of using a pragmatic approach AND

being Hispanic. Who cares if this is the position held by most police chiefs in

Washington State when you can use it to claim that Granatos loyalties are to his

Hispanic gang buddies and not to the community?

Another one of Grass Roots' more visible activities was when in 2010, Grass Roots

members casually visited all the businesses they could find with Hispanic-sounding

names, such as "Jimenez Auto Sales," and filed a blizzard of false complaints with

the city about alleged code violations.[source: http://www.ya kima- ]. Of the four

dozen complaints filed, with photographs from their casual visits by Grass Roots

members Mary Ann Lockhart and Deanna Pemberton, two "possible violations" were found.

One was tires stored incorrectly, and the other was at a home-based business but the

nature was unclear.

The Grass Roots members claim there was no racial motivation, and it was not a

harassment campaign, they just were out with a camera, wanting to be sure that the

codes were followed, which it turns out, they were. Sorry dumbfucks.
Yakima Valley Communists

Sunnyside, WA

#2 Jul 29, 2010
Grass Roots is also one of those weird groups that thinks that there is a "North
American Union" forming that will destroy American sovereignity and make the US,
Canada, and Mexico all one country. Any research into this will show that it is just
another imperialistic economic model like NAFTA or the FTAA, but Lou Dobbs was able
to use it to rile up very gullible and very stupid people. Grass Roots members
protest against the NAU on the streets now.
[ zine/v23n1/NA_Union.html]
Grass Roots also publishes a number of overtly racist and defamatory statements on
their website, blaming immigrants and Latinos for everything from food poisoning,
drunk driving deaths, "more Americans killed every year than soldiers in Iraq since
we've been there," vicious and brutal murders and rapes (without any sourcing, of
course), high school dropouts, the bankruptcy of capitalism, unemployment, drug use,
pedaphilia, gang violence, all disease outbreaks, and any other societal ill you
could think of. One page on their sites claims that illegals commit one million sex
crimes in the US every year, but FBI statistics show only 80,000 per year by
Most of Grass Roots' information is unsourced, and most of the information that uses
"sources" comes from sources that actually contradict what Grass Roots says, are from
white supremacist or even complete whackjob UFO-illuminati-theorist sites, or more
commonly, from transcripts from the Lou Dobbs show, a man who was forced to resign
after it came out that he was using forged statistics to demonize immigrants and got
many of them from white power organizations.
It's not that these people are just stupid (they're stupid, don't get me wrong) but
they are so deep into this quasi-conspiratorial, hate-filled world where they can
believe anything as long as it demonizes immigrants, and call treason whatever
doesn't. If you start to get an understanding of the mentality of these people, then
you can understand why they would actually think that filing false complaints against
Hispanic-American businesses is actually protecting America.
What needs to be emphasized about this group is not just that it is a hate group that
should be exposed, marginalized, and educated away. This group is the manifestation
of the mindset that the capitalist-imperialist system wishes to impart on white
working class and middle class people, to keep our class divided against ourselves,
so that we cannot better our own lot. Most of these people would actually have more
to gain by joining with undocumented Spanish-speaking field workers than protesting
their existence.
Our lot will best be improved when our loyalty is to our class, the working class,
and not to government-issued paperwork.
The Yakima Valley Communists can be contacted at

Since: Jul 10

Sunnyside, WA

#3 Jul 31, 2010
The Grass Roots of Yakima Valley is closely linked to the defunct Yakima chapter of

the Minutemenso Civil Defense Corpse. In fact, when the national Minutemen

organization disbanded due to the liability posed by the transition from cazamigrante

to more overt terrorist actions by Minutemensos, including the murder of a man and

his young daughter by former Yakima Minutemen-member Shawna Forde, and a friend of

hers who is suspected of several murders by Wenatchee police in the name of anti-


Bob Dameron, leader of the disbanded Minutemen, stated that Shawna Forde lived with

him for a while, until they found out she was stealing from them, and she was forced

out of the MCDC to form the Minutemean American Defense, which Yakima Minuteman Bob

Dameron admits to running the website for.

Other Minutemen groups along the border tended to stay away from Shawna Forde's group

because of their clear advocacy of racist violence, but what about the Yakima

Minutemen? "She was pretty active (in the movement) on this side of the state. She

got people going. She motivated people." That's right. The same woman who

immigrant-hunting assault rifle-packing Minutemen stayed away from because of her

advocacy of violence "motivated" the local Minuteman/Grass Roots crowd. Should we be

concerned that domestic terrorists and murderers are motivational speakers for the

local anti-immigrants?
the balance

Ellensburg, WA

#5 Mar 14, 2014
Well the Latinos need to unite against this group. Sadly, all I see when I go to Yakima in the Hispanic youth, is an almost obsession with stop being Latino. They believed that it is their fault that the city is shit and desperately try to not be Latino anymore (look at the hordes of whitewashed idiots at CWU, claiming that they are not like the other messages and that they are actually Spanish. My wife is going to become a teacher and teach in Yakima, lets see how it goes with the biggot parents. I am a rifle totting hot head as well.
Tyler James Mears

Yakima, WA

#6 Aug 16, 2015
dk about all that but I do know that it pisses me off that we are 1000 miles from a Spanish speaking nation and we have over 70 business in the county that only cater to Spanish speaking individuals. Have Spanish billboards. And act like I'm stupid for not knowing spaniah.. my ancestors came to here in the early 1900s and settled in this valley from the Netherlands and from Germany. Do u think they came here and hat dutch speaking business and german speaking business. No they had to learn English to survive sing as we speak English here .. so that kind of shit pisses me off . My great grandfather came here from rodderdam with 13 children and ran a barber shop do u think he only catered to the Spanish speaking people. No he had to learn English. . And I am about at the point where I want to go to thsee business and protest. If I did that today and only catered to people who spoke german I would have a lawsuit on my hads. Or like growing up in selah my whole life and having kids in 5th and 6th grade being able to work at the fruit companys because they speak Spanish and it doesn't matter that they are under the legal working age .. I had to wait tell I was 16 to even apply and I was pretty much we forced out because I don't speak Spanish ... I get treated like I am stupid for not speaking a language that is the language of or nation . And I have to watch my family go threw the same shit today because they don't speak Spanish . Like I said we are 1000 miles away from a nation that speaks Spanish so when I look around my home town that is way closer to a french speaking nation then a Spanish speaking one and 40% of the shit is in Spanish then yes I have a problem . If u want to call me a racist for thinking like that then by all means think that but just relize ur hating on me for the same reasons u hate me

Yakima, WA

#7 Aug 16, 2015
There is nothing wrong with being spaniah or german or whatever and teaching your kids there native tounge . But there is a problem with a group of people only catering to people who speak there own language in a nation thats main language is not the same as there own .

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