OBSI seizes "illegal" Shelby Mustangs

OBSI seizes "illegal" Shelby Mustangs

There are 79 comments on the KFOR story from Jul 8, 2010, titled OBSI seizes "illegal" Shelby Mustangs. In it, KFOR reports that:

Shelby Mustangs, they're the car many teenagers used to dream of and many cars lovers still do.

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Oklahoma City, OK

#42 Jul 9, 2010
Tuna Boat wrote:
I understand VIN fraud. Stolen cars and chop shop's. However if you have documentation on legit purchases and use another body to restore a car this causes me to scratch my head and wonder. Maybe there should be a way to stamp and extra letter on the VIN too designate it as a reproduction to make it legal. However I'm sure the courts will work this out considering this guy wasn't blantenly out to screw anyone.
You can get VIN numbers for reproduction cars. You just have to let the tag off know what you are doing and they will get you the documentation you need.

Oklahoma City, OK

#43 Jul 9, 2010
I dont care if they are kit cars or not. He should be selling them for cheap now. Ill take one. The govt will probably paint them black adn white and put twirling lights on top.

Lexington, OK

#44 Jul 9, 2010
they finally got caught!!!
did not know it was illegal, lol

Shawnee, OK

#45 Jul 9, 2010
Matt wrote:
<quoted text>
So you aware that Oklahoma has an OSBI, or that Oklahoma has an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations?
I can see from this statement why you live it Texas

Montgomery, AL

#46 Jul 9, 2010
Brent and Doug wrote:
We didn't use black folk to build our cars we used illegal Mexicans and youth slave labor
it felt really good!!! I gotta go now and count my money
You know why because a black man won't work. I have several illegals working for me so what your point? "Brent and Doug" you should have used the names "Neil and Bob" because ive got a feeling thats what you do.

United States

#47 Jul 9, 2010
Get a grip people. Just because you can afford a $200,000 does not mean you know anything about a $200,000 car. Most people that buy these cars are buying them for 2 reasons. 1. They want a classic car. 2. Investment.

I guess everyone defending this guy could care less if their BANK ACCOUNT dropped from $200,000 to $40,000 overnight just because the bought a FAKE CD.

I don't know the facts, but how many cars would he have sold for lets say $200,000 if he told his customers, well I cut the VIN plate out of that old junker over there and welded into this Kit car I bought for $40,000 and you owe me $200,000 now.

FRAUD: is a deliberate misrepresentation which causes another person to suffer damages, usually monetary losses

Edmond, OK

#48 Jul 9, 2010
I have restored a couple of cars. By the time you get done restoring a 60's car you have a new car anyways. when do you call it too much?
Believe me, all the good, rust free, classic muscle cars are picked over, that is why they make every panel available for them.
My current 68 fastback mustang is getting new floors, quarter panels, fenders, hood, bumbers, roof, doors, drive train, dash, etc. etc.. And yes I HAD TO PULL THE VIN TAG OFF THE DASH WHEN I REPLACED IT! does this mean I am committing a crime because I had to replace all the rusted out metal????
If you have never restored a 60 year old pile of rust you should not be so quick to hang someone.

United States

#49 Jul 9, 2010

FRAUD: is a deliberate misrepresentation which causes another person to suffer damages, usually monetary losses.

DELIBERATE is the key word.

The OSBI probably has recordings and emails from the owner stating something like is 100% orginal car no rust, only X number of miles. And probably on more than one car he has made these statements.

And when you sell your car you need to say:

I had to replace the floors, quarter panels, fenders, hood, bumbers, roof, doors, drive train, dash, etc. etc.. And yes I HAD TO PULL THE VIN TAG OFF THE DASH WHEN I REPLACED IT!

That way you don't end up like this guy.
joe okc

United States

#50 Jul 9, 2010
the owner my be an ass at time to time but everyone knows you cant have 5 or more original body rust free shellby gt500's laying around, and the customers know what they are getting if its a original body, with replacment parts or a new one,and as for them saying they are promoting them as original shellbys just look at the rocker panel it says GT500CR.

Edmond, OK

#51 Jul 9, 2010
I have personally been to Classic Recreations, I am sure most people who have dropped money to buy one came to visit as well.
They have nothing to hide, they will show you the shop, send you build pictures and you can see for yourself where they are cutting out all the rusted areas and replacing them.
by the time they are done they can say "it is 100% rust free", and it is still the original car.
Wait, these where never original cars, they make licensed cars through the movie Gone in 60 Seconds and Carol Shelby. So you are not buying something that was around in the 60's anyways.
Dynacorn, who makes the "shells" in question uses a lot of ford tooling and stamps.
When you put a after market light bulbs on your car do you tell a prospective buyer the car is no longer 100% original? No, that would be outrageous. Just as it would be outrageous to believe that these 50 year old cars that are not of the original shape or design did not have to have one thing replaced.
Ted Parrish

Oklahoma City, OK

#52 Jul 9, 2010
It's amazing that our government can't go after illegal aliens, but they can try to destroy a legit business because they think it "may be illegally" operating. I have been familar with this company for years, and only wish I could afford one of their products. They have never sold one of their cars with the switched serial numbers as anything but a "re-creation", with updated technology that only makes the car much better then the original.

The government should have handled this matter through communication, not confiscation. They may not even end up filing any charges, but the business owner will suffer great expense to restore his business, and retrieve his assets.

This whole matter could have been handled more sensably just by notifing the business that it's practices "might" be illegal, and give the business to respond, in court if necessary.

So much for Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Dallas, TX

#53 Jul 9, 2010
They are screwed. Close the shop and start something else or start over. The OSBI has enough on 'em or they wouldn't have knocked on the door. Pay your fines and hope they let you off easy. "Never ask a question you don't already know the anwser too" they know the truth... I know for a fact they have been on these guys for a while, they built this case over the winter and if they didn't have anything why did they "raid" the place?

Edmond, OK

#54 Jul 9, 2010
ChevyGuy wrote:
The OSBI has enough on 'em or they wouldn't have knocked on the door......they built this case over the winter and if they didn't have anything why did they "raid" the place?
Good point. Kinda unlikely some OSBI people woke up Thursday morning and just decided "Hey, I feel like going to all the effort of towing off a bunch of cars and making myself responsible for securely storing them. Then I may be up for hauling off a bunch of computers that I will have to pick thru for evidence. That'll be a hoot. I got no proof...just feel like being a D*$K."

Good points. I'm guessing they had some pretty good evidence. In order to get a warrant to sieze the property they had to show probable cause that a crime was committed to a judge, right? Not like they can take stuff without a court order.

And they ARE state employees, right? That means they have no motivation or work ethic (at least according to a lot of the rants in these forums). Deciding to screw with a random business just for the fun of it doesn't sound like something unmotivated, shiftless state employees would do - they'd just hide out and not do anything.:-)
about time

Noble, OK

#55 Jul 10, 2010
I will keep it breif....berrnie madoff (ponzi scheme) What an investment???

Noble, OK

#56 Jul 10, 2010
Like father like son....if the father sells lousy cars at his car lot on 39th street at T&D Motors, what makes anyone think that the son would be any different, he only learned from the BEST! Even if by some miracle that he gets off with a slap on the wrist for this crime, his reputation in Oklahoma is over, when it comes to cars!

P.S. Their car dealership liscence should revoked and never given one again in the state of OKLAHOMA!

Choctaw, OK

#57 Jul 10, 2010
Why don't we stick to the subject and not use this forum as an opportunity to bash the rest of the family. We all know car salesmen have a bad rep. just like many other professions...you want to talk about Enron too!
Let me give another example of how these folks are getting the shaft...
Say I own a collision center...The insurance company sends me a new F250 King Ranch that's been hammered in a broadside collision. I'm instructed and PAID by the insurance company to replace the entire cab (for safety and liability purposes) do I not have to REMOVE the VIN tag from the original cab and the replacement cab and replacement with the tag from the original truck...yes, I do! Is this a crime...NO! It's a replacement/repair part, it's that simple. And I'll sell what's left of the cab to a salvage yard which will sell off anything useable that's left.
All we have here is a bunch of testosterone driven, over zealous idiots with nothing else to do flexing their muscles to get attention. This will all come out in the wash, I'd be surprised if even goes to trial.
someone else

United States

#58 Jul 10, 2010
Birds of a feather tony thats why you are where you are

Choctaw, OK

#59 Jul 10, 2010
Oh! Where am I! I'm right where I want to be. You know nothing about me. And why don't you have the balls to sign your name...coward!

Stratford, OK

#60 Jul 10, 2010
Tony wrote:
Oh! Where am I! I'm right where I want to be. You know nothing about me. And why don't you have the balls to sign your name...coward!
Why would he are you some kind of bad azz? Why dont you put your last name on here? Cracker thinks your black with no nut sack probably have them sagging pants.

Choctaw, OK

#61 Jul 10, 2010
Whoever "someone else" is knows who I am or he wouldn't have made that comment, are you idiots going to try to make this about me? Besides "Cracker" the point is if your going to make a personal attack on someone be man enough to put your name behind it! What a bunch of p*ss***! Based on both your comments and with a name like "cracker" no more needs to be said!

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