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#57745 Jan 13, 2014
My grandfather said two things matter in life:

#1) Loyalty is everything. Never betray your friends or family. If you do, it will come back around to destroy you.

#2) When it comes to business, the customer is always right.

I’d add a third rule: You can kiss your enemy, but you should refrain from French-kissing him.

I’m a Tea Party Libertarian-conservative Republican. Mitt Romney was not my cup of tea (excuse the pun). But once I choose sides, I’m “all in.” There is no 90% or even 100%. Either you give everything you have, or don’t get involved. So I gave Mitt 110%.

I knew the re-election of Obama would devastate the economy and kill more jobs. I knew the implementation of Obamacare would annihilate the middle class. I knew Romney was the only alternative. So I was “all in.” I gave Mitt everything I had.

But Christie became BFF (Best friends forever) with Obama that day. Christie’s over-the-top lovefest destroyed Romney’s Presidential ambitions. At the time several national polls had Romney up by 5 to 7 points. His ratings sunk like quicksand after Christie’s embrace. With friends like Chris Christie, who needs enemies?

Did Obama bribe Christie? Was he promised billions of dollars in government loans and hurricane FEMA relief money if he stabbed Romney in the back?

Was it pure political payback for not being chosen as Romney’s V.P? Yes, I think that was part of it.

Or was it pure political calculation? Did Christie realize if his buddy Romney won the election, he (Christie) would have no political future. Romney would be in for 8 long years and Christie would have nowhere to move up, and be long forgotten after his second term as Governor was up. My guess is all of the above.

Don’t forget this is a guy who Romney chose as the keynote speaker at the GOP Convention. Christie rewarded his faith by giving an entire speech about himself. Listening to Christie’s speech that night, I wasn’t sure if it was Romney or Christie accepting the nomination.

This same Christie went out of his way to denigrate and bad mouth the Tea Party. You know the same group that is the very foundation of the GOP. The same group that makes up the most loyal base of support, donations, energy and excitement for the GOP. The same group that produced the greatest landslide in modern political history in 2010. Why? Once again, ego. Christie needed to flex his muscles, prove his independence, and win adulation from the liberal media.

Christie and Obama- BFF. Christie and liberal Bruce Springstein- BFF. Christie and the liberal GOP-hating media- BFF. Christie's political future- up in smoke.

The lessons?

First, what goes around comes around. Karma’s a bi-ch. Christie got what was coming to him.

Second, my grandfather was right. The customer is always right. Any Republican who badmouths the Tea Party is biting the hand that feeds you.

Third, stop trying to make friends with the media. The media hates all Republicans, even the “moderate” ones. When a Republican courts the media, he dances with the devil.

Fourth, never trust big government Republicans. They use the same power of government to damage people's lives, just as Democrats like Obama do.

I actually feel bad for Christie. Hillary Clinton did much worse (see 4 dead Americans at Benghazi, a massive cover-up, and her ensuing testimony "What does it matter?”). But the media protects her.

Barack Obama committed crimes against the American people (see IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Obamacare fraud). But the media protects him.

Nonetheless, I can’t help smiling. Chris Christie got what he deserves..

Wayne Allyn Root is capitalist evangelist, entrepreneur, and Libertarian-conservative Republican. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. Wayne's latest book is "The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: Secrets to Protecting Your Family, Your Finances, and Your Freedom." For more, visit his website: www.ROOTforAmerica.com . Follow him on Twitter@WayneRoot.


United States

#57746 Jan 13, 2014
TAMARA wrote:
<quoted text>If this true I hope neither one is having a relationship with anyone else. Democrats will be dropping dead all over the place. Darn didn't someone post it's only bad behavior if it is done by an Okie? That is what is called 'double standard".
Time will tell but I know there are several photos of Michelle 'glaring' at different women who are representatives of their country with pure unmitigated hatred in her face. Two I can recall off hand is France's prime minister's model wife. What could possibly be the conflict there? Mrs. Hollande wasn't even looking at Michelle and received the death glare caught on film, lol. Then when later during the funeral and memorial in South Africa, a female (royalty)representative from the Netherlands I think it was, posed for 'selfies' with British PM, Pres. Obama who were laughing and leaning into the blonde the 3 acting like they were at a football game...Michelle was caught yet again with the 'glare' that kills at a thousand yards. It was later reported she made Obama move to her seat and she sat next the pretty blonde. Oh I remember another time when Michelle used her 'glare' to declare she wasn't pleased about something. When the Queen of England had Pres. Obama and Michelle Obama as guest along with many other dignitaries at the State Dinner at Buckingham Palace. It was later reported the Queen was so angry with Michelle's bad manners she told staff 'not to ever invite that woman again'.

Oh dear Michelle doesn't like white women but Obama doesn't seem to have a big problem with them...
Packing Heat

Afton, OK

#57747 Jan 13, 2014
Karen Janbaz wrote:
aka: Agnostic aka: Justaminute
Well Heat you all love to use the word 'tyranny' but if Obama was a tyrant your would all be in some gulag somewhere and be afraid to speak. Yet here you are on the internet...which your couldn't if you were actually in a tyrannical regime.

But bloviating is a teapot specialty....

Let me type it again but slower since I'm all out of crayons today...
now slow down and re-read it again, slowly.

The Supreme Court Not Impressed with Obama's Tyranny...
Nothing about a Teapot Special You Idiot!
The United States Supreme Court,
The Highest Court in Our Country.

They were task to make a ruling today and put that thug behavior in this administration in check. So far all rulings from lower courts say Obama needs his ass whip. The SCOTUS will soon say, lol,
stay tuned.

It is they Who has the authority to decide when the Senate is officially in session, the president or senators themselves! No one from the TEA-Party has mentioned it, the Courts did, period!

Since the NLRB vacancies arose earlier than the formal recess (between the end of the 111th Congress in December 2011 and the beginning of the 112th Congress in January 2012), the recess appointments were unconstitutional, the appeals court ruled.

The Supreme Court will hear the case focusing on Obama’s tyranny recess appointments and decide if he is just acting up like a thug from Chicago.

I also noted and still believe to be true...

A pen in the hand of this president is far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens... THAT'S A FACT!
Packing Heat

Afton, OK

#57748 Jan 13, 2014
Maddy wrote:
A slain Brooklyn slumlord’s shady business practices helped sink a bank that counted President Obama as a customer and ex-Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon as a member of its board, The Post has learned.
Two unpaid loans to murder victim Menachem “Max” Stark and his business partner Israel “Sam” Perlmutter were among 17 bad bets that spelled $104&#8201;million in losses for Chicago’s Broadway Bank before it was shut down by the feds in 2010, court papers show.
The loans included $1.5 million Broadway gave Stark and Perlmutter in December 2007 through their Southside House LLC business “to provide working capital for the borrowers’ New York-based real-estate business,” according to a 2012 suit filed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
The one-year, interest-only loan was secured by a second mortgage on a 74-unit apartment building in Williamsburg that Stark and Perlmutter bought for $29 million earlier in 2007, the Chicago federal court filing says.
But Broadway lost any chance of getting repaid when Stark and Perlmutter “defaulted on the first mortgage,” the suit says.
Stark and Perlmutter also borrowed $6.2 million in construction money from Broadway in February 2007 to develop The Bedford Lofts in South Williamsburg, even though financial statements revealed “they were highly illiquid and unable to pay the loan,” the suit says.
Broadway Bank was run by Demetris and George Giannoulias, brothers of former Illinois state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.
Alexi is a political pal and basketball buddy of Obama, who backed him in his successful race for treasurer as well as a failed bid for Obama’s old seat in the US Senate.
Alexi, who isn’t named in the suit, served as chief loan officer for Broadway before being elected state treasurer, and questions about his role at the bank — especially loans made to reputed mobsters, including convicted bookmaker Michael “Jaws” Giorango — helped sink his Senate run.
According to the FDIC, Broadway’s outside board members — including McMahon, who last year revealed he’s struggling with the early stages of dementia —“were grossly inattentive to the affairs off the bank, deferring excessively to the whims of the Giannoulias family.”
Stark may have been targeted for a professional hit by one of his many unpaid creditors, source said.
Law-enforcement sources said Sunday that investigators are poring over a smartphone found Friday attached to the bottom of Stark’s car.
They believe it might have been used to track his movements ahead of his deadly Jan. 2 abduction.
Cops are trying to trace the phone’s owner, as well as check it for fingerprints, DNA and other evidence, sources said.
New York Post

Great Post, Very interesting...

Thanks for this post and any updates you may post, very interesting players, lol.

Oklahoma City, OK

#57749 Jan 13, 2014
Heat, you don't put a link to let us take a look at the Supreme Court and tyranny.....

Your just the propagandist that passes the crap along...

And if you were dealing with a Tyrant...there wouldn't be a Supreme Court in the first place and you would be rotting in jail if not shot by a firing squad or rotting away doing hard labor and spending your nights in jail.

All you do is remove the meaning of tyrant and remove the real suffering of people that lived and died under a tyrants...

But Republicans would love to bring back the bad old days though

Once you get us back to working days a week....and start having 12 year olds off to work

Like some Republican pols have suggested...

Oklahoma City, OK

#57750 Jan 13, 2014

Once you get us back to working 7 days a week....and start having 12 year olds off to work

United States

#57751 Jan 13, 2014
Packing Heat wrote:
<quoted text>
Great Post, Very interesting...
Thanks for this post and any updates you may post, very interesting players, lol.
You're welcome. Follow the money is always the best investigative procedure! Since you are very familiar with the Chicago area I'm sure you probably knew who these people were in the structure of Chicago's connections to politics/business. The killing of this slumlord sounds like a mob hit.

United States

#57752 Jan 13, 2014
Jenks wrote:

<quoted text>1. Tell all the story Arvil de Reid aka Sherlock Holmes, Voice of Reason, Marge, and whatever name you feel like using...12 year old working was in reference to a paper route making it legal instead of illegal for 12 year old to work. Nothing wrong with a kid having a paper route, many kids have had one that young and they learned how to earn money instead of expecting someone to give them money.

Perhaps this will be helpful it was posted to you earlier.

Oklahoma City, OK

#57753 Jan 13, 2014
Ha ha ha

Boy, Obama must be a mental giant to be responsible for EVERYTHING that you accuse him of...even what a bank is accused of because he's a customer......

Obama and Christie....gee...do you think that Obama controls the weather as well and caused Hurricane Sandy.....ha ha And Obama and Christie became BFF because of it...

I guess Republican govs. would never have taken aid from the federal government for the Hurricane... and Christie should have turned his back on Obama...

You guys have lost your minds.....

United States

#57754 Jan 13, 2014
ObamaCare enrollment numbers very low for the young...


United States

#57755 Jan 13, 2014
by John Nolte 13 Jan 2014, 1:15 PM PDT 12 post a comment

The Editorial Board of USA Today tore into the Obama Administration Monday over ObamaCare's war against Catholics, specifically the Little Sisters of the Poor -- a group of nuns who, thanks to the president's contraception mandate, will either have to violate their religious conscience or face financial ruin.

United States

#57756 Jan 13, 2014
by Wynton Hall 13 Jan 2014, 2:34 PM PDT 6 post a comment

Washington Post health care reporter Sarah Kliff said Monday that the next wave of Obamacare outrage will hit as Obamacare enrollees discover that their choice of doctors and hospitals is about to shrink dramatically.

United States

#57757 Jan 13, 2014

HHS: 24 Percent of Enrollees Between 18 and 35

by John Sexton 13 Jan 2014, 2:27 PM PDT 13 post a comment

Monday HHS released a report which, for the first time, reveals demographic data on the people who have enrolled. Currently 24 percent of those enrolled are between the ages of 18 and 35. That figure is significantly lower than the 39 percent the White House indicated was necessary to consider the enrollment period a success.

However your political views may lie it's clear from sampling of different news outlets ObamaCare still has many challenges to overcome. Another question are the enrollment numbers the same as paid customers? If the policy hasn't been paid then technically there is no policy in effect.
Packing Heat

Afton, OK

#57758 Jan 13, 2014
The Fake Donnie wrote:
<quoted text>
Packing Heat
123 FU Circle Jerk
Anywhere, USA 00001

It appears by your post, you went back to the meth and semen-laced cocoa.
What a mess of a subhuman you've become.
Were you dropped on your head as a Toddler?
The Fake Jimbo wrote:
<quoted text>
Now if we could get an e-mail address.

Sorry... I'm all out of crayons today but...
You 2 are really far too stupid for mere words but...
which of you 2 idiots (actually 1 in the same) is the pivot point?

This is a forum, not a gay bathhouse you f*cking perverted jerk[s]...

Go Troll Somewhere Else.
Get Lost Parasite[s]!
Packing Heat

Afton, OK

#57759 Jan 13, 2014
Agnostic wrote:
Heat, you don't put a link to let us take a look at the Supreme Court and tyranny.....

Ooops... Sorry.


Oklahoma City, OK

#57760 Jan 13, 2014
Awe, how disappointing that 2.2 million enrolled at the exchanges in December.

But because of Republican disinformation, the American people think that Obamacare and the ACA are two different programs.

They also don't know that they will still get health insurance from an insurance company.

The also believe Death Panels are real...

We're not worried, the truth will prevail...

And the Republicans will fail...

But you tea pots will still do the job the Koch Brothers created you for....to kill Obamacare...and you believed that Taxed Enough Already crap...no matter that taxes are the lowest in the US than they have ever been...
Packing Heat

Afton, OK

#57761 Jan 13, 2014
Maddy wrote:
<quoted text>
You're welcome. Follow the money is always the best investigative procedure! Since you are very familiar with the Chicago area I'm sure you probably knew who these people were in the structure of Chicago's connections to politics/business. The killing of this slumlord sounds like a mob hit.

Yes Indeed, always the money.

Absolutely not surprised of the known and unknown players... so typical of Chicago, lol.

Oklahoma City, OK

#57762 Jan 13, 2014
Packing Heat wrote:
<quoted text>
Ooops... Sorry.
Ha ha

Your too friggen lazy to provide links to your non-existent post...

That's because your post is a lie...through and through...
Packing Heat

Afton, OK

#57763 Jan 13, 2014
Agnostic wrote:
Once you get us back to working 7 days a week

Nope, Correction again.

Breaking News: Due to Obamacare...
All hours have been reduced to 25 hours max.

New Schedule:
Must all be complete in 4 days
M - 6 hrs
T - 6 hrs
W - 6 hrs
T - 7 hrs
F - off
S - off
S - off

Oklahoma City, OK

#57764 Jan 13, 2014
Rich GOP Donor Gets Lawmaker to Draft a Bill to Lower His Child Support Payments

After Michael Eisenga, a wealthy GOP donor and Wisconsin business owner, failed to convince several courts to lower his child support payments, he came up with an inventive plan B—he recruited a Republican state legislator to rewrite Wisconsin law in his favor.

A set of documents unearthed Saturday by the Wisconsin State Journal shows Eisenga and his lawyer, William Smiley, supplying detailed instructions to Republican state Rep. Joel Kleefisch on how to word legislation capping child support payments from the wealthy. Kleefisch began work on the legislation last fall, weeks after an appeals court rejected Eisenga's attempts to lower his child support payments.


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