Why you should NOT vote for Lamar Paris

Why you should NOT vote for Lamar Paris

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#1 Mar 25, 2012

Can SPLOST proceeds be used to pay off revenue bonds that are outstanding at the time of the SPLOST referendum?
No. While SPLOST can be used to retire existing general obligation debt, it cannot be used to pay off existing revenue bonds. However,
counties may issue revenue bonds after the referendum is approved to provide funds to get projects initiated before all revenues are

Mansion on the Hill
Annual debt service bonds outstanding
YEAR 2016-2013 principal $5,105,000 interest $2,000,862

TOTAL $7,105,862.

SPLOST Guildelines

In case of a “shortfall” of SPLOST funds to pay for projects, what happens?
The approved projects could be scaled back, but not abandoned. A local government must make up any shortfall from their general fund or other funding sources.


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#2 Mar 25, 2012
They voted for $150,000 towards a tractor, bleachers, fencing. The ARENA that Lamar built was NEVER in the vote nor discussed with the voters. He came up with this AFTER the referendum passed and only discussed it with the end users. All the non profit organizations.

They DID NOT vote for a $400,000 gym at Suches.
They voted for $150,000 to close in the overhang of the fire department for a community center.

They DID NOT vote for a 5 Million dollar Club House.
They voted for one that cost 3 million.

They DID NOT vote for a $600,000 Farmers Market.
They voted for a $750,000 Farmers Market, Cannery, Arena (SHOW BARN) as Lamar called it to show livestock.

The Farmers Market does not have a sewer system. There is no telling what the cost of that is going to be with it being in a flood zone.

Just how many people do you see walking the trails on the other side of Meeks Park? In this failing economy that little walk cost a million for the land and no telling how many hundreds of thousands to build the bridges and trails.

I'm sure Lamar wanting to buy that land at Meeks Park since the first day in office (His own words) had nothing to do with him owning the land on the other side of it. He just purchased another parcel on Dec. 28, 2010. Lamar is a land developer. Now what do you think he has in mind for the future of these properties?

Did You vote for Lamar to buy the Batting Cages? If you knew The Recreation Department had a operating loss every year between $400,000 to $600,000 would you have voted for all these projects?

The 2009 Audit, "The Golf Couse which reflected a decrease of $142,157 in operating revenues which resulted in a operating loss of $64,094 BEFORE depreciation. Total enterprise fund revenue decreased $166,637 which resulted in the total enterprise fund sustained an operating loss of $533,799 BEFORE depreciation for programs provided at MEEKS PARK and through the recreation Department."

Don’t you just love Lamars Q/A in this weeks paper. July 27, 2011 in the NGN Lamar was ‘Looking toward the future with land purchases using available SPLOST FUNDS.
This was 11.408 acres. Purchase 1 was for3.5 acres for $38,150-.Then #2 was 2.99 acres for $43,109.50. 3rd 3.95 acres $43,087.70. TOTAL $124,347.20.


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#3 Mar 25, 2012
11/7/2011 Q/A Lamar is scrapping the “NORTH COMPLEX FIELDS, The TRANSFER STATION and AMPHITHEATERfor now for lack of funds.“However, it may have to wait until a “FUTURE SPLOST”

Lamar you forgot some , Jail Expansion, Firehouses, ect

In case of a “shortfall” of SPLOST funds to pay for projects, what happens?
The approved projects could be scaled back, but not abandoned. A local government must make up any shortfall from their general fund or other funding sources.

Can a county or municipality change its mind and not fund one or more of the SPLOST projects despite voter approval in a referendum?

No. In a 1992 decision, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the governing authority was obliged to use proceeds from the SPLOST tax for the projects approved in the SPLOST referendum. The Court held that the governing authority “…is bound by the SPLOST budget and account reports to complete all projects listed therein unless circumstances arise which dictate that projects which initially seemed feasible are no longer so. In this regard, the governing authority has discretion to make adjustments in the plans for these projects, but may not abandon the projects altogether.”[Dickey v. Storey, 262 Ga. 452, 455 (1992)].


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#4 Mar 25, 2012
11/24/10 NGN

Q. Union County estimated the SPLOST sales tax revenue would be $32 milliom over six years. This estimate was knowingly and grossly exaggerated. I said back then that there was no way it would bring in that much money and people would be disappointed when their pet projects did not get funded. Why was this done by the county?

A. It WAS NOT done by the county nor by ME.

Who establishes the revenue estimate and the project costs specified in the resolution and on the ballot?

The county is responsible for estimating the SPLOST revenues expected to be collected over the life of the SPLOST as well as the costs of
all projects to be financed. The county should also ensure that the sum of all project costs, including those submitted by any municipality,
equals the estimated revenues [O.C.G.A.§ 48-8-111(a)(3)]. Because all approved projects must be funded as provided under Dickey,counties should be careful not to overestimate SPLOST revenues, thereby requiring the use of other county funds to make up any shortfalls.

Q/A Time
It is hard to start a SPLOST 3 when you already had a deficit of $7,668,013 from the SPLOST 2.

Lamar is so over budget that he can not finished the projects that were voted on at the time of the referendum as stated in the NGN Q/A 08/31/11 “At the same time, we had to prioritize our projects and because of our project list, we simply eliminated and/or rescheduled some projects based on new and lower projected revenues.”

Lamar borrowed $5,000,000 to start the SPLOST 3 projects. Projected pay off date 2015. That borrowed money is costing you an extra $490,625 in interest because he could not wait until we had the money to start the projects.

Revenue Bonds
Lamar borrowed another $5,225,000 to build the Multi-Purpose building.
Lamars Q/A 09/14/11”The financing is set up for INTEREST ONLY for the remainder of this SPLOST program and THEN the bond will be repaid with revenue from OUR NEXT SPLOST.” No telling what you are paying in interest only payments!

Q/A Time

NGN 09/14/11 Q.“I read one time that we were borrowing from USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture) to build it.”

A. We spent (wasted) nearly two years with USDA trying to comply with all their federal guidelines they encouraged us to borrow funds from their facility. However, after we made many changes and improvements to meet USDA guidelines, including enlarging the building, we found it impossible to deal with their numerous regulations on this facility any longer. It was a blessing in disguise that we changed funding sources.

NGN Q/A 10/13/10
The second method was to finance the project through USDA low interest loan program. We have been working toward this end for over a year, but USDA has constantly changed the rules. Originally we were told the loan could be approved within six months with streamlined paperwork requirements. While in reality it has been in process well over a year and they recently told us it could take another six months to 18 months. Just last week we gave up on this method as having no end in sight.

What Lamar failed to tell you in these reports that their were very strict guidelines on the bidding process and how the money was to be handled.


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#5 Mar 25, 2012
NGN 10/13/10

Q. "HOW are we going to pay for the facility?"

A. "This facility was part of the SPLOST project and when it passed, we had HOPED to have enough revenue to build this building along with the other facilities we have built with SPLOST funds. HOWEVER, when the sales tax revenue declined BELOW original estimates, we had cto look at other methods of financing."

Lamar took the $150,000 SPLOST estimate for the Horse Arena Improvements and spent $575,748.

He took the $150,000 SPLOST estimate for Suches Community Center and spent $409,489.

He took the $3,430,000 Splost estimate and is spending over $5,500,000.

He took the $784,000 SPLOST estimate for the Farmers Market/Arena/Cannery and spent $649,748 on just one project.

So WHY would anyone in their right mind in this failing ecomomy and knows in advance when the "sales tax revenue declined BELOW ORIGINAL ESTIMATES" would you increase the spending on all the projects being built instead of scaling back.


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#6 Mar 25, 2012
NGN 1/13/10 Q."Will all SPLOST projects be built with local labor?"

A. "As much as possible they will; however, state law requires jobs over $100,000 be bid out through a very strict process."

NGN 3/10/11
Q. Isn't it dangerous and ripe for cronyism and kickbacks if we do not bid projects?
A. ABSOLUTELT NOT. First, most projects are bid out, just to different standards based on OUR COUNTY policy.

No bids were taken for the Suches Community Center. One person was paid $230,436.68.

"It was only at the last minute that the decision was made to utilize the old historic gym instead of build a new structure. While this was certainly a non traditional construction project, it is yet another example of how Union County citizens have received an incredibly valuable SPLOST project at a very reasonable cost."(Randy Day)

Now...if the citizens voted on a project that was to cost $150,000, How in the world do they think the citizens of Union County received an incredibly valuable SPLOST project at a very reasonable cost, when it was $271,677 over budget.


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#8 Mar 25, 2012
RIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH "PRIORITIES" that is Lamar's priorities not the counties.

Lamar Speaking of the Masion on the Hill

10/13/10 NGN Q/A How will the county pay for construction before receiving the bond sales funds?

We will utilize current SPLOST funds that we have in RESERVE and then replace those funds with bond proceeds on Nov. 30th.

Hello Lamar, WHAST RESERVE FUNDS are you talking about?

On the 12/31/10 County Audit we STILL had a deficit Balance of $286,404 remaining from the 2003 SPLOST. Where did YOU get the “RESERVE”.

While trying to pay off the $7,668,000 SPLOST 2 deficit during 2009 & 2010 the remainder $286,404 being carried over to 2011,

HOW WERE YOU paying for all the current SPLOST PROJECTS, Meeks Property, Horse Arenas, Suches Community Center, Bryon Herbert Reece, Batting cages (Not on referendum) ect.


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#9 Mar 25, 2012
From Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc.

Letter to Robin Parks anwering a open records request:

Union County Issued $6,900,000 in voter approved General Obligation Bonds that were paid off with the prior SPLOST that was levied from April 2004 to March 2009. These Bonds were issued in two separate series bonds that have both been paid off.
$5,000,000 General Obligation Bonds Series 2004. This bond was purchased by Wachovia Bank and cthe final payment of $1,419,110 was made on August 1, 2009.

$1,900,000 General Obligation Bonds Series 2006. This bond was purchased by a syndicate of Banks and Regions Bank Corpotate Trust served as the Paying Agent on the Bonds. The final payment of $427,455.00 was made on August 1, 2009.

In my open records request Lamar was asked when was the SPLOST 2 was paid off.

He said Aug, 2009.

Lamar tells the AG's office that he told me that was only for the bonds and had nothing to do with the $7,668,000 deficit on the audit.(I simply did not understand)

Now I have a NGN Q/A 2/13/08 " We are on schedule for ALL the 2003 SPLOST debt to be PAID IN FULL with the SPLOST proceeds in 2009."

The current SPLOST will expire in March of 2009. However, it is opossible that the low interest rate we could sell bonds for, would be less than we receive in interest by turning around and depositing the money into a savings account, therefore actually making money for the county.

Having been in business and finance most of my life, I have operated UC in the open for the past seven years under A BUSINESS MODEL INSTEAD OF GOVERNMENT MODEL, which IS ONE REASON WE HAVE BEEN FINANCIALLY SOUND and will continue to do so into the future.

It is AMAZING to hear those campaigning against the SPLOST tell folks that the county was going to get into a financial hardship with SPLOST and the taxpayers would have to bail us out. Those making the FALSE and INACCURATE ACCUSATIONS did not know what they were talking about then, nor will they now.


Hurray, for all of you that tried to stop the SPLOST in 2003. Now that we are so far in debt do you think they will possible listen now????


If you are living day to day you better wake up. It is only going to get worse.

Pray for Union County & Our Nation!

[email protected]


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#10 Mar 25, 2012
Lamars Propaganda in the NGN

2/13/08 NGN Q/A We are on schedule for ALL the 2003 SPLOST DEBT to be PAID IN FULL with the SPLOST proceeds in 2009.

This answer is very hard to accept by the county when you look at the 2009 County audit and it shows that the SPLOST 2 Fund had a deficit of $7,668,013 as of December 31, 2009.
The Audit also states:
It also states “The county expects to generate FUTURE REVENUES to offset these deficits.

9/30/09 NGN Q/A Other than DEBT associated with our CURRENT SPLOST, the only DEBT we have is a small amount $241,000 still owed on the county property where the new Health Dept. and DDS is located.

County Audit 2009
E911 Fund $461,452
Multiple Grant Fund $1,007,640
Hotel Motel Fund $6,809
Debt Service Jail Fund $327,529
TEA Grant Fund $80,468
The County expects to generate future revenues to offset these deficits.

11/24/10 NGN Q/A I am very comfortable with what we did and we have been able to meet our payments with EXCESS in our SPLOST reserve as we will continue to do.


12/1/10 NGN Q/A We have accomplished extraordinary things while balancing the budget every year.

Any one can balance there budget Lamar, that does not mean we are not in the whole.

7/27/11 NGN Looking toward the future with land purchases using AVAIABLE SPLOST FUNDS.

WHAT AVAILABLE FUNDS are we talking about, The Community Center is being paid with the NEXT SPLOST, The Jail has been put on hold, The Transfer Station has been scratched, No help for the Firehouses but we have AVAILABLE SPLOST FUNDS for more trails. Maybe we can put Lamar on one of those trails and he will just keep walking right out of town.

9/14/11 NGN Q Are you going to pay for the community Center with SPLOST FUNDS?

A. The fiancing is set up for interest only for the remainder of this SPLOST program and then the bond will be repaid with revenue from our NEXT SPLOST.

HHHEEELLLLOOOO Lamar we have not voted on the NEXT SPLOST

Wake Up Union County!!!!


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#11 Mar 25, 2012
Once again in the NGN 3/14/12
Q. Can you give us some examples of road issues that are out of the normal?
A. Yes. In one case the county owned a large tract of property and in order to sell the property, the county built the roads throughout the property so it could be sold in different tracts. At the auction, one person ended up purchasing all the parcels including the roads built. Some of the homeowners later have requested that since these roads were built by the county, they should automatically be considered county roads. It is a point hard to argue, but prior to accepting most of these roads, we required that homeowners pay for the upgrade to the road prior to county acceptance and we have also required that three full time residence access the road and right of way be provided to the county. The requirements for having three full time property owners on the road also came from a previous commissioner.
You and Dick Bell need to get together and get your stories straight.
You have forgotten about the video from the year 2002 that I have in my possession and will be put on the website.


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#12 Mar 25, 2012
Lamar Paris “Barnes Creek” Road I do don’t have a dog in the fight this is not a county road.
If you get off Ivy Log Drive it is not a issue for me. The other roads are between you and the developer.
My only concern is Ivy Log Drive that is a county maintained road. The others are not…Buyer Beware.
It is not our property, it is the subdivisions property. This is a private road in a private development, it is not up to county specs and I don’t have any reasons or inclinations to make that a county road.
I don’t have any legal right or morale right to work on a subdivision, because it is your subdivision you bought in, I don’t own the property, I don’t have the right to work on that road, or control who works on that road.
Dick Bell, From My point of view you don’t have to worry about me touching a road out there O.K., I’m not a slow learner, I was coming thru with a machine that was the only machine that was in that area in years.
Linda… Who owned the roads?
DB.. HUM well the people who lived out there over 100 years ago.
Linda.. Did you not tell me this was a county maintained road and you were trying to give it back to the county?
DB… NO, I never said that it was a county maintained road, Ivy Log Dr Yes, But that road No, It’s a old, old road, you can go up there and see even older roads that probably are 100 years or older.
I am not going to touch another road out there and I am not going to Lamar in the future and ask him to take the road over because it ain’t going to meet the requirements because I’m not touching them. I’m not stupid, I’m not a slow learner, Why Yeh I am stupid…
Lamar.. I think Mr. Bell just made a statement that he wasn’t going to do anything any more to the roads out there.
Dick would you like to tell the taxpayers about your new development off Barnes Creek Road. Your R/W was recorded in the courthouse for Barnes Creek road on 8/9/2006. Same date your Ivy Log Dr road R/W was recorded.
The county has spent over $158,000 of SPLOST money on Ivy Log Dr. and $33,570 on Barnes Creek Road.
8/15/2007 a easement deed was signed off Barnes Creek Road
10/4/2007 Modification of security deed with UCB was signed
12/18/2007 Blanket easement of Barnes Creek rd was signed
New development VIEWS OF IVY LOG Estates pops up off Barnes Creek Rd. Lots selling for over $95,000.
March 15, 2007 County Meeting
http://www.youtube.com/watch ...
On the video I have with Lamar and Dick Bell
Speaking of Ivy Log Dr. Lamar says, I can not shriek the responsibilty of maintaining it, But I can shriek the responsibilty of going up their and spending $50,000 on culverts because I don't see that need because there is a access out the backway.
Folks the county paid Raper Grading on 4/4/08 $29,5000 for the bridge on Ivy Log Dr.
The bridge was paid for with YOUR SPLOST MONEY.
Lamar why did we have to pay for the bridge on Ivy Log Dr. You said you were not going to????
Are you having fun wasting our tax money?


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#13 Mar 25, 2012
SPLOST County Meeting 11/15/2007

Lamar Paris: This next one is the one I am REALLY EXCITED ABOUT, it is the Solid Waste Transfer Station /Recycling Center TOTAL OVERHAUL. When you go over to the recycling center, we started a preliminary design, so we will probably have 2 sets of scales, we will have a hugh shed that will hold 2 tractor trailers one on each side, so as it is right now one in the back, so there will be plenty of room to get in there, it will hold a lot of vechiles and a lot of garbage without it spilling out of the building, out on the ground, like it is right now, a mess. We will totally revamp how the recycling works so that you can go & separate the commercial traffic from the residential traffic and we can hopefully limit some of the lines that people have to wait in when they go. This is going to be A HUGH BENIFIT, we are estimating about $850,000 for that project.

Lamar what happened to this project you were REALLY EXCITED ABOUT?
This is something everyone in this community uses. How did this project money go to ZERO DOLLARS?
WHY DID YOU WASTE OUR MONEY ON A HORSE ARENA THAT WE DID NOT VOTE ON. The $750,000 you said it will cost to complete that plus the $270,000 over you spent on the Suches Community Center would have paid for this project to be completed.



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#14 Mar 25, 2012
SPLOST County Meeting 11/15/2007

Jail & Renovations

Lamar Paris: The jail was built 5 years ago BUT UNFORTUNATLEY I had NOTHING to do with the design or anything in it. It was built to small it holds 48, 52 if you include isolation. We are averaging between 75 to 90. We have them sleeping on the floors, we have a library room with 4 bunks, 3 sleep on the floor, just a little bitty about the size of a regular cell. We are right back where we were probably worse shape then we were when we started talking about jails in 1995 & 1996 when we had a joint jail with Towns County. So we got a million dollars in the SPLOST for jail renovations & Expansions. I'm hoping that is enough.

Lamar UNFORTUNATLEY you wasted away all the money on walking trails, Horse Arenas, pole barns, more walking trails, batting cages, you mansion on the hill, just to mention a few.

Thanks for putting the needs of the county first.

So how much are we spending ever month for our over crowed cells?


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#15 Mar 25, 2012
SPLOST County Meeting 11/15/2007

Parks & Recreations

From the 1st day when I went into office, the 1st phone call I made when I went into my office was to call the property owners asking them if they would consider selling it, they said no they were not interested. I have contacted them a few times since then over the years they said no, no. So I took one last stab because the last time that I contacted them I asked them if we could lease or rent it, But could not pay for it. So this time I said HERE IS WHAT I THINK IT IS WORTH in this range, were going to have a SPLOST collection, this is the one and only chance we are going to pay you for it, will you consider selling it? So we don't have a option signed but we have it in the mailto them, we have a verbal agreement that they will sell it to the county. So that is possible that we will be able to get that piece of property. We will be paying...well I am not going to disclose that right nowbecause it is still in the process, so once we get the contract and everything signed & sealed I will let you know. We are not stealing it, But they are getting a fair price for it & we are getting a fair price too especially where it is.

This SPLOST MEETING was held 11/15/2007. YOU HAVE NOT VOTED ON A NEW SPLOST and you have LAMAR making a $1 million dollar deal for 30 acres of land that is land locked and borders his personal property.



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#16 Mar 25, 2012
SPLOST County Meeting 11/15/2007

Lamar Paris: "There are 3 kinds of sales tax in the county. The State of Georgia has a 4% The County has a 3%.
So everytime you buy anything in the county you pay 7%. That is not going to change. BUT BECAUSE OF THE WAY THE LAW IS WRITTEN EVERY FEW YEARS WE HAVE TO RENEW THOSE BY VOTER APPROVAL, IT KEEPS THE COUNTY COMMISSIONER STRAIGHT, IT KEEPS THE SCHOOL BOARD STRAIGHT, My job is to explain it to you.

1. LOST sales tax, never have to vote on it the 1 penny comes off your property tax bill it cuts our millage rate



As I told you before it's just a continuation of a existing tax."

Looks to me, we could stop voting on these two taxes and that would stop the continuation of the existing tax. That's 2 pennies saved everytime we shop.


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#17 Mar 25, 2012
NGN February 14, 2007
“Steve Cockerham , the principal author of the following letter entitled “Why Did Lamar Lie”


“No one, and I repeat, NO ONE, should be afraid of a vote by the people.” Lamar Paris .“NGN April 20”

“As I have said repeatedly, the public should and will make the decision as to whether or not we will have alcohol sales or not.” Lamar Paris NGN July 5, 2006”

“The voters have decided and that is the way it should be. The issue is over and Union County will remain dry.” Lamar Paris NGN July 19, 2006”

“On the heels of that vote, I am not in the position to authorize the sale of hard liquor.” Lamar Paris NGN July 26, 2006”

“In spite of the expressed will of the electorate, liquor by the drink may very well be coming to Union County aided and abetted by our Commissioner, Lamar Paris, The Commissioners actions come in contrast to his repeated promises that the wishes and the will of the electorate would be followed. However, less than six months since the referendum, Commissioner Paris has approved the mechanism by which the sale of liquor by the drink is possible.”

“In a special called meeting, held just 3 days after Christmas, Commissioner Paris approved a Regional Economic Assistance Plan which initiates the legal process of the sell of liquor by a group of developers. The group wishes to develop over 1,400 acres west of Blairsville on Lake Nottley.”

“This action, by commissioner Paris, comes under a little known state law that was specifically designed to sell liquor in dry counties.”


“Commissioner Paris, your decision to circumvent the will of the people and the democratic process you applauded, is a slap in the face of all of those that voted in this election, regardless of how they voted.”


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#18 Mar 25, 2012
Did Lamar Paris have a heads up on how our county DIEBOLD VOTING MACHINES could change how you vote here in Union County?

In 2003 didn’t Lamar Paris get caught going into the precincts and tampering with the voting machines?

Lamar’s excuse: 9/16/2003 while voting he discovers the screen to the voting machines is not locked down. So he goes to the precincts and checks the machines to see if they are locked down.

“The poll managers at 5 of the precincts reported the Commissioner actually touched the machines.”

Don’t worry Stan Gunter did not find any wrong doing on the part of the commissioner.
“I do not find that Commissioner Paris violated any felony statute in this instance.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch ...

Let your voice be heard VOTE THIS MAN OUT!!!!!

Lamar Paris has to go in 2012.

Minutes Oct 2, 2003

Lamar Paris, Union County Commissioner, was present, and wanted to explain his reason for going into the polling places on election day, Sept. 20, 2003. He stated he visited the Atlanta office of the Secretary of State, and spoke with 3 individuals there who informed him it was illegal to go into the polling places. Letter addressed to the Board of Elections, Naomi Finlay, is attached. This letter was sent to the box for the Election office at the County Office, which Mr. Paris read and came to the meeting before the Board of Elections could discuss the issue.

Mr. Paris stated he was checking the voting machine screen, because he felt it was not stable. He was informed that anytime he had a problem with the machines he should contact the board.

State law (21-2-408) specifically prohibits any person other than those listed from being in the enclosed area of the polling place during voting process.

He stated he had not known this was illegal. A county employee was also present in the polling place. Bud Aikens, and Ruth Miner tried to tell Naomi Finlay that she should not call S.O. S. Naomi Finlay informed them she would call for information to the S.O.S. anytime.

Rex Patton, asked to speak at the Board meeting, as stated in the By-Laws, from Ruth Minor. Ruth Miner said she had told Mr. Paris he could come and speak at any meeting. Naomi Finlay stated this was not her decision to make as all must comply to the By-Laws. The By-Laws state they just notify the Board, County Attorney, Boyd Pettit, will be petitioning the Justice Dept. regarding poll changes.


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#19 Mar 25, 2012
6/22/11 North GA News Q/A
Q. Were there unexpected cost in building the Farmers Market?

A. "Yes, like any project, WE HAD NO IDEA THAT THE SUB SOIL WOULD BE SOFT and the structure would be more than a 100’ long and utilized by the public, that additional engineered plans with stringent specifications would be required. Extra engineering requirements for public use, we had to use much larger wood support beams, larger trusses, deeper footings and a tremendous amount of extra steel and concrete in the footings along with 50 helical piers to help support them."

The county brings in 1300 loads of fill dirt and they DO NOT KNOW THE SOIL WILL BE SOFT? HELLOOOO, WAKE UP UNION COUNTY!!!!!!!!

And the list goes on and on with over spending and waste with the county projects. Lamar has a excuse for everything involving his overspending..


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#20 Mar 25, 2012
NGN 7/15/09
Q. I know you have addressed this before, but why have the assessed values (tax values) of our property not been reduced?

A. It is simple. The values for this years tax are based, by law, on retail values of property in 2008.

A study of all 2008 home and real estate sales are conducted and I thought you might be interested in the results. Of 373 sales made in 2008, 265 were sold for MORE than their assessed value while ONLY 91 were sold for less than their assessed value.

Of the 265 that were sold for MORE than their assessed value, the average amount above the assessed value was $25,438 each. Of the 91 that were sold BELOW their assessed value, the average amount sold below assessed value was $10,442.

So the total of all 373 sales in 2008 was $63,404,900. The total assessed tax values from the tax office of these same sales was only $57,613,904. This averages out to $15,525 per home or real estate tract that property sold for more than assessed values.

It is apparent that in 2008, property was still selling well ABOVE tax values, therefore making it impossible to reduce the values. However, due to the passage of HB 233, the 2008 assessed values can not be increased for three years.

“Of the 265 that were sold for MORE than their assessed value, the average amount above the assessed value was $25,438 each.“

For the .29 Parking lot that Lamar bought, the county tax value was $50,000. The county paid $200,000. That was $150,000 over the county tax value.

How did the Union County Commissioner Lamar Paris justify paying $100,021 per acre for parcel 085-108B Bill Elliott’s property.

Property right across the street parcel 085-069C, 62 .37 acres is only tax valued at $7,755 a acre.
Parcel 086-029, 7.4 acres tax value $15,000 a acre
Parcel 086-035, 1.2 acres tax value $15,000 a acre
Parcel 086-028, 3.81 acres tax value $14,867 a acre
You can go to parcel 085-108, 11.34 acres right on the corner of Hwy 515 and Industrial Blvd one lot away owned by Elliott Development LLC and it is only tax valued at $60,568 a acre .

MEEKS PARK 30 acres of Land

April 8, 2009 NGN
“I began negotiating with the Colwell family TWO DAYS after I took office in January 2001,” Commissioner Lamar Paris said.


What is wrong with this picture???????

"This averages out to $15,525 per home or real estate tract that property sold for more than assessed values."

And homeowners should be happy because Lamar is spending "HOW MUCH" on land he buys over the assessed values.

Wake Up Union County!!!!


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#21 Mar 25, 2012
NGN Q/A 6/15/11
Q. Why do some of the SPLOST projects cost more than your estimate to build them?

A. It is VERY SIMPLE. First our county does not have the extra money to hire engineers and architects to design projects before we have the money to pay for them. SECOND, SPLOST projects were decided on with the assistance of community imput. The project list was developed almost 2 years prior to the actual vote back in 2006 and 2007. Not only were exact project descriptions not available, but only educated guesses were made for the actual cost ESTIMATES.

Watch out TSPLOST.....We have a dangeous group running our state of affairs.

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