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Lodi, CA

#1 Jan 29, 2013
Absolutely do not send your children here if you are looking for a quality school that teaches respect, defensive skills or moral integrity. We mistakenly signed our son up for six months worth of classes here before checking out any other schools in town thinking they would all teach the basic skills and behavior we were looking for and this was a big mistake. I guess seeing 7 year olds with brown belts who couldn’t do the basic kicks or stances should have told us that the school places no importance on actually making sure the child learns all the skills that is required for each belt level and just pushed them through as quickly as possible to charge the $40 belt testing fee that they explained that no matter the mistakes or lack of knowledge needed for the promotion the children would pass. I was sending my son to this school to have him learn how to defend himself and to learn the importance of commitment but instead he was given a false sense of accomplishment that would do him no good if he ever got in a situation where he needed to use any of the “skills” that were taught to him. We figured it was our mistake for not looking more into the quality of the school but decided to ride out our six month contract and just find another school afterwards but our troubles didn’t end there. We were accidently charged for a seventh month and after repeated unanswered emails I called the school to explain the mistake and to ask for a refund. The owner, Mr. Rosebrough once again never returned my many voicemails. After a month of trying to contact him weekly my husband stepped in to see if he could get this resolved. After a week of calling daily he finally got a hold of Mr Rosebrough only to have him state his was busy and would call back in 5 minutes. After waiting an hour we called back to be told he was unavailable. This has gone on for FIVE months now and we are no closer to getting our refund. The only time we ever happen to reach Mr. Rosebrough  on the phone is when we block our number and are always given the same response that the check will be there the following day but this promise has been given four times and we still never receive a check. We still call daily and are repeatedly told that they are looking into the matter or were under the impression we were dealing with it ourselves (???) and never seems to know of any corporate number or email to the company that they work for. If you are wanting your child to learn the skills to defend themselves and the moral compass of being a good human being it would be in your best interest to look elsewhere because you won’t find it at Robinson’s Taekwondo in Lodi, CA.

Auburn, CA

#2 Aug 23, 2013
Robinson's Taekwondo will tell you that a contract is there to ensure the students personal commitment to training. That is a false statement! A contract is used to guarantee a continuous supply of financial income to the school. A student should not be locked into a long term 2 or 3 year contract if they will be unable to commit to it later on! Contracts are for monetary purposes only, it does not benefit the student in any manner! Why not implement a flexible pay as you go method for students who are not comfortable with signing contracts ??- If a student has to terminate their training due to severe financial hardship, Robinson's still forces that student to cough up an extra $200 cancellation fee! You are placing more of a heavy financial burden on that student !!! Any martial arts school that enforces this type of policy are just mainly interested in pocketing more of your hard earned money!!! If trying to cancel for any other circumstance, the school is very evasive in carrying out your cancellation request. In any circumstance, a student should have the freedom to leave freely without being subjected to any further monetary penalties!- costs of training programs are not openly disclosed to the consumer! Costs are only discussed privately in the office area.. Seriously what is there to hide ??- Excessively High Overpriced Black Belt Dan fees! Was told by a black belt before starting training at Robinson's that these fees are the average in the U.S., however after consulting with other Taekwondo schools in the California region, I've found 1st Dan Fees for $150.00. Robinson's TKD is under the UWTA organization and their Black Belt Dan Fees are as follows; 1st Dan -$550, 2nd Dan -$700, 3rd Dan -$800, etc.. These fees are just absolutely ludicrous and insane!!! These are not the average Dan Fees in the U.S.!!!- School promotes by the Calendar every 2 months! That is way too fast for a student to learn and retain the material they are taught! In addition a belt testing fee ranging from $30 to $100 (depending on rank) must be paid as well. Students should be promoted based on assessment of skill and ability, not by how much $$$ they have in their wallets! If a student is not ready to test, they should be retained in their current rank and re-assessed at a later time. I know of a school that only charges $30 for every Belt Testing (regardless of rank) which is a reasonable amount to pay for.- the School is For Profit Business Driven!!! Everything here is about the $$$!!! From my personal experience with Robinson's Taekwondo, I felt as if they were trying to squeeze every last dollar out of my wallet !! You can also easily tell by the high amount of children that they take in from the various schools they visit in the area. If I were a parent, I would take my child elsewhere!

A Legitimate Taekwondo School:- will not lock you into a contract - will not force you to pay costly cancellation fees - will be up front and honest with training costs - will use a pay as you go method - will not charge ridiculously high Black Belt Dan Fees - promotes students based on assessment of skill and ability

Sacramento, CA

#3 Apr 14, 2014
Robinson’s Instructors who laugh and talk behind your backs when you tell them you can’t afford Taekwondo Training, but they are too dumbly and stupidly ignorant to recognize the highly inflated prices they are charging.

Teenage 3rd and 4th Dan Instructors who act like they are Marine Drill Instructors to both Adult and Younger Students. As a military veteran, I most certainly do not show reverence to this type of behavior, unless I see valid proof of a CIC Card that says you are a Military Personnel and having served as a Drill Instructor in the Armed Forces !!!

Robinson’s Taekwondo is extremely obsessed with Uniform Patches! This is not ATA McDojo type Taekwondo and this is most certainly not Boys and Girls Scouts!! Personally they are many Taekwondo Practicioners who would prefer a Dobok Uniform that is clean of patches! However these Robinson School Instructors think they every right to come up to you, thus verbally demanding $10 to 15 dollars out of your wallet for each one of their patches! In return, I the student reserve the right to launch a litigative lawsuit against each one of your Robinson’s Instructor’s that chooses to engage in this inappropriately type of monetary scandalous behavior!
Upset mom

Lincoln, CA

#4 May 29, 2014
I purchased a groupon for my sons. I was pushed into the 6 month plan, but that was not good enough. they have special exercised which only students who are in the 'black belt club' are allowed to do. The kids in the 'white uniform' are pushed off to the side. It is all about money. The belt tests are insane $50 a pop and not even to the full color belt but for white-orange belts then white- yellow belts--- it is insane they push you to spend and spend. I was told that the basic training kit was required ($320 for my 2 kids) yet the kids only used the nun chucks were only used ONCE. RIPOFF. Another think they hand out taekwando dollars which are supposed to be traded in for prizes on a regular schedule. The kids earn the dollars when they do what they are supposed to do in class. After over 6 months-- not one 'auction' was scheduled. So now I have a bag full of useless taekwando dollars and 2 very upset kids who feel they have been lied to. I was given every excuse in the book. Back to the equipment, I purchased it and it took THREE MONTHS to arrive. Unless you are very rich and can throw money down the drain AVOID THIS PLACE.

Sacramento, CA

#5 Jul 10, 2014
Attention Robinsons Taekwondo and the UWTA United World Taekwondo Association:

If you want to Continue charging Highly Overpriced Fee's, you might as well change your name to: Robinson's ATA Taekwondo or Robinson's A+ Mcdojo !!!

As the previous person stated, the only thing Robinson's Taekwondo cares about is pushing you to spend a great portion of your Paycheck on their Overpriced Garbage! And the training they administer is very repeated and very watered down!!

If you pay close attention, a majority of their training/instructing methods are derived from the King of Mcdojo School's the "ATA American Taekwondo Association", which is most heavily notoriously known for their Mcdojo way of doing things! And if you dig deep into Instructor Bio's of Robinsons Taekwondo, most of them are from the ATA American Taekwondo Association.

And telling your Students to leave 5 Star Reviews on Yelp in return giving them bonus Taekwondo Dollars, just so you can cover up your asses will eventually find its way out into the public!

If you really want to pursue a Career in Taekwondo, Avoid a Money Hungry Organization like the UWTA and Robinson's Taekwondo !!!

Los Angeles, CA

#6 Jul 22, 2014
Robinson's Taekwondo which falls under the UWTA is basically a for profit corporate run organization that has broken of with the ATA American Taekwondo Organization, yet incorporating the same Mcdojo School standards like the ATA which is by charging highly inflated fees on every single thing, draining both your savings and checking account to feed their money hungry appetite!!!

The goal of Robinson's Taekwondo is not to educate you on proper self defense, but more towards a monetary hungry aspect which is, "show us the money!!!" They emphasize too much time in Point Score Sparring which is both an impractical and useless form of self defense and will not do you any good in a real life situation!!!

The instructors at Robinson's Taekwondo are nothing but heavily Aggressive Sales People who push you to sign their lengthly contracts, and once you sign their contracts it is often difficult to get out! They will also push you into joining their FitRanx Fitness Workouts which are heavily overpriced as well and costing twice as much as a monthly membership at 24 Hour Fitness. It's the same Mcdojo Sales aspect asking, "would you like fries with that?"

My advice is to save your money and avoid a Money Hungry Franchise Mcdojo School like Robinson's Taekwondo and the UWTA, and choose a Taekwondo School that is willing to invest in training you the proper way where nothing is freely given to you, you must earn it!!

Auburn, CA

#7 Aug 8, 2014
This Review Pertains to the Robinson's Taekwondo in Carmichael..
I'm really absolutely disgusted by the behavior of one your 4th Dan Female Instructors. I would notice this individual consistently talking Crap behind my Back and Laughing all the time at me when practicing my sparring techniques with another individual. If this 4th Dan Female Instructor wants to act like a 5 year old and talk smack behind other people's backs, she might as well go back to Kindergarten Schooling! As a former Assistant Manager, I would not even consider hiring this individual if she were applying for a job position within my company! My word of advice to this 4th Dan Female Instructor, "Your Attitude Sucks, get your Act Together, and Start Acting Like an Adult !!!
And to this other Dumb Hag 3rd Dan Lady (Older Student). When asking her for Clarification on something I did not know about, she acted in a very unprofessional and arrogantly rude manner towards me, thus me giving me the blame for not attending so and so class nor knowing anything about it.
I don't care if your a 3rd or 4th Dan Instructor or Student, but if you want to Succeed in Life, You need to Learn how to better Communicate with other People and not making derogatory remarks. What this shows to me is your higher level Black Belt Instructor and Students lack Social Skills, have Poor Crappy Leadership, are full and really into themselves, and don't give a damn about others!!!

Auburn, CA

#8 Aug 21, 2014
If your attending Taekwondo Classes at Robinson's Taekwondo, you are most obviously training at the Biggest Mass Producing Black Belt Factory School in the USA! Robinson's Taekwondo are a franchise school organization with a primary focus in Sales and Increasing Student Numbers! And they do this very well by doing frequent school visits and pushing the parents of kids to dig deep into their wallets and cough out enormous amounts of money for insanely high tuition rates like that of Robinson's Taekwondo in Carmichael for example!!

You have Sketchy Bio Credentials of UWTA Instructors claiming they earn the Rank of 3rd Dan at the Age of 9 Years Old and 4th Dan at the Age of 18 Years Old. This is totally laughable in the Martial Arts Community as you've most likely attended a Taekwondo School that hands out Black Belts like Candy and it is not legitimate!!!

Another factor to mention is Robinson's Taekwondo Philosophy. And that Philosophy is to promote every student as quickly as possible to the next Belt Rank "Every 2 Months", so they can get their 1st Dan Black Belts within 3 years or less. Every Students who enrolls in a Robinson's Taekwondo School is Contractually Guaranteed a Black Belt within 3 years! If you meet the attendance requirement for 1st Dan, your automatically Guaranteed a 1st Dan Black Belt Promotion. Why is this Bad? You are not getting your Dollars worth!!! You are receiving very low standard watered down training that will absolutely not do you any good when the instance arises where you must defend yourself! All in all you are being ripped off here!!!

The Monthly Tuition Rate at Robinson's Taekwondo Carmichael ranges from $169 to $189 per month just for One Student, which is outrageously overpriced!!! Any Taekwondo School that charges this high of a rate for Taekwondo Training, is a clear warning sign of a Taekwondo School that only cares about making money! They are not there to there to teach you proper self defense and place too much emphasis in safety, which is dangerous when a circumstance arises where you may have to defend yourself in a real life situation.

Robinson's Taekwondo Carmichael claims they are more expensive for the extra equipment they provide, however that is a 100% Flat Out Lie to suck you into their Money Making Scandalizing Business Contract Signing Scheme!!! Another false reason that Robinson's Taekwondo Carmichael gives is that you are better off attending an Expensive Taekwondo School like Robinson's because they are the best... WRONG!!!! Just because you charge insanely high tuition, does not make you the best Taekwondo School in the Nation! It turns your school into a Corporate Money Making Scheme like the ATA !!!

Another tactic that Robinson's Taekwondo Carmichael employs, is very Aggressive Sales! They really push you into signing a Contract after trying out One class. And then they give you the lengthy Sales Pitch to try and Suck You into not leaving which is pretty much all BS to begin with, as it's obvious they only care about getting a hold of your Credit Card Information and Charging it Right Away!!

So if all you care about is getting your Black Belt as fast possible, then by all means enroll at your nearest Robinson's Black Belt Factory School near you and enjoy feeding them all of your money as they are really very hungry for it !!!

Sacramento, CA

#9 Jun 21, 2015
I swear this Robinsons Taekwondo School Organization is becoming more ATA like every year. Now they are starting to publish quarterly earning reports and now they have their very first own UWTA Magazine. Any Taekwondo School that operates in this Corporate type of a manner is a clear obvious warning sign that you are attending a Mcdojo School franchise who only care about how much you can contribute monetarily to their Organization! The UWTA is a rich and wealthy organization like the ATA, but still they continue to ask all their students and supporting members for more and more $$$$$

Elk Grove, CA

#10 Jun 24, 2015
Robinson's Taekwondo and the UWTA are money hungry thieves who only care about your money $$$$ and really enjoy giving people the high sales pressure Mcdojo Pitch forcing you to spend more $$$$ on their overpriced programs! Organizations such as these are only interested towards investing in themselves to become as rich as possible but in the long run are lowering standards and instructing very poor quality Taekwondo. Not only are these instructors doing a disservice to themselves but to their students who look up to instructors as their role models. You are not producing quality black belts through this manner, but promoting quantity over quality thus degrading Taekwondo in its entirety.
I've seen 2nd Dan and 3rd Dan UWTA Judges who don't even know what too look for when judging black belt Poomsae such as "Keumgang" for example. Thus rewarding a 2nd Dan with a Gold Medal, despite having more than 4 error mistakes in her Poomsae which I noticed! The problem in all this is that the UWTA does not and is not willing to expose the majority of their students to tournaments such as the UC Open at Berkeley, Stanford Invitational, etc.. Where all competitors are strictly judged according to their power, execution, technique, rhythm & flow. The UWTA only exposes their students to tournaments within their organization only thus modifying the rules and using very laid back judging and not scrutinizing competitors in errors in their Poomsae which will lead to continued practice of poor technique. Additionally they do not provide proper training in this area! Errors like this need to be address, but UWTA instructors just choose not to enforce it nor correct anything!!
If your attending a UWTA school that primarily focuses on point score sparring (stop n go) match, what they are teaching you in all honesty is pure garbage! And I completely agree with what the other reviewer stated as point score sparring is a poor useless form of practice towards self defense situations in real life. Your opponent will not play a stop n go match for you in real life !!
Not allowing color belt rank students to practice other self defense techniques such as takedowns, chokeholds, grabs, etc.. is a curriculum that should be implemented once a student has progressed into the intermediate level ranks. With this UWTA organization they make you wait till your a 1st Dan, thus making you spend extra $$$ on Self Defense Classes.
Another area with this UWTA organization is they force all of their black belt candidates to attend their highly overpriced 3 day weekend camp over the Summer which costs $350 not including the $550 1st Dan Fee the Candidate is paying towards their Black Belt Testing. Their policy here is that a student who does not attend UWTA Camp is withheld from their Black Belt Testing!! Why should a student be withheld from Black Belt testing if they are not able to attend thus being forced to cough up $350 more dollars for the UWTA to make more money from them!! Like I stated before the UWTA are money hungry crooks!!!

Sacramento, CA

#11 Jul 21, 2015
Looks like the UWTA and Robinson's Taekwondo want to eat up more of their students money! So now they are raising their Overpriced Black Belt Dan Fee's even higher!!!

No other Taekwondo School's in the U.S. will charge you Dan Fee's this high as shown below is what the UWTA and Robinson's TKD charges:

1st Dan =$600 ( 6 Midterms at $100 each )
2nd Dan =$900 ( 9 Midterms at $100 each )

Mid-Term Testings only exist in the world of Mcdojo ATA Taekwondo. If your being forced to pay $100.00 for 9 Mid-Terms, you are being robbed of your hard earned money! A Taekwondo School should not cause you to go broke! If it is, I'm sorry to say you are training at a Ronald McDonald's Mcdojo School or to better put it "UWTA Robinson's Mcdojo Academy"

These UWTA Instructors are Business Driven Salesman, they are not Taekwondo Instructor's nor your friends and they will not teach you any legitimate Taekwondo training. For example, If you want to improve your Sparring Game, they upsell you in trying to get you to spend more $$$ thus locking you into another contract package! The Sparring that the UWTA and Robinson's teaches is ATA Taekwondo based Sparring, it is not the Olympic based WTF Sport Sparring that you see in the Olympics, State Championships and National's!! Do not allow the UWTA and Robinson's TKD to suck you into their Costly $$$ Sparring Classes! You will go broke fast, along with your monthly tuition payment's and Mid-Term testing fee's!!!

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