Feds begin commercial grow house crac...

Feds begin commercial grow house crackdown

There are 236 comments on the Eureka Times Standard story from Jun 24, 2008, titled Feds begin commercial grow house crackdown. In it, Eureka Times Standard reports that:

Federal agents began a series of planned operations directed at commercial marijuana grow houses today.

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Madera, CA

#211 Jun 25, 2008
T/S and any other Bloggers: Who has a map where all these warrants/busts have taken place? This should be public information by now.
amazed and amuzed

United States

#212 Jun 25, 2008
did anyone find a map?
theo therme

Los Altos, CA

#213 Jun 25, 2008
the place that is the main focus is near whitethorn. there is NO POWER to the neighborhood that is being focused on. the "neighborhood" is former timberland, not a tract housing development. lost river is the watershed....
theo therme

Los Altos, CA

#214 Jun 25, 2008
did they find ANY plants in shelter cove? after the raid, all that was reported was that they interogated some people there? does anyone know?

Arcata, CA

#215 Jun 25, 2008
Nothing but the Truth wrote:
It's about time everyone recognizes that the true problem is marijuana, not meth!
You have got to be joking. Do you really live in Eureka? You must be on meth to say something as incredibly ignorant as that.
im just a sheep

Mckinleyville, CA

#216 Jun 25, 2008
Baaa,Baaaa,,,,,,doesnt everyone choose there own direction in life? if they would allow to provide better jobs in the area, maybe there wouldnt be a problem,,,but for now the grass is green'r on the other side...if there's no grass to eat on that side--you have to move over to other side to eat..
thats just survival......
Happy Camper

Amity, OR

#217 Jun 25, 2008
I got carsick and barfed in a half-pound sack of green buds and threw it out the window on the 101 at about mile-marker 219 if anyone is interested.

Santa Rosa, CA

#218 Jun 25, 2008
Get these scumbags & cancer of our society out of the commission for good.

These low lives do nothing for our community except for causing grief & misery.

Great job!
Happy Camper

Amity, OR

#219 Jun 25, 2008
Ron wrote:
Get these scumbags & cancer of our society out of the commission for good.
These low lives do nothing for our community except for causing grief & misery.
Great job!
So, what do you do for your community?
Herbie Hind

Amity, OR

#220 Jun 25, 2008
The smell from all those Dope growing houses in Arcata make my nostrils flare and give me asthma.
Filthy Phillis

Eureka, CA

#221 Jun 25, 2008
Happy Camper wrote:
<quoted text>
So, what do you do for your community?
Cast ye not the first bag o'puke, Happy Camper.

What do you do, play a guitar?
Yeah, that will make the world better.
Funny Shit

Arcata, CA

#222 Jun 25, 2008
Lee Schmortz wrote:
<quoted text>
Please. Explain again to us how loathing corrupt dope growers degrading my community makes me a racist.
I take your point in your earlier post though and my response is why should I live in a narco society where normal people can't buy or rent a house because they are all full of dope? It has gone too far and it is silly to not expect a pushback at some point. Looks like that point is here.
Here is a quote from your hero's newest publication...

"If some of you folks were my neighbors, I wouldn’t invite you around my house either. A little privacy goes a long way toward good neighbor relations. Tall fences make the best neighbors for a reason. Some people are too nosy for their own good."

Are you one of those people he's referring to? I have a good feeling the answer is a big YES.

Arcata, CA

#223 Jun 25, 2008
Nothing but the Truth wrote:
Yep, the growers are coming after you "Dave" (they know your real name by the way).
Your funny!
Dave IS my real name (OK... actually it is David) and not only don't I grow pot (never have), but I haven't even smoked it in a long time. I also do not use any of the more dangerous drugs, like tobacco or alcohol.

I do, however, think it should be legalized and we should stop wasting hundreds of billions of taxpayer's dollars in an attempt to stop something that is not very harmful (the majority of societal "harm" comes from the illegality, not the drug use itself) and will NEVER be stopped (it hasn't even been slowed).

Prohibition simply does not work.
I urge all of you to take a look at one of my favorite books called "Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do", by Peter McWilliams. It is a very well researched (and footnoted) book about the history of consensual crimes in our society. It is intelligent, humorous and may prove quite enlightening. The book is now available for FREE online reading at:


Every single person I have given this book to (including my right-wing Christian brother), has had to admit it changed their views on consensual crimes. Try it, you might like it! Not sure what I mean by consensual crime? Read the first chapter :-)

Lucerne, CA

#224 Jun 26, 2008
The bust in sunny brae was not a bust at all. The feds were there serving a warrant for someone who does not live there and my friends 4 light 30 plant medical garden was seized. They were told over and over again that they were not there for them or there small garden and absolutly NO charges were filed.
The feds are not worried about these small gardens at all. Everything this week ties into the busts in so hum. These poor people are not criminals here to ruin your neighborhood. They had 1 room with a tiny amount of plants and got caught in the middle of somthing that had nothing to do with
F hooverville
pamela goodwin

Wolverhampton, UK

#225 Jun 26, 2008
please check with all the chemicals pharmacuticals doctors are prescribing to our kids.. they are killing them with prozac and a trillion other prescribed meds.. grass is natural and it has thousands of different strains to help so many modern day problems. please stop taking what God has given us freely from seed and start to monitor doctors and phamacuticals for making so many desiner drugs to influnce soceity into sleeping while upright, and killing their spirits in the process.
maryjane is not the enemy in our society... ignorance is.
anything God given from seed and earth is free. stop taking what is free from God and acting as if you have the right to say what people can consume. when alcahol and sugar and white flour empty foods runs rapid in our grocery stores with numbered chems for color that have proven to cause problems with people. there are biger things that cause greater danger right in front of us but no one seems to be too concern with them. like car pollution. oil problems. coruption in goverment and commintiys.. the list goes on.. as im sure you are well aware.
why is something that grows wild as a weed so threating? can i not drink camomile tea from the garden and does it not have a soothing effect on me? are you able to tell me i cant drink from that camomile bush because you dont believe in it?
in revelation 22 it speaks about a the leaf being a healing to the nations. What God has given humans no person place or thing has a right to take it away. it might be good to look up george washingtons diary and check.. our first presedent has a entry about planting his hemp,. come on... see this for what it is.
stop hindering the growers of freedom.
change the outlook on what it is a natual medicine grown from the earth birthed in seed by the one who made everything... do you not trust that it has a purpose just like you. every living thing made has purpose and destiny. why did God give us this plant? i am sure with its strains so specific to different problems there is no way that is just chance.
i find it funny that worse things are pushed like cocacola,.,. 6 spoons of white sugar to make your pancreas depleat and if taken everyday will cause diabetis. yet we sell it to our children no problem in the name of freedom and fair marketing. i guess to ensure the dentistry and hospital survivals for all the jobs and profits. making free things a crime is a sin from the goverments and pushing advertisings on our young and old alike to things that seem desrable but are really dangerous seems very hypicritical to me. we all have a choice to consume coca cola or not.. we all have a choice to drink booze or not. we all have a choice to smoke or not. this country claims to be a free country yet holland shows itself more free. if it is true and america is a free country then why does it act as if its not? you cant be free and then take freedom from others.
Just Me

San Jose, CA

#226 Jun 26, 2008
Is the problem really the marijuana itself or is it the inflated, black-market money?

Huge commercial grows have nothing to do with 215 or hemp (no one around here is growing hemp!) or the pleasant effect of smoking weed. Instead, they are about large amounts of tax-free cash.

And the social ills that spring up around any illegal enterprise are very real. Lying to your loved ones for a start, or raising your kids to lie, or contributing to their delinquency. All that cash income equals rich people who don't pay taxes and who don't have the class to offer endowment to build community. Divorced mothers who cannot get child support because their ex has no money on the books. Mistrust of and aversion to authority at the times when you really do need cops (say when violence threatens your family or property).

As someone who has spent the last two months trying to find a rental housing in Arcata, I can tell you that landlords are skittish! Rental homes are getting destroyed by grow operations. How is it ok to destroy someone else's house for your profit?

I have dealt with a lot of suspicious landlords whose rules are unpleasantly strict due to how often they've been burned in the past. So yes it does negatively impact people who would just like to find a place to live in a university town. Yet, I am not convinced illegal mj cultivation is the CAUSE of high rent prices.

Why are neighbors up in arms? Because residential areas are being used for illegal INDUSTRY. Just like it would suck to live next door to a gravel operation or a cement plant. The smell, the traffic, the lack of neighborly behavior. And since it's illegal, add to that the paranoia, unsavory characters, weapons, arrests, and children in crossfire. That is how good neighborhoods become bad ones.

I do not care what you smoke. If you are sick, I want you to have whatever helps you feel better (but I have to wonder, is health around here really that bad?). Marijuana itself is not the problem; instead the problem is its illegality. While it is a crime, there will be entire law enforcement agencies dedicated to arresting those who cultivate it. You will be gambling with your freedom and criminal record if you grow it.

If you can't live without it, then start thinking of logical, feasible ways to get it legalized. The one step toward legalization (215) gets abused so often and regularly, that I have to wonder if the law will remain in place. Greedy people and overconsuming potheads are going to ruin it for the patients who benefit from 215 marijuana! Start thinking of ways it could work legally.

People are so afraid it will get regulated, but let's not forget it really is a weed, a willing flourishing plant, grown from a seed. The only way it would get regulated is if the price went so low that people became too lazy to go to all the trouble to grow it, gather it, dry it, trim it. Just like we don't grow and dry our own tobacco, still our own whiskey, or bottle our own wine and beer. These tasks are quaint, old-fashioned, artisanal skills, hobbies in a way, that people choose to cultivate or not. Why shouldn't it just be another herb in your medicinal garden?

Atlanta, NY

#227 Jun 26, 2008
As a marijuana smoker (not medical, I must admit) I must say I can't help but laugh when I hear people say "its marijuana thats the problem, not meth" like the person above me did.

Truely amazing some of the ignorance we have.

Anyhow, it sucks to see people getting busted and what not, but why go to a place like Humboldt county to grow?? Stupid idea, they should have known this would happen eventually.

Atlanta, NY

#228 Jun 26, 2008
"Just me" is right people. The govt has lied to you about weed all your life to make you beLIEve that it is harmful, bad, dirty, etc.

When really, the truth is, they have no easy way to regulate it in order to tax it. Same reason why moonshine is illegal! Also, our govt is partly running off the fears that were instilled into them when they were growing up by THIER govt. Marijuana laws are built upon tax greed, and race/class discrimination. In the 20's and 30's weed was a "black" and "mexican" drug...not for the upper class whites. Weed was also part of the "evil jazz culture" haha.

Face it folks, you've been duped. Lied to. Been convinced to play a game that was created upon lies, hate and ignorance. You have been coerced into playing along to help fatten the pockets of Bigpharma and to perpetuate the biggest demise of our country...capitalism.

Yes, I know...selling weed is right in line with capitalism. However, would people need to set up elaborate grow houses to make a buck to meet the demands of an illegal market if we had not made it illegal for tax purposes? I think not. Laws like these only feed crime.
theo therme

Los Altos, CA

#229 Jun 26, 2008
fist of all, there have been NO big grows busted. the largest ive heard has been 36 plants. CAMP gets thousands of plants everyday in the summertime.

secondly, most of the people in the LLC have lived here their entire lives. they didnt move here to grow dope.

EVERY garden that has been raided has been within 215 guidelines, remember that when you read the lies put out by the feds......

Reno, NV

#230 Jun 26, 2008
what a joke and waste of money by the federal government. your tax dollars hard at work. what did that small bust cost you? billions?

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